sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What is YOUR problem?

I'm posting this as a public service to all on the blogosphere. 

Things might be getting out of control. Do we need to hold video teleconferencing support groups?

Are you an ADDICT?


  1. Log out, shut down, go out!!!

    Ahhh...I've seen far too many people who need one of these groups!

  2. Steph: I was thinking you could have a group like this on-line.... open a window on the desktop for networking in the "classroom" while you remained on-line. And yes, I'm kidding.

  3. Can't talk now. I'll Skype you later.

  4. I just love watching the Socialists – i.e., the Demonrats– self-destruct
    Your Marxist Messiah a like a one winged plane piloted by a moron. The quicker it falls the better for America.
    More blasphemy from the Godless Liberal Truth, now he compares himself to Jesus.
    It’s official now. Liberals, Democrats,libaturds et al, have all gone nuts. My gosh! Is this the Democratic Party that fought for equal rights and equality of religion?


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