sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Most Dangerous and Safest Cities in America

The most dangerous cities in America

1   - St. Louis, MO - Crime Risk Index 530
2   - Atlanta, GA - Crime Risk Index 484
3   - Orlando, FL - Crime Risk Index 380
4   - Birmingham, AL - Crime Risk Index 380
5   - Detroit, MI - Crime Risk Index 369
6   - Memphis, TN - Crime Risk Index 361
7   - Miami, FL - Crime Risk Index 346
8   - Baltimore, MD - Crime Risk Index 339
9   - Kansas City, MO - Crime Risk Index 337
10 - Cleveland, OH (tied for 10th Place)  - Crime Risk Index 331
10 - Minneapolis, MN (tied for 10th Place) - Crime Risk Index 331
**  Newark, NJ should be here but they "lost" the crime statistics.

(Source US News and World Report)

Crime statistics for the United States are published annually by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Uniform Crime Reports which represents crimes reported to the police. The Bureau of Justice Statistics conducts the annual National Crime Victimization Survey which captures crimes not reported to the police.

Mayor Francis G. Slay (St. Louis)  Democrat
Mayor Kasim Reed (Atlanta) Democrat
Mayor Hugh "Call me Buddy" Dyer (Orlando) Democrat
Mayor William A. Bell (Birmingham) Democrat
Mayor Dave Bing (Detroit) Democrat
Mayor A. C. Wharton jr. (Memphis) Democrat
Mayor Tomás Pedro Regalado (Miami) Republican
Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake (Baltimore) Democrat
Mayor Sylvester James Jr. (Kansas City) Democrat
Mayor Frank G. Jackson (Cleveland)  Democrat
Mayor Thomas Ryback Jr. (Minneapolis) Democrat
Mayor Cory Booker (Newark) Democrat

The safest cities in America

1. Virginia Beach, VA
2. Anaheim, CA
3. Scottsdale, AZ
4. Fort Wayne, IN
5. Spokanne, WA
6. Provo, UT
7. Raleigh, NC
8. Colorado Springs, CO
9. Oklahoma City, OK
10. Ft. Worth, TX

Mayor William D. Sessions (Virginia Beach)   Republican
Mayor William Tait (Anaheim)  Republican
Mayor Jim Lane (Scottsdale) Republican
Mayor Tom Henry (Fort Wayne)  Democrat
Mayor David Condon (Spokanne) Republican/Nonpartisan office
Mayor John R. Curtis (Provo)  Republican
Mayor Nancy McFarlane (Raleigh)  Non-Affiliated
Mayor Steve Bach (Colorado Springs)  Republican/Nonpartisan office
Mayor Mick Cornett (Oklahoma City) Republican
Mayor Betsy Price (Forth Worth) Republican

Is there a trend?

...and why is it that the most dangerous cities are located in places where gun control is the tightest?