sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, August 3, 2009

Do you know any blonde jokes?

Are Blonde Women
Unfairly Stereotyped?

There has been a lot of blog chatter about racial stereotypes, racial profiling, racial bias. What about blonde women? Do they receive fair treatment?

By the way, if you know any good blonde jokes, here and now is the time to share them...


  1. What about Ginger's...We get a lot more unfairly for your blonde joke....If you offer her a penny for her thought's, you'l get change......sorry blonde people(my sister's blonde)

  2. Hillarious stream: Ye, I do stuff like that ...
    Most blonde women choose to be blonde ... funny that. Isn't it?

    There are benefits ... a few jokes, who cares. :)

  3. Gingers -- well, we know they're all simply HOT.

  4. This is one I can weigh in on! I was a brunette most of my life but I feel more at home as a blond. Part of it is others' perception of me reflected back on me, but I think I'm happier and more confident as a blond. I probably am not taken as seriously but I work in state government so it's not like I would have gotten all that far in my career anyway!


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