sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Too Cool for School

This is a piece of concept art featuring one of the devices currently under development by Ashima Devices (LINK).  Different variants have different applications but essentially you have the same technology for viewing in a little i-round that you'd have in a surveillance satellite. Ashima Devices helps define the future of military force protection and law enforcement high-tech through innovation and unique approaches to solving everyday problems. The helical device coming out of the rear, around the aerospike, is an antenna.


Plundering is the aim of "redistributional" politics and America has witnessed the most effective heist in history over the past two years.

I think that the GOP Pledge to America didn't go quite far enough, but it's an acceptable beginning. And "NO!" is an appropriate response to the statists who would loot the country. We are in the middle of a battle in that long war right now in the U.S. The forces of tyranny and collectivism have a rather bland--even benevolent-- face here (except for the botoxed and artificial features of Nancy Pelosi, who looks rather scary). But under the mask, the Obama's Pelosi's and Reid's of today are not very different from the Castro's or the Chavez's in fundamental principles--or rather the lack of them. They embrace the same discredited ideas and disguise them with the do-gooder's grotesque smile. The joke is on you.

The ideas they espouse all perfectly fit into that tired old Marxist framework that thinks only in terms of the dialectical of "oppressed vs. oppressors". This framework allows the left to continually fan the fires of class warfare and victimhood and thus become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Socialism and Communism cannot fail--they are merely victims of a vast capitalist/American/Jewish conspiracy! 

I'm amazed how the left keeps rationalizing socialism's failure to produce wealth. Admittedly, they are rather good at redistributing it (much of it into the leaders' pockets), so that everyone is poor; but the goons in charge just haven't grasped the concept that wealth production is just not something the government is able to do; and it gets harder and harder as time goes by to "redistribute" nothing--which is what you get when you demonize and/or kill off (literally and figuratively) those individuals who actually create wealth in your society.