sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, September 18, 2009

Israel - The right to exist?

Earlier today (September 18, 2009), Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said of Israel, "This regime will not last long. Do not tie your fate to it...This regime has no future. Its life has come to an end."

Reuters: Iranian president raises stakes against Israel (CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE)

Going on, Ahmadinejad pronounced, "The pretext (Holocaust) for the creation of the Zionist regime (Israel) is is a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim." Since it is Rash Hashana, there is an annual Anti-Israel Day in Iran to coincide with the Jewish Holiday. "Confronting the Zionist regime is a national and religious duty."

Emboldened by a US Administration which has shown itself to be weak and indecisive, Iran has thrown it's nuclear card on the table once again. Ahmadinejad, who has the backing of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (head of State in Iran).

The question for the United States, Great Britian, Canada and the Western Powers is whether or not Israel has the right to exist - because Dear Leader, a closet Muslim, doesn't appear to have any inclination to believe that it does (have the right). And if it has the right, what is our part in this?

We have an idiot (Dear Leader) in the White House who has a very hard time understanding how the world works.
-- No, Dear Leader, the world does not adapt itself to your simplistic utopian socialist world view of things no matter how many speeches you give. The rest of the world believes you're an embarrassment to the United States and of course, we couldn't agree more. The Russians and Chinese disregard you completely as does your buddy Ahmadinejad.

The Questions:

  • Does Israel have the right to exist?
  • What is the role of the US and the Western Powers in this situation?
  • What is Dear Leader's plan (because I can't make sense of it)?
  • What should our response be to a nuclear attack on Israel?
  • What should our response be to an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear production facilities?


  1. 1. Yes.
    2. To help protect Israel and to help negotiations with other countries.
    3. Dear Leader's plan is to undermine Israel at every opportunity.
    4. Nuke em till they glow.
    5. Applaud and sent a thank-you note.

  2. Gotta agree with Opus#6. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. 1. Yes.
    2. To stand with our allies as we promised. Israel is (or was) a strong ally in a volatile part of the world.
    3. You touched on it. He's a "closet moslem", so one of his agendas, like his brothers, is the complete destruction of Israel. Again (it's been mentioned) moslems are confusing an autonomous Jewish state with zionism.
    4. What Opus said. Iran's centrifuges are in mountainsides. Hit them HARD so as to render them non-functional. Hit the reactor site(s) and lastly, lay waste to the only functioning refinery in that country. Blockade and isolate the country to the extent that even "humanitarian" shipments are halted and instepcted. THEN, turn to Russia and say, "What's YOUR problem?" Of course we can't do that with the meager military that Clinton hacked up.
    5. They already hate us. They're really gonna be sizzling mad when Israel hits em. Probably a good idea to cancel moslem visas ... perhaps close embassies belonging to moslem countries, and while we're at it, build the fence. We'll need it.

  4. LL, Don't ask Our Dear Leader, He Lies!

  5. DD2 - your lack of faith in Dear Leader is disconcerting. Why just today I was writing a letter to myself about how thankful I was to Dear Leader for the sky and the clouds that float overhead, my daily bread, the sea and the bounty I enjoy at his hands.

    Dear Leader is infallible. Just ask him. He'll tell you. And if you don't think he is, you're a RACIST!

  6. 1. Yes
    2. It should be to keep Iran from getting Nukes, by force if necessary. Hell they can't hate us any more than they do!
    3. His plan is to charm Iran into not nuking Israel until after he leaves office. Then he can once again blame Bush.
    4. Turn their military installations into smoking craters including munitions factories, all training bases and their paramilitary forces. Can you say B-52?
    5 Cheer them on and then jeer Obama for not having the stones to do it ourselves.

  7. Speaking from a European perspective:

    1. No.
    2. As cruel as it sounds, try to maintain the current situation. Even though I'm against the existance of the state of Israel or at least the further colonisation of the area, a victory for the Palestinian people/muslim world, would probably give them enough faith to cause more trouble against the Western world (of which they consider Israel a part).
    3. The same as always: try to make peace by making both sides do some vague promises, and maybe a peace treaty that lasts 3 seconds.
    4. There won't be one.
    5. A response of non-interventionalist nature.


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