sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Is MOTHER a Dirty Word?

I've heard a lot of whining about Governor Romney's 'family values'. The mainstream media (primarily MSNBC) is very uncomfortable with both his and conservatives' views on where one's family stands in life's priorities. Mrs. Romney has been criticized bitterly by the media for raising five sons while surviving cancer and dealing with multiple sclerosis. They call her a "country club mom". The mainstream media viscously attacked Rep. Michelle Bachmann for her pro-life stance and her emphasis on raising a large family in addition to serving in government.

MOTHERS built this - and EVERY country. 

I'm absolutely fed up with the relentless assault being waged on them by the mainstream media, by many university professors and by nasty, bitter womyn of the sort you will see on The View.

Governor Sarah Palin was and is still the butt of every snide and wicked joke in the book because she raised a family and chose to have a son, knowing that he had Downs Syndrome. The 'progressives' in America hated Sarah Palin most of all because she was a mother. And I find that strange because (unless something is going on that I've missed) they have mothers too. 

Do the mainstream media mavens feel that a woman can't be both a mother and contribute to the nation in a meaningful way as a government leader? My sense is that they would tell you candidly, that they don't. They those very curs are the ones you hear wailing loudest that women aren't treated well -- they mean their kind of pro-choice, put careers first, or withered up old hag style of women.

I'm sure that if you're a progressive that you're not reading this blog. However, if you stumbled here by accident, feel free to comment below.

Rep. Michele Marie Bachmann serves as a member of the US House of Representatives, representing Minnesota's 6th Congressional District. Present below with four children. The 23 foster children that she helped raise and a daughter in college were not present for the CNN Interview.

Jane Clayson Johnson once anchored Good Morning America and then "gave it all up", mystifying her mainstream media colleagues.

Ann Romney, mother of 5 sons, grandmother of 18, appears on The View.

Governor Sarah Palin, mother of 5, is one of the most hated women in America - by the progressive movement.