sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, July 30, 2010

Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt, built completely at taxpayer expense, at General Motors, won't go on sale until November 2010 (to coincide with the mid-term elections). Perhaps they hope that if progressives win, they'll celebrate by paying $41,000.00 for a car that has been termed as an ELECTRIC LEMON. The whole Electric Lemon tag may be a bit unfair because progressives have been looking forward to the Volt as their poster child. It's an example of what government can do when it nationalizes the auto industry. (isn't socialism grand?)

CLICK HERE  for the Bloomberg Businessweek report on the Volt.

CLICK HERE for the New York Times report on "GM's Electric Lemon".

Please don't read the fine print...

Developing the Volt cost the US Taxpayers $50 billion (source NY Times in the article above).

I choose to take a kinder approach to the Volt. After all, it's brought to you courtesy of the same people that now control your healthcare insurance and promised to reduce the expense of healthcare nationwide!

PS -- I wondered how long it would take to charge the batteries to drive you the promised 40 miles. Check out this article (CLICK HERE) IF you buy an expensive 240 volt charging station, you can charge the battery in 4 hours. If you simply run it off 110v house current, it takes about twice as long.

DID YOU GET THAT? After driving a dazzling 40 miles, I have to wait 8 hours to drive it again on a full charge???  $50 billion dollars for that sort of ground breaking technology...