sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is Rep. Alan Grayson Crazy?

U.S. Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL), pushed the U.S. Attorney General to persuade the Federal Court to levy a monetary fine and a 5 year prison sentence against a vocal critic for alleged violations of Federal Election law that, even if true, represent minor transgressions. IS ALAN GRAYSON crazy? (CLICK HERE) Obviously there are more than a few people who would answer "yes" to that question. I don't know if he's clinically - technically - insane or if he's simply emotionally unbalanced, described by some as a very rich, large, spoiled child. I'd like to answer that question but I can't. 

He has constituents who admire him for bullying tactics that are sometimes characterized as "courageous". Then again, there were people in the German Reichstag in the 30's who admired the new chancellor. So there is no accounting for tastes on either side. 

No, I don't live in Rep. Grayson's Congressional District, however he is a United States Congressman, and as such, his votes impact people nationwide, not simply those who voted him into office in Orange County, Florida. If there is a mantra that could best characterize Rep. Grayson, it would be "NATIONALIZE and SOCIALIZE" -- and exempt me from what I voted for.

Maybe he isn't crazy after all. He was smart enough to exempt himself from ObamaCare. Wikipedia puts his net worth at $31 million, so he may be able to afford a personal physician for himself and his family. Well he would if he was anyone else. As a US Congressman, he has the Rolls Royce of healthcare plans (no, not subject to ObamaCare) and We The People get to pay for it.  

My verdict:

ALAN GRAYSON is not as crazy as he acts. 
We are subject to ObamaCare and he isn't!

Tea Party Day

April 15 is now the traditional Tea Party Day. Perhaps one day it will be declared a national holiday - the day THE PEOPLE gathered on village greens to fire the shot heard round the world - - and TOOK BACK their country.

I want YOUR suggestions on what should be on signs my daughter Emilie and I carry as we protest! I gave the responsibility to Emilie to come up with ideas and she is shucking the creative effort off on blog followers!

Emilie (pictured above) needs four slogans (two on each sign) for the protest and solicits your input.

Winners will see photos posted of us holding our signs at the Santa Ana, CA Tea Party Protest on April 15th!!

Value Added Tax

The Democrats are beating the drum for a Value Added Tax (VAT) to pay for the deficit (that in fairness, all administrations have been running up). The new national healthcare system in the US will be enormously expensive and we need to pay for it somehow. $2,000,000,000,000.00 over the next ten years will be expended to pay for the healthcare of roughly 10 million Americans who are currently uninsured - and about the same number of illegal aliens, who will also benefit. 

Since roughly 40% of Americans don't pay income tax, those who do simply don't make enough money to cover the two trillion dollars in healthcare costs or the twelve trillion dollars in other spending we're in the hole on. The current administration can't conceive of spending less, so we must tax more. And they seem to like VAT.

VAT will act more or less like a super-national sales tax. No more free ride for internet purchasers trying to avoid paying state sales tax. If you're buying something at the point of sale, in California, for example, you'll pay your 10% sales tax (in Los Angeles) and then another X% VAT that goes to the federal government. "Witness the experience of the European Union. When the 12 largest nations of Europe first began using the VAT in the late 1960s, it averaged a bit over 13%. Today, it averages 20.5% across those same European Union nations — a 54% increase." (source: IBD)

So, let's say I wanted to buy a hamburger & drink in Los Angeles and presume it costs $3.00. Presuming that the US goes the way of Europe in terms of the amount of VAT, I'd pay $3.00 for the hamburger & drink and $1.00 in VAT and sales tax. Or if I bought a car for $30,000, I'd pay $10,000 in VAT and sales tax.  Sound like change you can believe in?

The net effect is to produce a cash-and-carry underground economy to avoid paying VAST taxes. A black market if you will, of tax free goods. Good for America?

America does not have a revenue problem, it has a SPENDING PROBLEM. We need to spend within our means -- whatever that means. If it means we spend less on entitlements, Americas will simply have to get used to paying for their own services and saving for retirement rather than hoping "other people's money" will carry them through.