sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sunday Sermonette

Damned, Horrible Lies

The mirror lies.

When I get up in the morning and look into it, I instinctively ask the question, asked by men since mirrors came into use, "who is that old b@stard?"

I was recently invited to Credenhill, England this coming summer to spend some time with old friends, many of whom I haven't seen in forty years since a secondment to the Brits when I was in the US Navy. My response was, "That's a filthy lie, it can't have been forty years."

Friends, the clock is a remorseless foe and in the end it will kill us all. The moral to this story is, "fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp up to the ark and it's starting to rain." The clock will still kill you, but you'll get your full measure.

It would be a Scandal if she was Black or a Muslim

Luckily for the Tulsa Police Department, she was white and apparently not a Muslim.

The moral to this story is that you can run, but you'll only die tired. 


I find the notion of "liberal preppers" to be absurd in the extreme. However their caches of supplies may be of use to the rest of us since they are likely to be easy prey. I saw a liberal discussing his concerns for a Trump Apocalypse on on a news program the other night and --- a liberal person prepping is like a fish riding a bicycle. It's as incredible and outlandish as somebody like Al Franken, a goofy, failed comedian, becoming a US Senator.


Once again, California made the list of the nation’s top “Judicial Hellholes,” according to the latest rankings of the “most unfair” civil litigation courts by the American Tort Reform Foundation.

On the plus side, California dropped to the No. 2 ranking after previously topping the “Judicial Hellhole” list in 2012, 2013 and 2015. It's incredible that there would be a state that would be worse than California. New York (as one would expect) is No. 3. Which state beat both The Golden State and the Big Apple as the penultimate worst? Missouri. 

ObamaCare Lives?

As crazy as it may seem to some of you, I think this situation is FUNNY. Now the Democrats will have to petition President Trump to save them from the crash of ObamaCare.

For all of the bluster and lies, all of the obstruction and all of the misery that Pelosi and her gang caused - and all of the laughter at the Republicans (gang that couldn't shoot straight), all indications are that they will work with the Republicans to find a way out.

Because as ObamaCare collapses completely, the Progs feel that the electorate will blame THEM. And the first duty of a politician is to get re-elected. I have no idea what the new American Healthcare Act will look like but Trump, the negotiator, will be called upon to broker a deal. 

Uncomfortable Politics

There are other whispers from the Capitol -- that President Obama did generate a situation using signals intercepts (wiretaps) to undermine the newly minted Trump Transition  -- for the purpose of undermining and delegitimizing his presidency. This puts the "party of tolerance" in a difficult position.

They can send their legions in the corrupt, lying, nasty, elite mainstream media to continue the attack, but will the attack backfire.

I realize that the progs are very slow on the uptake, but they've been wrong about EVERYTHING so far as it relates to President Trump. Some in the Donkey Party are worried that they need to dial down the rhetoric in case this ends up being something that shows Obama into prison, and his staff with him.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Settled Science

Global Warming is settled science, right?

So is Global Cooling - there have been ice ages and many learned scientists say that if it was not for human-generated activity we'd be in the middle of an ice age again. --So, you're welcome. Chicago is not under three miles of solid ice because me and those like me are driving gas-guzzling trucks.

Of course the rant had to change to "climate change" because the climate always changes and "weather" because that changes too based on a number of variables which are poorly understood - manly based on both the sun and the regions of space that we are hurtling through. "Climate change" is much easier to prove than global warming/cooling because it changes every year to one degree or another. ("settled science" doesn't predict accurately the degree to which it will change and on which part of the globe)

Nearly 1,000 feet below the bed of the Dead Sea, scientists have found evidence that during past warm periods, the Mideast has suffered drought on scales never recorded by humans. Thick layers of crystalline salt show that rainfall plummeted to as little as a fifth of modern levels some 120,000 years ago, and again about 10,000 years ago.

Deep below the seabed, drilling revealed thick layers of salt, precipitated out during past warm, dry periods. In this specimen, transparent crystals (right) formed on what was then the bottom during winter; finer white ones (right) formed on the water surface in summer and later sank.
Yael Kiro, Steven L. Goldstein, Javier Garcia-Veigas, Elan Levy, Yochanan Kushnir, Mordechai Stein, Boaz Lazar. Relationships between lake-level changes and water and salt budgets in the Dead Sea during extreme aridities in the Eastern Mediterranean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2017; 464: 211 DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2017.01.043
Thus, in the past,  drought has plagued the desert worse than it does today -- times in the past when there were no humans. However, now that there are humans, the drought has returned to the Middle East and the fault inevitably lies with the United States of America, which needs to make massive financial reparations to the rest of the world. Or so-said Barack Obama, who bowed meekly and accepted the blame on our behalf. Thanks Barack.

The landlocked Dead Sea, straddling Israel, Jordan and Palestinian lands, is earth's lowest spot on land. Its current shoreline lies about 1,300 feet below sea level, and its floor extends down another 900 feet. Fed mainly by the Jordan River drainage, which extends also into Syria and Lebanon, it is a dead end for water, and so is extremely salty; its Biblical name in Hebrew is Y'm ha-Melah, the sea of salt. In recent years, its level has dropped about four feet a year. But hot, dry weather is not the main cause yet; rather, booming populations in the region need more water than ever, and people are sucking so much from the watershed, very little reaches the Dead Sea, where evaporation is outweighing input.

Israel (the country without oil) is meeting its demand by desalinating Mediterranean seawater.

The Arabs (the ones with oil) are sucking the water from the ground and are exacerbating the problem. To alleviate growing water shortages, Jordan plans to break ground next year on a canal to bring in water from the Red Sea for desalination; leftover brine would be dumped into the Dead Sea, possibly stabilizing its level. But the project is controversial, because it could cause drastic environmental changes in both seas, and could still leave much of the rest of the region with inadequate water.

Make of all this what you will. Environmentalists are predicting looming disaster. But then again, that's how they make a living---as they struggle, reconciling 'settled science'. 

The war against the weather continues, however, the funding from the Trump Administration to fight it, has ended.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Thoughts on Healthcare Insurance, etc.

Part One

Life is risky. So people have learned to mitigate that risk by paying for insurance, which spreads the risk out like a bookmaker spreads his bets to balance his book (so that he always wins). Healthcare was never an entitlement but Barack and friends elevated it to that status without a way to make it affordable to anyone. Thus the ObamaCare system collapsed just as the Democrats knew that it would. They hoped to install a full socialist healthcare system with death panels for people who were too old to continue to pay in. That's how it worked, it's not a secret. But then the Republicans screwed it up by getting elected to a majority in both houses of Congress and to add insult to injury, President Trump was elected.

When I was young, people who couldn't afford to have a baby in a hospital, had a baby at home. Maybe that was attended by a midwife, maybe not. But babies were born. If there were complications somebody would call a doctor, who would arrive and help with the delivery if he/she could.

Today, the nation feels that it is entitled to Cadillac care, but they don't want to pay for it - having somebody else foot the bill feels a lot better. But as with all socialist programs, you eventually run out of somebody else's money.

Part Two

A response to the Daily Timewaster: The quickest way to put America on a firm financial footing would be for the government to acknowledge that the Social Security Trust Fund was looted by Congress to fund the Vietnam War and that they are repudiating both Social Security and Medicare.

We've all been screwed. But nobody has the courage to admit it including President Trump who ran on a platform of saving Social Security.

USGOV blew $6 trillion on the unnecessary war in Iraq and the partially necessary war in Afghanistan (the first two years were useful). Thanks George W. and Barack. We pumped another $3 billion into social justice welfare programs during the Obama regime to buy votes - but that didn't work out for Corrupt Hillary.

Part Three

Telling people that there are no more free ObamaPhones, no more free cheese and no more goodies is not something that politicians are able to do (any more than they were during the Roman Republic). As soon as the American Healthcare Act has passed, the Democrats will pounce with the aid of the corrupt, nasty, pugnacious, filthy, elite, mainstream media and will denounce it for taking away "rights" to free/subsidized healthcare for voting Americans.

Our nation is a snake eating its tail. Eat up, take a big bite, because we too will eventually run out of other people's money.

As to the present healthcare bill, if the House doesn't pass it and send it to the Senate tomorrow, it's dead. And all of those folks who have it will have to cope with an increasingly collapsed ObamaCare program as the taxes that feed it dwindle and as money is not appropriated to revive it. The states will muddle along as best they can.

What will President Trump do? He'll move on having given it his best shot. There are other things that he needs to deal with as president. If he's fed up enough, he won't run for re-election and will go back to his mansions, his stunningly beautiful wife and his billions.

Tough Love

The federal government's core role is providing for the common defense, making treaties with foreign powers, coining money, and regulating interstate commerce. There's been a lot of slippage. The government owes you protection, some moderate regulation, and so forth -- not a lifetime of financial support, free cell service and healthcare.

Which is to say that people need to take responsibility for their own lives. If they do well, nobless oblige requires that they give to charity to help the poorest among us. Or the states can do that. Our human greed has put us into the hole that we find ourselves in -- like so many experiments with republics, ours has failed. We're a welfare state pretending to be a republic.  How else can you frame 65/300 million people receiving food stamps?

The Corrupt Chicago Machine

America pushed the most corrupt political machine that the nation has seen in recent years into the White House and to oust it would have been "racist". They used the IRS and EPA as attack dogs and they spied on us (see Snowden). Other disturbing information is trickling out about spying on President Trump during the transition and leaking it. They initiated Operation Fast and Furious as a scheme and an excuse to pass harsher firearms control. They stole everything that they were able to - looted the nation three ways from Sunday. They offered as much free as they were able and opened the borders to "high propensity Democrat voters" (illegal aliens) in an effort to retain the dynasty. That failed. But they didn't lose. Not really. They'll be back.

Now, tell me where I'm wrong.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hot Spots

North Korea

US, Japanese and South Korean official sources reported that North Korea attempted to launch a missile on 22 March, but that it exploded seconds after launch. The missile was launched from a location near Wonsan on North Korea’s east coast. No official service or open source reported the type of missile.

The Norks continue to experience reliability issues. As this blog cited previously, the 50/50 standard of launch reliability and guidance to hit in the general vicinity of where the missile is aimed that they're going for -- remains elusive to them. The nightmare scenario for the Norks is that the people's rocket would launch and guide on South Korea, China or Japan without controls. That sort of situation would almost certainly prompt a military response of some sort. Then we're off to the races and who knows where we'll end up.


On 22 March, Hurriyet Daily News reported that Turkish intelligence sources claim that Russia is building a base in Afrin. A four-vehicle Russian convoy was seen arriving there.

The Russians are sticking to the storyline that they are building a branch center that is linked to the reconciliation center in Latakia. Earlier this week, a Russian spokesman denied Russians were building anything in Afrin.

I have no idea how to comment other than wait, and see. The Russians were invited into Syria and they have done what they did with the permission of the Syrian government.

The fifth round of peace talks on the Syrian Issue will be held in Geneva on 23 March. This will be the first time that the Syrian government and the opposition hold talks on topics on which they have agreed. All parties to the talks expect modest progress at best.

   US Involvement

Military. The US acted openly on the side of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian Kurdish militia, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), on 22 March. US helicopters lifted 500 SDF fighters with US advisors to a blocking position west of Raqqa. They were supported by US Marine Corps artillery fire and by US air strikes.

The operation is proceeding without the assistance of the Turks, whose intervention force and proxy, the Free Syrian Army, are boxed at al Bab, between the Russians and the Syrian Kurds in Afrin and the US and Syrian Kurds at Manbij and encircling Raqqa.

Open sources reported four main areas of fighting on 22 March. One is around Raqqa, mentioned above.

The second and third are Hama and a suburb of Damascus. Groups of fighters affiliated with the Free Syrian Army are fighting Syrian forces and their allies. The fourth area is in eastern Aleppo Governate where the Syrian army is fighting a pocket of Islamic State fighters in Deir Hafer. 

The Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are coalitions of fighting groups. Supposedly these groups all signed up to observe the ceasefire which is monitored by the Russians and the Turks. 

Collectively, they are referred to by the UN and others as the Armed Opposition Groups (AOGs), to distinguish them from the hard-core groups that have not agreed to observe the ceasefire. Those groups include the al-Qaida affiliated Jabhat Fateh al-Sham/Al Nusra Front, the Islamic State, and others.

The FSA groups began offensives at Hama and near Damascus about the time the US clarified its position as backing the SDF at Manbij. Their operations would seem to be ceasefire violations.

These operations have several implications. First, they indicate that the Turks are frustrated by the evolution of developments in northern Syria, where they intended to dominate. They have lost their military edge, lost Turkish soldiers and are no closer to creating a Turkish-protected safe zone now than they were months ago.

The second implication of the FSA offensives is that they demonstrate that Turkey continues to support fighting groups who intend to overthrow the Asad government. Turkish politicians had indicated that Turkey stopped those operations.

A final implication is that these operations area reminders that there are so many armed fighting groups with grievances that consolidation and restoration of normality will be lengthy operations, best left to the locals to manage. Syria will remain overrun with armed young men looking for work for years.

The Arab Summit

29 March marks the beginning of the Arab Summit (2017) in Jordan. There are elements of this event that hold my interest because they touch on a consulting project that I'm engaged with. There was a question as to whether I'd fly there or remain in the US. There seems to be no particularly useful purpose for me to be there personally, and I can fly (first class) and be there the next day if I need to. 

The preparatory meetings begin today and I expect some behind-the-scenes fireworks. I can't discuss my project, however, in a larger context, there is a serious concern about Iran and the expansionist dreams of the Shiia Empire. I don't know what will come of those discussions but the Arabs are often long on talk and short on action where this is concerned because of the Byzantine nature of the Summit (think of twenty-two chameleons making love in the same confined space).

Compendium (a few - Things that tick me off)

Things Swedish

I'm not going on a rant of how much I hate shopping as Ikea, or how Swedish meatballs are inferior to Italian meatballs, but the Swedes are a strange bunch.

Swedish women are known to be some of the friendliest in Europe but will they remain so since they are under siege? Time will tell. 

What happened to the viking blood? Has it all washed away?

Following the US Democrat playbook, they are now blaming Russia rather than accepting responsibility for allowing savage, unemployable, military age Muslim men into their country where they prey on Swedes. There is a much larger threat to Sweden coming from the lawless wolves that they've let in than there is from a Russia. But you wouldn't know it by reading the dishonest, elite, lying Swedish Mainstream Media.

Have at the Russians, Sweden, let us all know what you find. The invasion is upon you (by your own hand) but not the one that you envision.

Electronic Surveillance

Now we know that members of the Trump Transition Team did end up being collected against under a FISA warrant 'incidentally'.  We also know that whichever agency did the collection (FBI), leaked the incidental collection to the corrupt, elite, lying, smug, nasty, untrustworthy, mainstream media.

Somebody needs to go to prison.

My trust level for the integrity of FBI Director James Comey is roughly equal to my trust for the integrity of Whoopie Goldberg and the women of "The View". Maybe Comey could go to work for The View after his term at FBI ends?

Witness if you will how the evil, corrupt, elite, smug, lying, filthy mainstream media spin "wiretapping" into "monitoring". Tonight, MSNBC will focus on the difference between the two words while trying to parse completely different meanings out of them. By the end of the program (if you're a prog), you may believe that a FISA warrant, followed by felonious, unauthorized disclosure is a good thing - so long as it didn't happen to YOU. There will be a bevy of talking heads who nod and agree with this. They will come to the conclusion that President Trump must be impeached. They may even praise the FBI for the leak.

Mohammedan Rampage in London

Nothing new here, folks, move along. The Home Secretary calls for tolerance for savages. More senseless police violence perpetrated against the Religion of Peace. 

If the UK would submit to Islam, if the women stopped driving automobiles and going to school and served only as breeders (who had been subject to genital mutilation) and wore black tents over their bodies with a slit to see through, everything would be perfect. Will British women accept their role as chattel? Additionally, the British homosexuals need to come out of the closet in support for Islam. It will help that they can be more readily identified...

There are a lot of potential causes for the slaughter people going about their daily business. Islam has so many complaints. Is the UK bringing enough human lice from Syria and Sudan, settling them in nice, quiet, respectable British neighborhoods and putting them on welfare? Time to re-evaluate those programs and increase the immigration quotas. Maybe that will pacify the savages. Time for MORE tolerance and political correctness! Only then will the jihadis join hands with the Brits and dance around the May pole in a celebration of Spring.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Polite Discourse

Many Progressive People are Impolite

To test my thesis, watch a few black and white movies, and see how people address each other, or in what language, if you doubt me. Not only were people more polite, but they reacted with more stoic reserve and dignity to lapses of politeness.

In my common and daily interactions, I refer to ladies as 'ma'am' and to men as 'sir'. I do this for the sake of being polite.

My children refer to me as, "dad", and not by my first name. They know my first name, but it's a matter of respect. I've never known a low-life progressive person with the slightest modicum of respect. In fact they are known by being the very opposite, and they cheer themselves on while they behave that way.

If a gentleman holds a door for a lady, or a man refuses to strike a woman in the face, he is a sinister oppressor, and an enemy of women...possibly a misogamist. (though with the new progressive doctrine of "gender fluidity", they may have some difficulty proving it because the door-holder could be a woman for those twenty seconds of holding the door before transitioning back into being a man).

The Left has convinced the world that courtesy is rude. Watch the sitcoms, watch the product of Hollywood's efforts and it underscores my thesis.
Political correctness has politicized courtesy, so that now words found harsh or untoward are matters for lawsuit, or riot, rather than matter for an apology. In political correctness, every nuance of spoken and unspoken thought may at an moment be declared a micro-aggression, so that every ear overhearing your most casual joke might hide an expected enemy with license to attack without remorse, ruin your job, ruin your reputation, ruin your life. This substitution of mutual hatred and animosity for mutual respect was not done overnight, nor easily.
Name-calling, character assassination, rioting, and the suppression of unwanted opinions has not stopped, but the polite and reasoned exchange of opposing views has. Think back: how long has it been since you saw a news program giving both sides of any issue, calmly, reasonably, without interruption?

The Police

I know that a few of the people who read and comment on this blog have had less than charitable things to say about the police. You have a right to your opinion. The truth is that the various police departments around the US tend to mirror the populations that they serve. It's also true that populations generally get what they pay for. Most folks don't get it because they're not close to the issue, but it's true.

There was a time when police officers wore neckties and their uniforms produced a different utilitarian purpose. Note the change and the distinct shift from 'officer friendly' to the quasi-military approach that many law enforcement agencies take to their approach to the population. Ask yourself why that happened (if you wish) and mull over cause and effect. Nobody actually likes law enforcement people. They are distant, and are the only 24/7/365 icon of The State present in our lives. The average police officer has much more discretion (because they need it) than an FBI Special Agent or a Congressman, for example. If the discretion is applied to you, the officer is either a great guy or a jerk, depending on how it works out.  

Black Lives Matter, a group led by social justice warriors, naturally doesn't like the police - unless an officer saves one of them or their family on an individual basis. Then they will concede that there is "one good cop".

Barack Obama, a community organizer, former drug dealer and son of the Chicago political machine, hated the police. It was obvious in everything that he said and did. President Trump feels very differently about them and it will be interesting to see whether polite discourse about the police will mirror its way into a different view.

Treating the police the way you would like to be treated (as with all things) is an interesting litmus test for social evolution.

I don't think that the progressive trend of 'rudeness toward all' will be dampened easily. If we see a lack of abuse toward the police, it might signal a trend. It's worth watching to see whether or not that will be the case.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A Few Thoughts


There is a lot of conflicting information out there about what went on, what's going on and so forth with the Trump Administration. Since everyone (except Dir. Comey) with access has said that there was no collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, one could conclude that there wasn't. However, the corrupt, elite, smug, nasty, lying mainstream media continues to beat that drum.

A more troubling aspect of this is the matter of LTGEN Michael Flynn. Before I go further, the US Defense Intelligence Agency is a joke in intel circles. It's not Flynn's fault, but it's a joke.

I heard a lot of unflattering chatter about Flynn before he aligned himself with President Trump and maybe some of it is true. That the Trump Administration dumped him suggests that he has some issues that made him unsuitable for public office. I don't know what segment of the allegations against him are true or untrue, but he was cast adrift. Let those chips fall where they may.

Norks in Space? ...soon

No, this isn't an SNL skit - but it would be poetic justice if the Norks nuked themselves.

North Korea plans to launch a satellite (because if they can do that, they can boost a nuke into orbit) soon. That's breaking news on Virtual Mirage, but since nobody listens, I don't expect that anyone will really care. Still, there is some measure of satisfaction with being right and predicting correctly.

The space launch will obscure that it's an ICBM test. The Mouse that Roared wants desperately to build an ICBM that can land a nuclear weapon somewhere on American soil.

On 19 March, the North Korean Workers’ Party daily, Rodong Sinmun, published an account of Kim Jong Un’s guidance of the rocket motor test on 18 March. Excerpts follow.

“Respected and Beloved Comrade Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers Party of Korea (WPK), chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), supreme commander of the Korean People's Army (KPA), and supreme leader of our party, state, and army, watched the ground jet test of our-style high-thrust engine newly developed by the Academy of National Defense Sciences…”

“…The ground jet test of the new-type high-thrust engine was carried out with a goal to validate the overall technical indexes of the high-thrust engine, including features of thrust power in the combustion chamber, accurate movement of the turbine pump, control system, and various valves, and their structural safety and reliability….”

“…The respected and beloved Comrade Kim Jong Un went up to the observation post and gave an instruction to proceed with the test….”

“…The test result proved that the technological indexes of the new-type high-thrust engine designed and manufactured by our national defense scientists and technicians through their own strength and technology completely in our own style -- including those of the starting and stopping features, features of the thrust power in the combustion chamber in the whole course of engine operation, and all systems including the turbine pump and control systems -- accurately met the estimated values and were stably maintained, and also sufficiently guaranteed the structural reliability.”

“The respected and beloved comrade supreme leader said that the success of the test completely rooted out dogmatism, conservatism, and formalism that had remained in the rocket industry sector, as well as the dependence on and imitation of other countries' technology, and that it is a great event with the historic significance of declaring a new birth of the chuch'e-oriented rocket industry, which has been firmly changed into a development-oriented and creative industry both in name and reality.”

“Then he emphatically said that the whole world will soon see what the momentous significance is of today's great victory.”

“The respected and beloved comrade supreme leader said that the logistics industry front continuously achieved unprecedented achievements last year and this year again, adding vitality to the revolutionary grand march of millions of soldiers and people…”

This article has two technical sections. The first explains the goals of the test. The second identifies some of the systems on which the North Korean engineers and scientists were focused. The paragraph in which Kim said the successful test completely rooted out dogmatism, conservatism and formalism hints at programmatic or ideological schisms in the program. The brief mention of other countries’ technology suggests some experts in the program favored following Soviet or Chinese models for engine development. They were rejected.

Kim takes credit for backing the team that produced a successful test and for enabling a revolutionary breakthrough. However, it is possible that the rocket engine team just got lucky, if they were bypassing safeguards and standards used by countries that have established space engine programs. The next test could produce a catastrophic explosion. We've seen that before.

Kim’s comment about the whole world will soon see the momentous significance, etc., amounts to an admission that North Korea does not yet have an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). But they are working hard on one.

The oddest comment attributed to Kim is the remark that “the logistics industry front continuously achieved unprecedented achievements last year and this year again.” In plain language, this means that North Korea had success in bypassing UN sanctions last year and is continuing to have success. This is a deliberate slap at the UN Security Council. In that connection, Kim Jong Un deliberately had his scientists and engineers arrange the timing of this test to coincide with the US Secretary of State’s visit to China and on the day before his meeting with President Xi Jinping.

Progressive Icon vs Trump


ObamaCare is dead. Everyone knows that including the Democrat Party, but they still bitterly cling to the past and the socialist wet dream of national (rationed) healthcare and two system. One for 98% of Americans and another for the uber-rich. 

I think that the American Healthcare Act will work...not for everyone. People are bound to be dissatisfied here and there, but it should reduce the cost of healthcare and that's the point. Get government out of the way to the extent possible and allow the free market to work. Naturally the leftists are outraged at the very notion of a free market. They feel that collectivism and income redistribution are the way forward. Thankfully, America does not agree.

Are we STILL part of the United Nations?


Mainstream Media Fools

I realize that if you're a prog, you like CNN and NBC. Good for you.

It would be gratifying to receive actual international news from the American media, but that's not going to happen anytime soon. Outside of somebody with a table cloth on his head denouncing Israel, it's as if the world outside of the Beltway doesn't exist. Even Fox News focuses on the banal (possibly required) rebuttal of fake news promoted by the corrupt, elite, smug, lying mainstream outlets.