sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buy Arizona Iced Tea!

I don't know how many of you drink iced tea. However under the present circumstances when eminent citizens like the Reverend Al Sharpton are calling for boycotting Arizona products, you couldn't buy a more appropriate commercial item than ARIZONA TEA!

(click here for more about Arizona Iced Tea)

barack hussein obama's regime would see you refusing to buy products made Arizona because the State took a courageous stand and adopted the Federal Law that deals with illegal immigration. The obama regime is fighting back with everything in their arsenal short of sending in troops on American soil and declaring martial law (against the citizens of Arizona - not against illegal aliens).

obama hopes that by sending in the Reverend Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and mobilizing all of the community organizing assets at his fingertips that people will attack Arizona economically. The City of San Francisco [home of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)], long a city of high morals and impeccable values, has declared economic war against Arizona for doing what the Federal Government should have been doing for the last forty years.

So drink more Arizona Iced Tea - drive their earnings UP.

Yes, we can!


  1. One thing you might want to know. Some moonbat blogger said that he wouldn't buy Arizona "fascist" tea anymore. However, Arizona Tea is made in Brooklyn NY. We need to pick our battles. Buy a Ruger S-9 or a Carbon A-15. They are made in Arizona. Go Diamondbacks!

  2. This Boycott is utterly laughable

    see "Opponents of immigration law call for boycott of Arizona Iced Tea - but it is brewed in New York!"

    Read more:

    All these boycotts do is expose the mindless blather and shallow reasoning of the liberal base. "

    "Oh, tea can says Arizona, so it must come from there. LET'S BOYCOTT."

    Idiots! Is it any wonder Obama was elected? And their Masters call us mindless drones?

    LCR wrote on this as well

  3. My wife drinks at least two of them everyday. Now it means even more to her.

  4. DITTO Scott ... Brooklyn is where Arizona Tea started. I think it would be appropriate to find out what's made in San Francisco.

  5. Hehe, ya its made in NY, but whatever, I may buy it and drink it all slurping and happy in front of some liberals. Or maybe not, they may know its made in NY and laugh at me - oh well.

  6. Yeah, I caught this a few days ago. I knew this as I am from Long Island.


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