sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Rant

Can you define people by their preferences? Sure, how better to define them? I was chatting on e-mail with friends I'm going to have dinner with in a different part of the USA this coming week and shared one. I think that I'm going to expand on that simply as part of the Sunday Sermonette rant.


(1) Red Dot Indian food. I've been to India and equate the cuisine with 'ass'. When that many people squat in the street and drop loads of curry, the notion of curry simply makes me want to barf. I have eaten very good Indian food but my default setting is that it reminds me of the smell of dirty feet and feces.

(2) Sushi. It's fashionable to love sushi in the part of the nation where I live. If I go out to eat sushi in an attempt to be fashionable, I order cooked food, which defeats the glory of raw fish. I can gag down raw tuna without having it come back up, but when you consider the price, it makes no sense. Teriyaki Chicken tastes good and it's half the cost --- but when you choose chicken around die-hard sushi eaters, it makes them uncomfortable.

(3) Guts. I am carnivorous, but avoid any food that I classify as guts (essentially smooth muscle tissue, intestines, organs, and brains). Liver is off the menu as is heart, testicles and kidneys.

I know of people who eat their wife's placenta after the baby is born. OMG - never. Not frigging EVER. Not even if Charlize Theron (wearing a fetish nurse outfit) was offering herself to me if I ate it.


(1) Mosquitoes. I don't like them. I particularly dislike the large varieties that grow to disproportionately large size in Wisconsin and Alaska - the size of small birds - with voracious appetites for human blood. I swat them down without ever applying the Buddhist doctrine of the wheel of life.  I'm sure that they're re-born in some karmic cycle as soon as I swat them and they come at me immediately again. It would explain the inexhaustible supply of mosquitoes.

(2) Cockroaches. Fire, fire for effect. They've been around since the planet cooled looking the same way that they do now. I can't kill enough to wipe them out (clearly) but I can remove those near me from the gene pool. I live in a newer home in a newer subdivision of a newer city, so you don't see them here even if you turn on the lights. Which is one reason that I prefer to live where I do.

I particularly dislike the cockroaches that live in Southeast Asia - the 3 inch long flying type that are capable of taking down a poodle. 

(3) Gophers. I go into my Caddyshack mode when they appear in my yard. And they do NOT survive the assault. I have never had to resort to C-4 to eliminate them but it's not off the menu of anti-gopher remedies -- even if it did blow out every window in the neighborhood. 

My reputation is such that neighbors have sought me out to eliminate their gopher problems in the past. However, I'm out of practice these days for lack of targets. I feel like a frustrated P-51 pilot flying over Germany in the last days of the Second World War when it comes to gophers.


If a woman annoys me and won't stop, I ask her when her baby is due. This only works on women who are NOT pregnant. It's a secret weapon that I only use when I have no other option. In a sense it is the nuclear option.

The reflexive reply is "do you think that I look pregnant?" To complete the move, you must wait three or four ticks before you say something on the order of, ", I just thought....never mind. Do you think that it will rain? [or] Do you think that the Dodgers will make it to the Series?"

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday Morning -- Live

I never thought that Hillary's campaign launch would have been so funny. It's one of those parodies that you think has to be a Saturday Night Live skit...but it's not. It's old Hillary parked in a handicapped spot, going into a burrito shop to order lunch...being followed by 200 giddy reporters.

She needs to avoid people if she wants to be Queen of America because nobody who meets her likes her. These "spontaneous" public events make her look even more pathetic and out of touch. 

A black van drove down the street in front of my house and I thought, "Oh, great, Hillary is here to ask for a donation." You know she's nearly dead broke. Anyway, just as I got my cell phone out to take a photo of Hillary getting out of her "scooby van", the van drove on. I think that it was the American flag flying from the post that must have put her off. Nobody who flies an American flag will vote for Hillary.

Hillary is trying to re-make herself into the champion of the little people...right...since when? I think that she needs to get back to her roots, cruising down Wall Street in her black van, picking up bags of cash from the monied elite in exchange for looking out for their financial interests through political chicanery.

You have to admit that it's high comedy and we need to enjoy the charade while it lasts.

Having been said, it's pretty pathetic that Scott Walker trails Hillary in the Wisconsin polls by double digits...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Mixed Messages? I think not.

Yesterday The Washington Times and Bill Geertz published an item that says North Korea made two shipments of ballistic missiles supplies to Iran while the nuclear weapons framework was in negotiations.

While some of you readers may be shocked by this revelation, Iran appears to be cheating in collaboration with North Korea. North Korea has already sold Iran the BM-25 intermediate range ballistic missile, which was designed specifically as a nuclear warhead carrier. It will put all Israeli and Saudi cities within range of this nuclear weapon delivery system.

Iran and North Korea have some form of collaboration in nuclear and ballistic missile technology. Iran has been a client of North Korean missiles since before the Iran-Iraq war, purchasing missiles, motors, turn-key manufacturing and assembly facilities and issuing contracts for the construction of missile and rocket engine testing facilities. Iranians also have been observers at North Korean missile and nuclear tests. 

Additionally, the Russians have promised to deliver the S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Iran in 2015...that's new as of yesterday as well. 

President Obama is the worst kind of fool. Even many of his fellow Democrats in the US Senate think so. I don't know whether or not he was a good community organizer. One thing that he has been is a completely dismal failure as a president. His bungling and his maniacal narcissism will bring about a nuclear exchange and another war in the Middle East. I wonder if we could exchange Barack for one of the hostages that Iran is holding? We should have swapped him for Bowe Bergdahl.

Even Biden isn't as inept as Obama -- who would have thought?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tax Time

Yesterday was the last day to mail in your income taxes. If you're reading this and you forgot, it may not be the end of the world. It all depends who you are. The law is not evenly applied.

If you're a rich liberal and an Obama contributor, conventional wisdom holds that much like Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geitner and Reverend Al Sharpton, income tax is a guideline rather than a law.

If you are part of the 47% of Americans who pay no income tax, or you're one of the earned-income-credit crowd, you're going to get money back from the Feds that you never paid in because they want to buy your vote through redistributed income. 

If you work for the IRS you can rest in comfort that the Department of Justice didn't prosecute Learner for singling out and going after political opponents of President Obama.

Did Hillary Steal It?

This is the Wikileaks logo:

This is Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign logo:
It's clearly Clintonian to take whatever you want and claim that it was yours all along. Wikileaks is calling, "Foul". I wonder if they will release the e-mail that the Russians hacked from Hillary's home server in response?

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I bought a 2015 Ducati Diavel.  My daughter, Emilie (pictured with the scooter because I'm just too ugly) has claimed it as her own. Unlikely that will happen.

Diavel means "devil" in Italian, so I have 170 horsepower of devil between my legs. Naturally this scooter is female, and while have I've had versions of the devil in that position before, I like this one better...not because she's black.

The Republican Field

My take on the Republican Presidential Field for 2016 (announced and yet to be announced). I will not vote for Hillary so one of these people will end up being the person that I will vote for:


Marco Rubio - Senator from Florida - I'd rather see him in a vice presidential spot in 2016. For all you Rubio supporters out there, that's simply how I see him. It's not because he has Hispanic roots or because he's a male. I simply think that the next president will have a full plate of Obama screw ups to deal with and I don't know that Rubio has the gravitas or the experience to handle them as well as others may.

Rand Paul - Senator from Kentucky - He's a scrapper, he's a doctor, not a career lawyer politician, and he is sworn to reduce the size of government. All of those things are important. Would Rand Paul be a good president? I think that he would. His foreign policy credentials have never been fired in the crucible, but he'll find his way through that swamp if he has good advice. 

John Kasich - Governor of Ohio - He has a lot of experience, now as a governor and previously as a member of the House of Representatives. He has more "gravitas" than any other candidate and I think that he has the best chance of beating Hillary Clinton. He is a moderate Republican with a strong current of common sense and practical reasoning behind what he does. Ideal running mate: Rep. Colonel Martha McSally (R-AZ) I think that Colonel McSally will be a contender for the presidency in 8 years.

Scott Walker - Governor of Wisconsin He's conservative, he's clearly a turn-around guy, having fixed many of the problems that plagued Wisconsin. Is he ready to be the leader of the free world and take on Iran, Russia and China? The jury is out on that. And therein may lie his problem.

Chris Christie - Governor of New Jersey - Christie's star began to fade when he offered New Jersey as a joint photo op for Barack Obama in 2014. I don't hear anyone speaking of him as a viable candidate. He hasn't announced and I think that all of the money is being sucked up by the rest of the field.

Ted Cruz - Senator from Texas - Cruz is a firebrand conservative, career politician and Harvard Lawyer. He has served three years in the US Senate. I think of him in much the way I do Marco Rubio. He's sincere, he's well spoken, and he is far more conservative than Rubio, but I would like to see more experience in a president. 

Jeb Bush - Governor of Florida - I STILL have yet to meet anyone who actually wants Jeb Bush for president. He has dynastic money and political connections because his father and brother were president. Of the potential Republican candidates, he's as liberal as Christie and he is unappealing because I don't think that America loves the dynasties.  He's a slick politician, but he'd grow government and would continue the problem that put us where we are.

Ben Carson - Retired Physician - He seems like a very nice guy, but I don't think that he's ready to be leader of the free world. The job is big and Obama has put us behind the curve in so many ways that the next president has to be able to organize and have the stroke to change things. I think that Carson my lack the iron.

Carly Fiorina - Retired Business Executive - Florin really wants the job, but her ego doesn't seem to match her experience. Many people believe that she's running for vice president and I tend to agree with that. 

Mike Huckabee - former Arkansas Governor and Fox News contributor - Everyone who knows Huckabee likes him and I like him. I don't think that he has what it takes to fix the Obama disaster.

Then there are Lindsay Graham, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, etc. -- if you think any of these people have a chance of winning the Republican nomination, shout out below.

Hillary (the Bitch of Benghazi) Clinton is beatable. 
Obama did it twice.