sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rifle Porn

This is what happens when you combine a precision JP Arms LRP-07 .308 rifle with a Magpull stock, custom grip and top it with a Schmidt and Bender Police Marksman 2 rifle scope (5-25x56 PM II/LP)

JP Rifles are not designed for heavy combat. They're about as far away from an AK-47 as you can get (in the "gas gun" category) and still have a rifle in that class.

They are designed to be a precision rifle and when handled by a good shooter, they represent a quality tool that will print minute-of-angle at 300 meters. Precision shooting isn't only about the rifle and sighting system. It involves understanding bullet flight, accepting the conditions involved and requires precision ammunition to be effective. Practice ammunition should be of the same quality as 'war shots', which mean that shooting is never inexpensive.

One key advantage to the LRP-07 is the heat sink (left) that surrounds the barrel. It means that a cold barrel shot will go through the same hole in the target as a hot barrel shot.

I've had my LRP-07 for about five years now, and I've punched a few rounds through it. I use Barrett scope mounts to lift the scope higher than other standard mounts because the Schmidt and Bender needs it to keep the clearance between the scope tube and the barrel where it needs to be.

The price of these components has gone up since I bought them. But I don't buy firearms to invest for the purpose of reselling. I buy them to shoot.

 From the website:
The LRP-07™ was designed as a .308 platform to cure the shortcomings of existing rifles and still handle like an AR-15. Machined from billet with all the attention to cosmetic perfection that appears in our CTR/SCR design, this rifle utilizes a self-folding, left-side charging handle that affords additional leverage and makes it unnecessary to dismount the rifle to charge or clear it. The felt recoil impulse on the LRP-07™ is also nothing short of amazing as it was designed from the magazine well up to use our Low Mass Operating System (LMOS™). Equipped with the MK III Hand Guard System, the LRP utilizes our standard 2" diameter tube (rather than the larger tubes common to .308 platforms) surrounding a JP Supermatch™ barrel available in lengths from 16" to 22". Once in your hands, you will find the LRP-07™ to be the best rifle in its classójust what youíve come to expect from JP.

Federal E-Mail

Federal law requires that federal employees use federal e-mail services while they are working and while they are representing the US Government. Hillary did not. She used a commercial service.

Federal law requires this to allow the government to control the content of all e-mails these employees send because the government wants to be able to monitor their communications and take the appropriate action in the event of some violation of personnel policy. 

The government wants to be able to archive official e-mail communications so they can be produced in response to things like FIOA requests or Congressional subpoenas. Hillary's use of a private e-mail even for official communications and communications with other employees violated this law and frustrated these purposes.  More here.

Clinton destroyed a great many e-mails that should have been available for Congressional investigation and would have been if she had followed the law. And she's saying, "At this point, what difference does it make?"

From a security perspective, there was none. Her internet service provider had access to every sensitive e-mail that she sent and received. What foreign country owned her Internet Service Company? What foreigners could read and resend her e-mail? I don't know the answer to those questions, but was Secretary of State Clinton conniving (clearly) or simply guilty of crass stupidity? She's a lawyer - she tells us that she is a great lawyer -  and she didn't know that there was a law against using commercial e-mail for official correspondence? Really? What about that video?
We know that she was dead broke because she's told us that she was. How much money did she bring in through private e-mail solicitation while Secretary of State? We'll never know because she deleted her e-mail. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The struggles between Persia/Iran and the rest of the Middle East and the world are just about as old as time itself. Persia was not well served by the coming of Islam, but came it did and we're stuck with it. The Persians have suffered from an inferiority complex for a long time. The decision to build an atomic bomb has a lot to do with re-capturing what they feel is lost glory. Their march of manifest destiny requires them to occupy Jerusalem, Medina and Mecca, naturally, killing everyone in those locations who does not adhere to Shi'ah Islam.

I've included a chart that indicates critical differences between Sunni and Shi'ah Islam.

A Nuclear armed Iran means that the Saudis (sunni Muslims) require their own nuclear arsenal to match the Shi'ah threat...and the world will get more dangerous than it has been. The push and pull between aggressive shi'ah backed and funded by Iran and the sunni factions played out in Yemen recently and they are continuing to evolve as the shi'ah move to 'rule' the Middle East.

The credible threat of Iranian nuclear weapons is something that Iran will not back down from. They really can't in their march to rule the world. The US intelligence community understands this very clearly. President Obama should also if he reads his intelligence briefings (who knows?). Iran, the old Persian Empire, will play for time until they can do a nuclear test to show the world that they have the bomb. That's what's happening now.

Then the Saudis (who will likely buy nuclear weapons from sunni Pakistan) will light one off too in a test and show of Islamic will.

Where is America in all of this?

Male Literary Heroes

As a writer, there are literary expectations for what a hero is and isn't. Traditionally we anticipate a type of Byronic hero. Byronic heroes are idealized but flawed characters exemplified in the life and writings of Lord Byron, characterized by his ex-lover Lady Caroline Lamb as being "mad, bad, and dangerous to know". The Byronic hero typically exhibits several of the following characteristics:

a strong sense of arrogance
high level of intelligence and perception
cunning and able to adapt
suffering from an unnamed crime
a troubled past
sophisticated and educated
self-critical and introspective
mysterious, magnetic and charismatic
struggling with integrity
power of seduction and sexual attraction
social and sexual dominance
emotional conflicts or moodiness
a distaste for social institutions and norms

being an exile, an outcast, or an outlaw
"dark" attributes not normally associated with a hero
disrespect of rank and privilege
has seen the world
jaded, world-weary
self-destructive behavior
a good heart in the end

This pattern is particularly common in "romance novels".

My question for you, dear readers, is, if true, why this is the case?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Looking for a Reliable Ally

If YOU were head of state of any nation on the planet, would you trust that the USA would keep its word - in the era of Obama (also referred to as the ObamaNation)?

Nature abhors a vacuum and with the substantive US withdrawal from its previous role on the international stage, Russia is trying to take its place as the RELIABLE ally of choice.

The US all but gutted the Mediterranean (6th) Fleet, replaced by a substantial Russian surface fleet, based in Syria.

The Russian economy is being slapped by low oil prices, but things in Russia are not all bleak. Putin's key opposition leader met an untimely demise silencing some of the more vocal dissent.   more here

Outside of the Washington Beltway, the world thinks that proposing a jobs program for members of ISIS is absurd. As you would expect, President Obama's staff members are privately making fun of the unenlightened foreigners who feel that jobs and welfare won't curb the ambitions of ISIS. 

When somebody like President Obama turns their back on a long-term American ally like Israel, the world takes notice and it goes to RELIABILITY. Nobody outside of Iran wants the crazy shiites to have their own nuclear weapons inventory. They've sworn to use them against the Saudis, Israelis and the Americans and there is no reason not to take then at their word...unless you're the US Commander-in-Chief. 

Russia is stepping into the void and is forging a key alliance with Egypt and Libya. A potential ISIS take-over of Libya would be devastating to Egypt. Egypt is conducting air strikes against ISIS-linked targets in Derna today. That's very close to where Egyptian Coptics were massacred recently

Debka reports that Egypt’s president Abdel al-Fattah al-Sisi is planning further action in Libya, including more air strikes and possible ground troops, within a few days. According to the report, Egyptian commando and marine forces are preparing for sea landings to seize Derna and destroy the terrorist elements there. If this attack is actually launched, it will be the first time in modern times that an Arab country has sent ground forces into another Arab country.

King Abdullah of Jordan suggests, this may already be a Third World War and it's interesting that the US is handing off its role to Russia. 

Imagine the reaction from the media if President Bush had said that.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Blind IRS Agent looks for records.

Re-Posted from PJM

(VIDEO: Click here to watch Adams on Fox and Friends discussing this story.)

An IRS employee tasked with trying to restore and obtain emails on Lois Lerner’s IRS computer’s hard drive was legally blind. Stephen Manning, the deputy chief information officer for strategy and modernization at the IRS, submitted an affidavit in the True the Vote vs. IRS litigation regarding the persons and procedures used to attempt to recover Lois Lerner’s hard drive containing emails pertaining to Tea Party targeting.

The affidavit can be read here. Paragraph 14 describes the educational background of the person searching for data on Lois Lerner’s hard drive:

“According to the Specialist, prior to joining the Internal Revenue Service … training was completed through Lions World Services for the Blind.”

Sources familiar with the litigation confirm to me that the government confirmed that the IRS employee searching for the lost data was legally blind. You know that the IRS cherry-picked that employee.

It was also revealed today that backup tapes of Lois Lerner’s emails were discovered in an off-site storage facility in West Virginia. The inspector general of the Treasury Department learned that the tapes existed and drove to West Virginia to retrieve them. Lawyers for the Justice Department as well as IRS officials have stated under oath or to the federal courts that no such backup tapes existed. They were “recycled,” DOJ lawyers told the court.

Government officials working with leftist organizations decided to target the president’s political opponents just before the president faced reelection.

When the bad behavior is discovered, top officials in the administration and at the Justice Department use their power to hide the truth about the targeting of political opponents. Officials at the Justice Department fight disclosure of information about the administration’s wrongdoing. They even deny that tapes exist documenting communications about the wrongdoing by top government officials. We then learn the stunning news that tapes with all of the information detailing who knew what and when, actually do exist.

How Small?

Scientists have captured the first detailed microscopy images of ultra-small bacteria that are believed to be about as small as life can get. The existence of ultra-small bacteria has been debated for two decades, but there hasn't been a comprehensive electron microscopy and DNA-based description of the microbes until now. The cells have an average volume of 0.009 cubic microns (one micron is one millionth of a meter). About 150 of these bacteria could fit inside an Escherichia coli cell and more than 150,000 cells could fit onto the tip of a human hair.

The diverse bacteria were found in groundwater and are thought to be quite common. They're also quite odd, which isn't a surprise given the cells are close to and in some cases smaller than several estimates for the lower size limit of life. This is the smallest a cell can be and still accommodate enough material to sustain life. The bacterial cells have densely packed spirals that are probably DNA, a very small number of ribosomes, hair-like appendages, and a stripped-down metabolism that likely requires them to rely on other bacteria for many of life's necessities.

The bacteria are from three microbial phyla that are poorly understood. Learning more about the organisms from these phyla could shed light on the role of microbes in the planet's climate, our food and water supply, and other key processes.
"These newly described ultra-small bacteria are an example of a subset of the microbial life on earth that we know almost nothing about," says Jill Banfield, a Senior Faculty Scientist in Berkeley Lab's Earth Sciences Division and a UC Berkeley professor in the departments of Earth and Planetary Science and Environmental Science, Policy and Management.
Source: Birgit Luef, Kyle R. Frischkorn, Kelly C. Wrighton, Hoi-Ying N. Holman, Giovanni Birarda, Brian C. Thomas, Andrea Singh, Kenneth H. Williams, Cristina E. Siegerist, Susannah G. Tringe, Kenneth H. Downing, Luis R. Comolli, Jillian F. Banfield. Diverse uncultivated ultra-small bacterial cells in groundwater. Nature Communications, 2015; 6: 6372 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms7372
These bacteria have been detected in many environments and they probably play important roles in microbial communities and ecosystems. But we don't yet fully understand what these ultra-small bacteria do. That's comforting. There are still mysteries that can be explored in common ground water. There is no consensus among scientists in regard how small a free-living organism can be.
To concentrate these cells in a sample, they filtered groundwater collected at Rifle, Colorado through successively smaller filters, down to 0.2 microns, which is the size used to sterilize water. The resulting samples were anything but sterile. They were enriched with incredibly tiny microbes, which were flash frozen to -272 degrees Celsius in a first-of-its-kind portable version of a device called a cryo plunger. This ensured the microbes weren't damaged in their journey from the field to the lab.

This cryo-electron tomography image reveals the internal structure of an 
ultra-small bacteria cell like never before. The cell has a very dense interior 
compartment and a complex cell wall. The darker spots at each end of the cell 
are most likely ribosomes. The image was obtained from a 3-D reconstruction. 
The scale bar is 100 nanometers.
                                                                                Credit: Berkeley Lab