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sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Analyzing Obama (blog series) #7

The Nut: Obama and ACORN

The Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now was the organization Obama (Dear Leader) staked his hopes on for a grass roots army that could run his community organizing ground game. Things might not work out quite the way he planned.

It all started circa 1991 when Obama returned to Chicago, having completed his legal education. ACORN noticed Dear Leader when he was organizing on the far south side of Chicago working with the Developing Communities Project (LA Times 3-2-08 - Letta Tayler). The work he did according to the LA Times was to organize demonstrations in the mold of radical groups like ACORN. Madeleine Talbot, the Chicago ACORN leader at the time said that at first they considered Obama a competitor but she was impressed enough with his abilities that she brought him onboard with ACORN as a staff trainer.

"It was Talbot (with Obama by her side), who led Chicago ACORN's campaign to intimidate banks into making high-risk loans to low credit customers." (NRO - Kurtz) Talbot's genius for leading a mob into "direct action" (militant tactics, intimidation, disruption, etc.) was something Obama learned first hand.

By 1992, Obama headed the Chicago Operation for Project Vote! It was an ACORN effort to register voters nationally. (World News Daily) Today, Obama denies ever organizing with ACORN. He applied what is now known as the Cloward-Piven strategy, mobilizing the poor in class warfare against capitalism, who are viewed as oppressors. Cloward-Piven applied the tactics of the revolutionary civil rights movement including inciting urban riots. The strategy transcends politics defined by race and focuses on politics defined by class.

In 1993, Obama was invited to join the board of the Woods Foundation where his long time friend Bill Ayers, a self proclaimed urban terrorist, was serving at the time. Pajamas Media reported that during Obama's tenure on the board, ACORN received annual grants of up to $45,000 from the Woods Foundation.

World News Daily reported that in 1994, Obama represented ACORN in the Buycks-Roberson vs Citibank Federal Savings Bank case in which ACORN sued Citi to make more loans to marginally qualified (or unqualified) African-American applicants "in a race-neutral way".

By 1995, Obama worked for ACORN in a major lawsuit where ACORN sued the State of Illinois to implement the "motor voter" law. That same year, Bill Ayers co-founded the Chicago Annenberg Challenge with a $50 million grant program for Chicago Public Schools. Ayers selected Obama to be the first chairman of the Board. (WND- Corsi) Stanley Kurtz (Wall Street Journal) reported that the Annenberg project funneled money through various far left community organizing groups including ACORN.

In 1996, Obama became a member of the New Party, a group that sought to move the Democratic Party to the far left. (WND - citing newspaper evidence) According to Democratic Socialists of America documents, the New Party worked with ACORN to promote its candidates. DSA's New Ground newsletter stated, "In Chicago, the New Party's biggest asset and biggest liability is ACORN."

Between 1997 and 2004, Obama was an Illinois State Senator.

Toni Foulkes (ACORN National Board Member) wrote in "Case Study: Chicago – The Barack Obama Campaign":

ACORN noticed [Obama] when he was organizing on the far south side of the city with the Developing Communities Project. He was a very good organizer. When he returned from law school, we asked him to help us with a lawsuit to challenge the state of Illinois' refusal to abide by the National Voting Rights Act, also known as motor voter. .. Obama took the case, known as ACORN vs. Edgar (the name of the Republican governor at the time) and we won. Obama then went on to run a voter registration project with Project VOTE in 1992 that made it possible for Carol Moseley Braun to win the Senate that year. Project VOTE delivered 50,000 newly registered voters in that campaign (ACORN delivered about 5,000 of them).

Since then, we have invited Obama to our leadership training sessions to run the session on power every year, and, as a result, many of our newly developing leaders got to know him before he ever ran for office. Thus, it was natural for many of us to be active volunteers in his first campaign for State Senate and then his failed bid for Congress in 1996. By the time he ran for Senate, we were old friends.

Obama became a United States Senator in 2005. In 2007 on Obama's Organizing for America blog, Sam Graham-Felsen, a paid blogger wrote of Obama's November 2007 speech to ACORN leaders:

When Obama met with ACORN leaders in November, he reminded them of his history with ACORN and his beginnings in Illinois as a Project Vote organizer, a nonprofit focused on voter rights and education. Senator Obama said, "I come out of a grassroots organizing background. That's what I did for three and half years before I went to law school. That's the reason I moved to Chicago was to organize. So this is something that I know personally, the work you do, the importance of it. I've been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work."
Obama spoke at the Heartland Democratic Presidential Forum meeting and said "Groups such as ACORN will shape the agenda of my presidency." (December 1, 2007)

In 2008, ACORN endorsed Obama over his political rival Hillary Clinton. (February 21, 2008 ACORN PAC)

During the presidential campaign of 2008, both Obama and Joe (Slow Joe) Biden insisted they had nothing to do with ACORN since by that time the organization had been the target of voter fraud allegations. However, in August 2008 the Pittsburg Tribune-Review reported that the Obama campaign paid $832,589.29 to ACORN "offshoot" Citizen's Services for the "get out to vote" projects from February 25 - May 17, 2008.
The newspaper revealed that Obama's payments to CSI for services were unusual: "For example, CSI received payments of $63,000 and $75,000 for advance work. Excluding the large payments to CSI, the average amount the Obama campaign spent with other organizations was $558.82 per check on more than 1,200 entries classified as advance work."
Obama clearly continued his close working relationship with ACORN.
According to the same Pittsburg Tribune-Review report, Citizens Services Inc. is headquartered at the same address as ACORN's national headquarters in New Orleans. A 2006 ACORN publication describes Citizen Services Inc. as "ACORN's campaign services entity."

In 2008, Anita MonCrief, a woman who worked in the Strategic Writing and Research Department of ACORN Political Operations and its affiliate Project Vote from 2005 through January 2008, said ACORN acted as an unofficial arm of the Democratic Party during the election and used cash operations to keep some financial transactions under wraps.

"It has always been a Democrat operation," she recently told WND. "They've never made any secrets about who they support. Their political action committees are usually set up to support these Democratic candidates."

She said political action committees support Democrat candidates, and the at the same time voter registration drives were being conducted, the group was putting out propaganda in communities telling people not to vote for Republicans.

According to a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review report, she further told a Pennsylvania court before the election that the Obama camp provided ACORN with a "donor list" that enabled Project Vote to solicit contributions from Obama supporters who had "maxed out" under federal contribution limits but who could surreptitiously give more to Obama's cause by donating to ACORN and its affiliates.
Obama would like to distance himself from ACORN today, and it's peculiar that MSNBC hasn't done any investigative reporting on these widespread allegations... Yes I'm kidding, MSNBC is in Obama's pocket.

A report from the Committee on Oversight and Government reform stated that ACORN:

"has repeatedly and deliberately engaged in systemic fraud. Both structurally and operationally, ACORN hides behind a paper wall of nonprofit corporate protections to conceal a criminal conspiracy on the part of its directors, to launder federal money in order to pursue a partisan political agenda and to manipulate the American electorate."

Since 1994, ACORN has received more than $53 million in federal funds, according to the report.

"Under the Obama administration, ACORN stands to receive a whopping $8.5 billion in available stimulus funds. Operationally, ACORN is a shell game played in 120 cities, 43 states and the District of Columbia through a complex structure designed to conceal illegal activities, to use taxpayer and tax-exempt dollars for partisan political purposes, and to distract investigators. Structurally, ACORN is a chess game in which senior management is shielded from accountability by multiple layers of volunteers and compensated employees who serve as pawns to take the fall for every bad act," the report said.

The report continued, "Lobbying is a substantial part of what ACORN does. It has endorsed Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Representative Albert Wynn (D-MD), and Representative Donna Edwards (D-MD). ACORN keeps donor records from the Clinton, Kerry and Obama campaigns with the intent to engage in prohibited communications. ACORN receives federal funding yet engages in improper lobbying. ACORN and its nonprofit affiliates do not have separate accounts. Neither ACORN nor any of its affiliates have properly reported their political activities to the IRS. These harms fly under the legal radar because the IRS rarely checks for compliance. The 'no substantial part' test is rarely enforced and the accounts of ACORN and its affiliates are illegally commingled."
During the 2008 presidential race, ACORN admitted that more than 400,000 of the 1.3 million voter registrations it claimed to have collected were not valid. There is a criminal investigation underway in 23 States.

Once in office, the Obama Administration selected ACORN to recruit counters for the 2010 US Census.
The Census Bureau severed its ties with ACORN on Sept. 11.The Internal Revenue Service has also indicated that it is conducting a "thorough review" of its agreements with ACORN. According to Bloomberg, ACORN has has helped prepare about 150,000 free tax returns since 2004 for low-income families. Those returns have generated $190 million in tax refunds.

There's no other way to look at it.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Analyzing Obama (blog series) #6

The Attack Dog: Rahm Emanuel

His bio isn't all that different from his colleague, David Axelrod's. Both started their careers in machine politics working for Mayor Richard Dailey in Chicago. On one occasion when a pollster made Rahm Emanuel mad, Emanuel sent him a dead fish... which makes him a classical Chicago politician. If you say something he doesn't like, he wants you to "sleep with the fishes." He also sat on the board of Freddie Mac, but takes no responsibility for mortgage failures even though he is joined at the hip with Dear Leader and David Axelrod.

He claims to be a devout Jew, but pushes Dear Leader in a direction that would push Israel in the position of being hit by nuclear weapons from Iran or striking Iranian nuclear facilities first. Both situations would be devastating to the world's economies.

Rahn Emanuel was clever enough to endear himself to the Chicago Political Machine, ruthless enough to prove himself to them, and is more or less as ambitious as Satan. (I think he'd agree with all those comments) He's not a fool by any stretch - but the overarching question is whether or not he's good for America. (I haven't discussed his brothers: Hollywood Agent and Mad Scientist)

I often wonder whether Rahm Emanuel is President of the United States or whether Dear Leader is. When it comes to gray matter, Emanuel certainly comes out on top. Dear Leader needs the adulation of the masses. Emanuel does not.

Analyzing Obama (blog series) #5

David Axelrod: Uber Czar

No view of the Dear Leader can be complete without taking a look at his closest advisors. It's a toss up between David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel so I'll take them separately and we'll examine who they are and why they are so close to Dear Leader.

Axelrod grew up in a middle class Jewish household in Manhattan (NY). His mother, an avid socialist, worked as a journalist at "PM", a left wing newspaper that operated as a front for the American Communist Party during World War Two. He followed his mother into journalism as a political reporter for the "Hyde Park Herald" in Chicago and later as a political columnist for the "Chicago Tribune". He moved from reporter to political strategist under the aegis of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. Since 1985, he worked as a strategist for a number of political campaigns.

David Axelrod, strategist, would seem to some to be an odd member of Dear Leader's inner circle since Dear Leader, himself, is blatantly anti-Jewish (See Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to the United Nations last week) and anti Israeli. Maybe Axelrod is compensating from some inner deficiency? Who can tell? Maybe Dear Leader saw in Axelrod some of what he sees in himself (see the previous four Analyzing Obama blogs)?

When I first saw David Axelrod on television I couldn't help but feel as if I'd seen him somewhere before.

Then, it struck me - - the comedian Jon Lovitz is a dead ringer for David Axelrod... if Jon was a dissipated drunk with a few more years on him. In the movie "RAT RACE" (2001), Jon Lovitz steals Hitler's car.

Jon Lovitz ends up with a hitler mustache, ranting to a crowd of veterans (reminded me of Axelrod on NBC).

You're going to need to view the entire video below, to get the whole thing in context. Once you've done that, the next time you see David Axelrod ranting about one or another of Dear Leader's absurd utopian socialist programs that he wants to ram down your throat, you'll break out in laughter as you recall Jon Lovitz in his memorable scene from RAT RACE.

Apologies to Jon Lovitz, a great comedian - comparing him to David Axelrod, a thug, is not kind to Jon Lovitz.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Analyzing Obama (blog series) #4

The Chicago Way = The Obama Way

Chicago is one of the world's great eating cities. It's a great place to visit and I have friends who live in the City. I enjoy visiting them, I enjoy the city and I have nothing against Chicago's people, but it's corrupt, it's been corrupt and it will likely always be corrupt. There is no sign of a turn-around on the horizon.

Barack Hussein Obama's (Dear Leader's) career was molded in and by Chicago Politics. It's that very machine that propelled him to his present position as President of the United States. When he took office, the position was also "leader of the free world". Last week in the United Nations, he informed us, that wasn't his job anymore. Many Americans didn't notice, the man on the street didn't care -- because there was nobody to tell him. The mainstream media didn't cover it in the same way they don't cover much of anything that can be construed as negative toward Dear Leader anymore.

This is one example of The New York Times killing a story (with considerable evidence) about corrupt behavior involving Dear Leader and ACORN:

William Ayers, Tony Rezko, Stuart Levine, Edward Vrdolyak, Dr. Robert Weinstein, Ali Alta, Joseph Cari, Jeremiah Wright, Jessie Jackson, P. Nicholas Hurtgen, Jacob Kiferbaum, Steven Loren and William Daley are not the only cronies from Chicago, but they are examples of the SYSTEM that built Dear Leader.

If you want to understand Dear Leader, you need to look at what created him, what molded him and not at the guy wearing expensive suits with a well studied line of blandishments.

**The Obama Campaign for the US Senate was funded largely by Tony Rezko. According to a number of sources including Evelyn Pringle and Jerome Corsi, Rezko's funds tracked back to the "Islamic money mogul who was the bag man to Saddam Hussein at the height of his Oil-for-Food Scam". Rezko is a convicted money launderer.
From CBS News: "A federal jury has found a prominent political fundraiser for Sen. Barack Obama and Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich guilty of 16 of 24 counts in his Illinois corruption trial. Antoin "Tony" Rezko was accused of scheming to get bribes from businesses seeking state contracts. According DuPage County State's Attorney Joe Birkett, "The conviction of Tony Rezko represents a deep stain on the Democratic Party in Illinois. Democrats from top to bottom, including Barack Obama, stood idly by — and in some instances directly benefited — while the massive Blagojevich corruption scheme flourished. They rode into office promising to clean up after the George Ryan scandals and they have taken corruption in Illinois to a new low. They ought to be held accountable at the polls starting this November."
**ACORN - The blatant graphic evidence that it is a racketter influenced and corrupt organization is not in dispute. The election fraud portion of the ACORN trial begins this week. Other criminal charges are pending. ACORN is Obama. Obama is ACORN. The loan fraud perpetrated by ACORN was in part, responsible for the mortgage melt-down that the US experienced last year, carrying over to the present. Mortgage fraud with tens of thousands of mortgages that failed because the recipients were unqualified can be laid directly at the feet of ACORN (and Dear Leader).

** Circa 2006, the FBI investigated corruption that included Illinois State Senator Barack Hussein Obama and the Illinois Teacher Retirement System. For a LONG list of investigative reports by Evelyn Pringle on this subject (CLICK HERE)

Check out this "transcript" from the official wire tap!!!

With a H/T to streetwise pundit, I pulled this according to -- U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald says there is "nothing in the complaint" that implicates President-elect Obama but the affidavit suggests someone from the Obama camp was in touch with Blagojevich or his aides, if only to tell the Governor that Obama would not offer anything but "appreciation" in exchange for the Senate appointment.

I don't know if the transcript of a recorded telephone conversation is correct or not. So I pulled it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Analyzing Obama (blog series) #3

Barack Attack
(Dear Leader's Struggle with
his hatred toward America)

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's advisor and
spiritual Leader for 20 years:
"God Damn America"

The song the school children have been taught to sing (blasted across conservative blogs including my own) say that "He wants to change it, to rearrange it."


Because Dear Leader holds very deep seated resentments toward America and "Americans" in the general sense. The First Lady said in a widely publicized statement that the first time she felt like an American was when her husband was elected President of the United States. That's quite some statement and reflects how both she and her mate feel about their country. As a result, Dear Leader is all talk and aggressive inaction when it comes to national security. Other leaders have noticed and mock his childish agenda--even if our own media haven't.

Even the French are now worried that Dear Leader will not do what is necessary to protect the US (and by extension, France) from the the Iranian nuclear threat. The only "evil" he has ever been able to internalize is that of the "social injustice" of capitalism and America, taught to him all through his life by his mother and father figures like Frank Marshall Davis and Jeremiah Wright.

Psychologically, he can't protect us, even if he wanted to. He is bound up in and obsessed with his own personal, unresolved conflicts and caught up in a destructive
repetition compulsion; and having a Daddy who was interested in protecting little Barry's world is not something he can relate to.

He has enough political "will" to support the ranting Zelaya (yet another Chavez wannabe south of us) and, interestingly, always seems to come down on the side of those who dislike and even hate his own country. Dear Leader needs to stop dreaming and wake up to the reality in front of him...but pointing out something like that to a person acting out his own personal psychopathology and grandiose fantasies on a world stage, while little children are singing praises to his wonderfulness and the left is reinforcing and enabling and excusing that gradiosity, would be therapeutically ineffective.

So is it really a lack of political will?

Or is it political grandiosity and malignant narcissism playing itself out on a world stage? All the world's his stage now--a stage he can use to act out those malignantly narcissistic defects manifested in his cold grandiosity and in his "selfless" devotion to pursuing what the left insists on calling "social justice"; but which in the cold light of reality always turns out to be the pursuit of power over others.

(h/t to Dr. Sanity who I drew on for portions of this blog posting - but not attributed in detail)

Analyzing Obama (blog series) #2

Walk the Walk like Barack
(Dear Leader)

Some psychologists and psychiatrists have suggested that Dear Leader is a narcissist. It hardly takes a PhD or an MD to bring one to that conclusion - in my opinion. However in the world of politics and power, narcissism isn't a trait that Dear Leader has a corner on.

I've been paying attention to our Dear Leader since long before he jumped up and down on the Lincoln Bed in the Lincoln Bedroom with glee - in his job as 'leader of the free world', which he resigned from two days ago in the UN when he more or less said that the United States was stepping down from that role.

I can't help but believe that Dear Leader has a dose of solipsism syndrome (CLICK HERE) going on. No I'm not a doctor rendering a diagnosis, merely a trained observer rendering an opinion.

Solipsism is the default state of humanity. There is, arguably, a kernal of us that always believes that we personally, our own consciousness, is the only thing that really exists and nothing else matters. We exhibit it when as babies, we exhibit utter selfishness. Beginning as an infant, we are absolutely demanding (paradoxically all-powerful due to our helplessness). This transfigures into a common adolescent intuition that we are invulnerable, almost certainly marked out for something special, but in any event simply not capable of dying, not in our present, gloriously fresh state of youthful primacy.

Armed forces at war are full of barely mature individuals who are perfectly convinced by the proposition that 'it won't happen to me' and that significantly, this applies to many who have no serious religious faith (Dear Leader in point) predisposing them to such wildly and irrational self-centeredness.

Victims of the syndrome, and I suspect Dear Leader is one of them, never shake off this feeling. We find that many people confined in lunatic asylums are solipsists, believing that they are Napoleon or even The Messiah (God), capable of any achievement or state of bliss through the simple act of thinking it. The degree to which the solipsist's pathology advances can be measured by the development of their delusional state.

There is always some underlying psychological reason why the individual retreated into the deceptive bastion of selfish untouchability in the first place. Freudians take one approach to explain this and other noted psychiatrists take other approaches. My point is not to examine why Dear Leader has been struck with solipsism. That is for professionals more skilled than I am to consider.

It seems apparent from the absurd level Dear Leader has taken things early in his presidency that using the word "egotist" to describe him doesn't come close enough to deconstructing who "the boss" really is. Not all pathological solipsists are the same in the same way that not all pathological narcissists are the same. Where does Dear Leader fit in the whole scheme of psychosis, paranoia and general delusional self-image? I don't know, but I believe he needs professional help, and for all our sakes, the sooner he receives it, the better off we all will be.

Analyzing Obama (blog series) #1

Talk like Barack (Dear Leader):

Communications consultant Jon Kraushar said Obama’s inaugural address on January 20, 2009 was, "marked by the magical powers of conviction, determination, faith and belief in rejuvenation." By breaking down Dear Leader's speech, you can borrow and apply his tricks the next time you give a speech.

Every speech indeed tells a story and needs a title to show its principle point. Obama's address focused on a new era of responsibility, accountability, and possibility. His speech was also distinguished by the emotion behind his words.

President Obama used many rhetorical devices to make his messages memorable. Three techniques stand out: contrast, repetition, and imagery. In a contrast about possibility, he said: "We have chosen hope over fear, unity of purpose over conflict and discord." - (Kraushar)

When speakers give speeches, audiences remember a few general ideas and themes, but mainly go on feelings: "I liked him", "I agreed with her" (or didn't). This tells us that to capture the hearts and minds of your audience, your words, face, eyes, body, voice, and attitude must fit together emotionally and connect with them.

If you want to borrow Obama’s techniques, start with words. Decide on a theme. Organise your thoughts into an outline or bullet points. Then write a few sound bites, using contrast, repetition, and word pictures. In short: show, tell, and sell.

A lot of the impact a speaker makes is based on what we read in his face, eyes, and body language. Dear Leader's non-verbal signs telegraph his seriousness, determination, and fundamental optimism. We see this in his furrowed brow, his dignified demeanour and the way he emphasizes his points with his hand gestures. It’s more interesting to watch and listen to a lively speaker whose gestures bring out stronger sounds out of them.

You can see the effect of body language by rehearsing in front of a mirror. Also have someone watch you rehearse to benefit from a second opinion.

The final impact derives from the voice: tone, pitch, volume, resonance, pauses and rate of speaking. Vocal techniques to evoke specific emotions include pauses for drama, emphasising certain words, a tone shift from sombre to optimistic, and a change in pace from slow and deliberate to slightly faster.

In order to be effective communicators, presidents need to convey the right combination of authority and warmth so people identify with them even while considering them to be on a higher plane. Dear Leader isn't a wizard; he's a craftsman who works hard at being a good communicator. He applies the law of focus which says that whatever you focus on increases.

Go ahead and customize what you like from Dear Leader's techniques to fit your personality and style and you will perform "magic" when you speak in public.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Obama Trauma

As the Europeans bubble over with joy at Dear Leader's comments about being a post-American president in a post-American world, they need to consider if that's what they really want. The only thing worse than not getting what you ask for is getting what you ask for.

Allies we've stood behind need to reconsider our reliability. I worked in a setting a decade or so ago where one of the things I did was to examine America's allies in terms of political and other reliability and capability. Today, with this administration, this Congress, this agenda to shred the free enterprise system and replace it with a utopian socialist model where "equal opportunity" is scrapped in favor of "equal outcome" in life, I would rate us as UNRELIABLE.
  • Can we be relied up on to live up to our agreements and obligations? NO
  • Do our treaties hold weight? MAYBE
  • Will we stand behind our allies even if it may be unpopular to do so? NO
  • Can we curb our spending and keep the dollar as the world's standard for currency? NO
When Ronald Reagan stood at the Brandenburg Gate and said, "Tear down the wall!" The world knew that he meant it. The world and Russia benefitted from America's moral high ground and from our willingness to defend the values that made us great.

Yesterday when Dear Leader said that we are not defined by our differences, I nearly swallowed my tongue. That is precisely what defines us. Would Dear Leader have us believe that Israel and Iran are not defined by their differences? (as a potent example) Dear Leader's speech was so absurd - so foolish and naive that he can't actually believe a word he said, can he? Ok, maybe he can.

So my message to the world is to enjoy your post-American world. I hope it lives up to your expectations and that Dear Leader's indecisive waffling and cowardly narcissistic ways are to your liking. But something tells me you'll live to regret it.

Obama Road Trip

Dear Leader is finally proved to be good to his word. He promised CHANGE and in that, he did not lie.

The video below provides an interesting purspective on the ride Dear Leader is taking us on.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gaddafi Approves!

The dictator of Libya seemed very pleased to be in our ObamaNation and to address the UN: CNN Reported a portion of the text of the speach: "our son" and "our Obama," and saying, "The election of Obama is the beginning of change." . . . "We are content and happy if Obama can stay forever as the president," Gaddafi said during a rambling, 95-minute speech during which he read from notes.

A lot of use are not that impressed with Dear Leader, but Gaddafi seemed to be genuinely in awe of his brother Muslim.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Social Security?

The government program (also called a Ponzi scheme) that began as a result of the great depression will fall on its own weight by 2016 according to the Congressional Budget Office. The blame game won't work because there is enough blame to go around and both political parties can be painted with the same brush. The public too, doesn't want to feel any pain - but they will and Dear Leader's plan is absurd and won't work:

* Congress doesn't want to look at the 800 lbs gorilla sitting in the corner.

* The public considers it a retirement system rather than the income supplement it was intended to be.

* The COST of fixing the problem will be staggering and it will further strain the US Economy.

* Facing reality will cause Dear Leader and the Democratic Party-controlled Congress to scrap their horribly expensive social programs.

So what will we do about it? NOTHING

Last spring, the Social Security Trustees report projected Social Security outlays will exceed revenue by 2016, but the Congressional Budge office show deficits next year of $10 billion an $9 billion in 2011. Dear Leader is focused on a multi-trillion dollar health care game and on his Cap and Trade legacy. It's unlikely that he'll put any meaningful spin on Social Security and with his track record, do we want him to? The only real solution Dear Leader floated was a vague "tax the rich" scheme (Congress and retired US Government executives would be exempt).

What do you think we should do to fix the Social Security disaster that's looming?

I'm Still Waiting

Dear Leader promised change! A change I could believe in. I didn't vote for him because I thought he was a puffing, strutting, inexperienced buffoon. And McCain wasn't much better in the spectrum of choices for president and leader of the free world.

He said he'd bridge the racial divide between black and white, but I'll I've heard from his advisors and from his entourage is the cry RACIST or TRAITOR TO THEIR RACE.

He said he wouldn't throw Israel under the bus. The ink didn't dry on the NY Times front page before he stabbed the Jews in the back. Then again as America's first Muslim president, he may have felt he had the right.
He promised that his healthcare debate would take place on CSPAN... yeah, right.

He promised that he wouldn't push any emergency legislation without a five-day period in which he would put it to the public... that went the way of the iron horse very quickly.

However, I remain positive, waiting for a change that is worthy of comment. It hasn't happened yet, but it might. I know there are nay-sayers out there who say that Dear Leader might not do ANYTHING right in four years. I'm not one of them. Dear Leader is able to reinvent himself. We've seen that (several times) and he's not afraid to dispose of anyone who makes him look bad. When you consider the coterie of misfits, communists and political parasites who surround him, throwing a few them under the bus MUST be considered a plus. Consider ACORN. He was a community organizer for ACORN, he was an attorney on the ACORN executive board, he said many times that ACORN was his cornerstone strategy for re-making America. ACORN is shown to be a racketeer influenced and corrupt organization and last Sunday on ABC he had no recollection whether or not ACORN received federal funds... sure, we believe you Dear Leader.

I'm waiting for the Gospel (good news), Dear Leader promised.

Obama's Failures Analyzed

Cartoon h/t WoFat

This morning I read a very engaging, thoughtful analysis of why the Obama Administration is failing, by Andrew Price. I recommend it to you and you can read it here (CLICK HERE).

For the greater part, the world knows Dear Leader for who he is and they are making fools of us because our lack of a capable commander-in-chief has neutered the United States.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The US Nuclear Weapons Posture

Nuclear capable countries

The United States Nuclear Arsenal is aging. It's time to make more bombs!

I know that's not what President Barack Hussein Obama (our Dear Leader) wants to see. He feels that we should scrap a large percentage of our nuclear arsenal based on comments made this week. It is folly to do that.

Rather than simply parrot other more qualified people than myself, I refer you to the Federation of American Scientists and the US Defense Science Board (CLICK HERE). I'll summarize their recommendations.

Recommendations for nuclear weapons policy and forces include:

1. Leaders should declare “unequivocally and frequently” that nukes are still needed.
2. Establish a Red Team to look for nuclear enemies.
3. Establish a Deterrence Team to figure out how to better deter current and future adversaries.
4. The missile defense under construction is inadequate to deal with countermeasures and needs to be upgraded.
5. Accelerate development of “a credible Nuclear Leg of the Strike Triad.”
6. Figure out what to do with nuclear forces beyond the SORT treaty, but hedge (it is now called “remain reversible”) against negative developments in Russian and China.
7. Modernize the command and control system.
8. The Nuclear Weapons Council should establish a policy that no single warhead type makes up more than 20 percent of the deployed stockpile (i.e., the stockpile should consist of at least five different warhead types).
9. RRW-1, as the first Reliable Replacement Warhead prototype is called, should be a full weapons program.

Recommendations for the nuclear weapons production complex include:

1. Produce “a predetermined number of RRW-class warheads” per year by 2012.
2. Create a National Nuclear Weapons Agency to support Complex 2030.
3. Retain all three nuclear weapons labs.
4. The Secretary of Defense should figure out which is easier: sustain the current quantities and diversity of nuclear weapons or build new ones.
5. Create an Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategic Weapons with a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Weapons.
6. Get congressional approval to appoint the Deputy Secretary of Defense as the Nuclear Weapons Council and make the commander of STRATCOM a member of the Nuclear Weapons Council.

To those liberals who think I've slipped a cog on my wheel by suggesting that we modernize our nuclear weapons, I am not necessarily suggesting that we make more weapons. I am suggesting that we institute a program to construct Reliable Replacement Warheads (RRW's). We have treaties with the Russians on absolute number of warheads allowable and I think we're fine with that amount. Many of them are smaller warheads (theater nuclear weapons) used for nuclear demolitions (the so-called suitcase/backpack weapons), nuclear artillery rounds and so forth. Hydrogen bombs have a shelf life. The tritium in the weapons needs to be refreshed and serviced on a periodic (classified) basis. We can extend the life of existing nuclear weapons through a program of modernization.

The current president of the United States does not have America's best interests at heart. His agenda and that of his closest advisor remains suspect in the minds of many Americans. It's not that I have personal rancor toward Dear Leader, however, his nuclear disarmament motives are suspect. I won't outline those motives here because they have been clearly outlined elsewhere on this blog.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Apologies to Poland and the Czech Republic

John Adams said,
"I must study politics and war that my children may study mathematics and philosophy."

America's fighting men and women are first and foremost men and women. When push comes to shove, we expect them to be there, on the line, in the line of fire, in harm's way and we anticipate that they will be willing to lay down their lives for us. It's simply what they do. There's not a lot of deep thought that goes into it. They serve under the standard and they follow orders.

America is also lucky enough to have reliable allies.

One of my best friends, (then) Lieutenant Commander Hoang (now Captain),
Republic of Korea Navy, Squadron 56,Commanding Officer,
ROK SEAL Team 5 and LL (your blogger)

Betrayal of our allies is betrayal of each and every American and each and every person living in the country we betray. This past week the Government of the United States of America and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States (Dear Leader) betrayed Poland and the Czech Republic. Think on that for a moment. We took unilateral action against the best interest of our ALLIES. Both the Poles and Czechs sent soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan, not because they had a horse in that race but because we asked them to.

I have seved with our Polish allies under arms and have never found more stalwartly pro-American people in my life. I don't know how they feel about us now. With luck they will still respect us even though our leadership is lacking. Yes, I can criticize the Commander-in-Chief because I have retired from military service.

America selected a commander-in-chief (Dear Leader) who had no experience in military service. He could have served but opted not to. I don't damn him for that decision, but it left him without the smallest scintilla of understanding of what it takes to make things happen in the military and in the larger world.

Dear Leader makes repeated bone-head moves because though he was elected president of the United States, he wasn't qualified. His skill sets and his judgment remain lacking. Some suggest a dark conspiracy to destroy the nation. I don't. Not yet. The proof is not there in adequate measure for me to cry, TREASON.

Dear Leader's credibility is wanting, his closest friends and his inner circle are avowed communists, they're union thugs, they're ACORN criminal racketeers, and I ask myself what our allies must think when they decide whether or not to trust us with the lives of their soldiers.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

ACORN - More Scandal Coming (next week)

Michael Savage interviews Andrew Breitbart ( on radio and discusses below how they will be releasing even more of the Hannah Giles/James O'Keefe investigative reports on video of ACORN employees in several more different cities across America. Andrew Breitbart claims that each succeeding video is more shocking. In and of itself, that's shocking.



Dear Leader will have a difficult time distancing himself from the truth as it continues to unfold. There are those who won't believe in any of what they see because they're drunk on Dear Leader's Kool-Aid - but most Americans are simply not that stupid.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Israel - The right to exist?

Earlier today (September 18, 2009), Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said of Israel, "This regime will not last long. Do not tie your fate to it...This regime has no future. Its life has come to an end."

Reuters: Iranian president raises stakes against Israel (CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE)

Going on, Ahmadinejad pronounced, "The pretext (Holocaust) for the creation of the Zionist regime (Israel) is is a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim." Since it is Rash Hashana, there is an annual Anti-Israel Day in Iran to coincide with the Jewish Holiday. "Confronting the Zionist regime is a national and religious duty."

Emboldened by a US Administration which has shown itself to be weak and indecisive, Iran has thrown it's nuclear card on the table once again. Ahmadinejad, who has the backing of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (head of State in Iran).

The question for the United States, Great Britian, Canada and the Western Powers is whether or not Israel has the right to exist - because Dear Leader, a closet Muslim, doesn't appear to have any inclination to believe that it does (have the right). And if it has the right, what is our part in this?

We have an idiot (Dear Leader) in the White House who has a very hard time understanding how the world works.
-- No, Dear Leader, the world does not adapt itself to your simplistic utopian socialist world view of things no matter how many speeches you give. The rest of the world believes you're an embarrassment to the United States and of course, we couldn't agree more. The Russians and Chinese disregard you completely as does your buddy Ahmadinejad.

The Questions:

  • Does Israel have the right to exist?
  • What is the role of the US and the Western Powers in this situation?
  • What is Dear Leader's plan (because I can't make sense of it)?
  • What should our response be to a nuclear attack on Israel?
  • What should our response be to an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear production facilities?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eastern European Missile Shield

We pulled the rug out from under the Poles and the Czechs who were hoping to have protection, not from Iran, but from Russia. Dear Leader sold them out to the Russians. The Iranian issue is completely different and I happen to agree as to Iran that Aegis guided missile cruisers armed with SM3's can do an adequate job of protecting Eastern Europe from Iran.

Eastern Europe has been under the Russian boot. They know what it's like. The Russians know we have inept leadership and are capitalizing on the issue, rearming and reasserting themselves. Dear Leader, himself a devout socialist and professional coward bent immediately to Russian pressure. This means the Russians will fell bold to push us around wherever they are moved to do so.

America has no leader anymore. We have betrayed those who trusted us. Dear Leader is not up to the task. The Congressional leadership is every bit as morally bankrupt as Dear Leader is.

Justice in Islam

This comes to us from Azra (a blog reader and a Muslim):

Justice in Islam is less "Military" and more about Moderation and Fairness.
For instance, we are not allowed to OFFEND ie. give the first strike because thats a sin. But we are allowed to DEFEND ourselves from attack.

Even in defence, Justice has to be served. So for example, if someone kicks me, I'm advised to turn the other cheek. But if I want to, I could retaliate with a kick...meaning I would be allowed to kick my offender (and heres the twist) with a kick that is equal to that suffered by me. Meaning that the kick shouldn't be harder or more severe than the one I received because that would change my status from being the 'oppressed' to becoming the 'oppressor'. And being an Oppressor in Islam is a major sin.
I'd like to point out to Right Wing Libertarian that Muslims don't hate Christians. In fact, we're not allowed to hate. We are instructed to respect all religions and faiths. The problem comes in when people confuse Culture with Religion.

Modern day concepts of Jihad are driven by Politics and Politicians who drive their own agendas. It has nothing to do with religion, in the exact same way that (at the core) Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism. The world is full of power hungry people driven by their own greed to employ deplorable tactics and advance their own political agendas. It should not be confused with religion. It would be like saying that all Christians are morons because of George Bush. It's incorrect and unfair to make that statement like that. Understand, that most of what goes on in this world today is against everything Islam stands for. As Muslims we operate under the banner of unity...there is no race, creed, colour in Islam. We are all brothers and sisters.

My Commentary

To echo what Azra wrote in her response to the previous posting (cited above), there is a political aspect to religion (to ALL religion). Islam, Christianity and every other faith falls prey to it. There are those who would condemn all Muslims for the actions of a few. There are those who would condemn all Catholics or Baptists for the actions of a few. The same is true in America of Republicans and Democrats. It's important to separate radical individuals from what is the norm. For example, because Dear Leader is a closet communist/socialist, it doesn't mean all Democrats are communists. Many Democrats were duped by Dear Leader, many believed his blandishments, his appeals to race, his appeals to pick somebody else's pocket for their benefit, for his promise of empowerment.

We have seen very recently how Dear Leader, now unmasked, is joined at the hip with CRIMINAL RACKETEERING ORGANIZATIONS such as ACORN. We have seen how he is joined at the hip with COMMUNISTS who he has appointed as czars with the purpose of subverting the established system of checks and balances (and Congressional oversight). Does that mean that everyone who voted Democrat knew that was what they were signing on for? No, not at all. No more than the late Rev. Jim Jones and the People's Temple was representative of Christianity or that all Jews are represented by the teachings of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane. We have seen vast divisions in Iran recently driven by the people's discontent at the (rigged) election of Ahmadinejad in Iran. To presume that all Persians/Iranians were content with the election is to deny the public reaction. In Iran where all matters of state are all matters of religion as well, we see sharp divides. The people in power have used religion as a tool to obtain and maintain power over a generally decent population just trying to get by day-to-day.