sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Frog Family

Command photo at the sand berm - NEB Coronado, Seaside.

Frog Family Running Song (lyrics)

Got drunk last night,
Was drunk the night before,
I'm going to get drunk,
Like I never have before.

'Cause when I'm drunk I'm happy as can be,
'Cause I am a member of the Frog Family!

Oh, the Frog Family is the best family,
That ever sailed across the sea.
There's a highland frog and a lowland frog,
An underwater frog and a yachtsman frog.

One keg of beer for the four of us!
Sing, "Glory be to God that there are no more of us,
'Cause one of us could drink it all alone - damned near!"

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cardiac Symptoms

I've heard it said that the person who loves you most is the first person to visit you in the hospital.

There was a time when I was driving on the freeway. I experienced what I thought was a heart attack. I know all the objective symptoms.
  • Horrible pain and pressure in the chest.
  • Radiating pain in my left shoulder and down my arm.
  • Sweating (going into shock)
I took the Lakeview off ramp and checked myself in at the emergency room at the hospital there.

They drew blood. The enzymes there let them know whether it's a heart attack or something else. I lay on the bed and made a couple telephone calls. One was to my best friend at work and the other was to my wife. Both were busy and asked to be kept apprised. Nobody showed up.

It turned out not to be a heart attack. The closest the medical people came was a muscle spasm of some magnitude. I was under a lot of pressure at work - a lot of stress. They put me on the treadmill and I ran for twelve minutes without huffing or puffing. The nurse said, "If you had cardiovascular disease you couldn't do that."

It's been about four years since that day. And still I think on it not out of vindictiveness for those who didn't come, but more because nobody came when I thought I was close to shuffling off this moral coil.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Thought on Nature


-D. H. Lawrence

Glory is the sun, too, and the sun of suns,
and down the shafts of his splendid pinions
run tiny rivers of peace.

Most of this time, the tiger pads and slouches in a burning peace.

And the small hawk high up turns round on the slow pivot of peace.

Peace comes from behind the sun, with the peregrine falcon, and the owl.

Yet all of these drink blood.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


In German Nazi regime (Socialist Germany), the Gestapo had authority granted by the state to investigate treason, espionage and sabotage cases as well as criminal attacks against the Nazi Party and Germany.

The word "Gestapo" is an acronym for Geheim Staatspolizei, meaning "Secret National Police", in English. It was administered by the Reichsssichertheitshauptamt (RSHA) Or the Reich's Main Security Office which operated in much the same way as the US Department of Homeland Security. In the case of Nazi Germany, the RSHA oversaw the Sicherheitsdienst or security service and the Sicherheitspoliezei (SIPO) or security police.

Under the law, the Gestapo was specifically exempted from responsibility to courts where citizens could normally sue the government for redress. Under German law, the Gestapo used the concept of Schutshaft, or "protective custody", a euphamism for the power to imprison people with out judicial proceedings. Under the law, the prisoner was required to sign his/her own Schutzhaftbefehl, order for protection. Protection from what might be the right question to ask - but they signed by hook or by crook.

I'd like you to scroll down to the bottom of the page on this blog at this point and look at the video on "Prolonged Detention". If you've watched the video before, humor me. Watch it again.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Narcotics - Should they be legalized?

The narcotics business generates considerable profits such that there is an endless supply of people who are willing to traffic illicit drugs. Of the solutions put forward, the most commonly heard is the plea to legalize and regulate as opposed to continuing to levy criminal sanctions.

  1. Is there a difference between illegal narcotics and alcohol?
  2. Are there valid parallels between the Falstead Act. (prohibition) and the growth of organized crime in the 1930's and the growth of the Colombian and Mexican Cartels in the present day?
  3. What is the logical course of action?
  4. Is legalization a rational solution?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Honorable Men

I've heard it said that the Constitution hangs by a thread. I think that's true. I wonder if it can be preserved. It clearly can not be without effort. The world has need of honorable men and women to maintain freedom.

I attended a retirement for a friend on Wednesday. He began his service to his country with the United States Navy. When he left the navy, he went to work for the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department as a deputy sheriff and stayed there a few years before moving on to the Federal Bureau of Investigation where he served as a special agent for ten years. He ended his forty-plus years of government service in the intelligence business.

The retirement ceremony was small and brief, held in a restaurant in San Diego, California's University District. I'd never have found the restaurant without directions. It was one of those holes-in-the-wall that cater to a unique crowd - an eclectic crowd. I met his wife, a very pretty lady and was directed to a chair at his table at the head of the group, for which I had not been prepared.

The Drug Enforcement Administration SAC spoke of his devotion, others talked of his wisdom and insight.

When I had a moment I spoke to his wife and told her that he was an "honorable man". I shared a few anecdotal stories with her and told her I came because there were very few truly honorable men.

The world is hurting, the nation groans, people are suspicious of government because it is not generally populated by honorable men.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Only in America: A Turtle Tunnel

Red County Florida announced the construction of a $3.4 million tunnel to cross under US Highway 27 to divert slow moving reptiles from the pavement.

The US$ 800 billion stimulus package is finally beginning to trickle down to everyday workers.

The thirteen foot tunnel will cost $261,000.00 per foot to dig. I can only presume that this will provide a healthy living to a few construction workers in Florida.

I wish that I was in a position to bid on the job personally. I'd be happy to bring my shovel and start digging at that rate.

$261,000 per foot under a road sounds like just the incentive I need to improve my lifestyle.

It would stimulate my personal spending. Even after the punitive Obama taxation plan, I could still end up making $100,000 per foot dug to save the turtles. I could clear $1.3 million personally if I dug the tunnel myself, less the cost of shoring and so forth. Say I walk away with an after tax $1 million. WHAT A STIMULUS!

What a bargain for the American taxpayer! It's clearly the Change I Believed would Happen when the ObamaNation began back in January!

(Thanks to Glenn Beck for the lead)

CLICK HERE to read the NBC (Obama) position on why the turtle tunnel is a great use of stimulus funds.

CLICK HERE to read what some folks in Florida think of the $261,000.00 per foot tunnel.
(an opposing view).

The Obama Administration fired three inspectors general recently for finding fraud, waste and abuse. You don't think any of the others will have the guts to come forward after seeing their peers stood up before a wall and shot (a metaphor)?

Monday, June 15, 2009

America's Apologist

Apologies - in the New America.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Preventative Prolonged Detention

The Obama Administration proposed a new strategy to combat crime that they think might occur in the future: PREVENTATIVE "INDEFINITE" DETENTION. Based on the President's own words, if the government forms an opinion that people may be plotting a crime in the future, those suspected persons (suspected of perhaps committing a crime in the future) can be held in prison without charges indefinitely. We really are becoming the People's Republik of Amerika.

Where is the Constitution in all this? -- oh, it's right in front of the President. Too bad he didn't look down and read before he spoke.

It's chilling:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A toy beyond my price range

The Navy's new M-80 Stiletto is a prototype for a small specwar littoral combat vessel. The hull is constructed of carbon fiber. It's 27 meters in length and four Caterpillar C32 engines push it through the water well in excess of 50 knots.

I could buy one for $6 million, however insuring it, fueling it and maintaining it would be a continuing blooding - but it sure is cool!

Definition of boat: A hole in the water you pour money into.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New iPhone

I have owned Apple computers since before the first Macintosh was rolled out - before the new and unique Mac Operating Systems hit the market. Since then I have owned a series of Mac's. They have always been cutting edge and since System 10 hit the market,  they've been light years ahead of the cloggy, problematic Microsoft OS's.

I recently bought new Mac's for my two girls living at home. Emilie opted for a PowerBook and Heather selected an iMac with a 24" monitor.

The only Mac product I don't own is the iPhone. I've simply never taken the leap. Today Apple announced a new, faster, cooler, presumably better iPhone 3G-S...and I'm tempted.
I put it to you all: Should I buy the new iPhone? Or should I clunk along in the last decade with my old flip phones? I need your input!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Immunity Required

The nurse who gave me my shots for tropical diseases last time looked a lot like Hillary Clinton, which is to say it's the sort of face a train would take a dirt road to avoid. For some reason, it's important to me that the nurse that shoots the poison into my veins to generate additional immunity, not remind me of a twisted actress in a bad episode of the Twilight Zone.

For the last thirty years, my work has taken me to parts of the world where additional immunity to local bacteria and viruses is required. Monday, I go to update my shots. I'm not a cry-baby when it comes to shots and the sketch of the fetish-nurse below is more or less who I would prefer to inject me.  Sadly, reality falls far short of my nurse fantasy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Just a Kiss?

In movies, in art, and in song a kiss is still a kiss... as in the theme to Cassablanca (below), As Time Goes By.

Sometimes it's captured for all the world to see and remember like the sailor kissing a nurse on VJ Day in Time Square, New York, NY (42nd and Broadway). And the kiss becomes iconic - a representation of something else - freedom from war, freedom from fear, freedom to love again without fear that the one you love will catch an enemy bullet on some distant field.

But there are far more kisses than that: 
  • The stepmother's kiss (infinitely cold)
  • The child's kiss (infinitely warm and sincere)
  • The kiss of new love (tentative, hopeful)
  • The Judas kiss (a kiss of betrayal)
  • The kiss of long standing love (devoid of much passion but meaningful in its intent)
  • The Christmas kiss (trapped under mistletoe)
  • The European kiss (pro-forma greeting)
  • The passionate kiss (all-consuming lust)
  • The Vampire's kiss (an ulterior motive)
But it's rarely JUST a kiss.

Friday, June 5, 2009

One way to apologize

Yubitsume is the favored method for a member of the Yakuza (Japanese organized crime) to apologize. The choice of hand has to do with the level of screw up. Intentional offenses require a joint from a finger of the right hand while unintentional offenses call for a joint from a finger of the left hand to be cut off. The word Yubitsume means "finger shortening".

Today with the Yakuza on the decline some rehabilitated criminals are buying prosthetic finger components to replace those cut off for the sake of honor during their lives of crime.

The Yakuza tattoos are a different matter. Once worn with impunity, some bath houses now prohibit those with criminal tattoo patterns from entering public baths (and polite society).

Motorcycle Gang Comparisons

Those of you who know me, know that I worked in law enforcement in an undercover capacity in a motorcycle gang for two years. I was one of the one-percenters. The wreched refuse of society who scared little children (my own) when I roared by the house on the Harley Davidson.

Things are a little different in Japan...

Japanese Gang Bike

I remember seeing my first Japanese motorcycle gangster. He was one of a gang who was visiting the USA. 

He had tattoos, he had the jacket with the three-piece patch, he sported a foo-manchu beard and he didn't smile. He was bad, he was big and he was ready to take anyone down. However there was one thing wrong with the picture. On the jacket was a patch. The patch read, "Hi My Name is Yoshi".

Harley Davidson

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gun Control Signs (for your neighborhoods)

I need to know where to buy a couple of these signs...