sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Will the Cartels Strike Back on September 16?

I know that you're all planning on spending Mexican Independence Day (September 16, 2010), somewhere. Maybe it's not a great idea to plan on spending it in Mexico.

Based on the buzz on the streets in Mexico, the Cartels plan to show the Federal Government of Mexico the meaning of "revolution" on that most critical of all national holidays. There are signals that the government is killing more and more of the significant narcotraffickers in the country, but the narcos are sending signals that they plan to show the government that they may not be as all-powerful as they feel that they are - and it will happen on September 16.

The heads of the hydra keep popping up. Yesterday, the Mexican Government announced the arrest of one of key shot callers is what's left of the AFO Cartel in Tijuana. Julio Cesar Magana Heredia (cousin of El Gordo Villareal) is now in custody and a small arsenal of firearms are in government hands. Yes, it's a victory, but is it a pyrrhic victory? They arrest a lot of these guys and they always have an impressive load of narcotics and weapons.

One would think that with the Bark Hussein Obama Administration's soft policy on illegal immigration that drug lords under siege could move into Southern Arizona into the zone that the US Government already ceded to the cartels, to avoid Mexican Army scrutiny.