sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The New Normal

The world has changed since 2008 in some interesting ways. I'm working on a list. You may wish to chime in with your observations as well. The definition of normal has been moving from what it was to what it apparently has become. Panta rhei — “everything is in flux”

This is the NEW NORMAL

Eight percent unemployment

Below $250K per year in family income=Good. Above $250K=Evil.

50 million Americans receiving food stamps.

1% return from a savings account - doesn't even keep pace with inflation.

Good Rich=athletes, rappers, Hollywood stars, Silicon Valley grandees, Democratic senators, liberal philanthropists. Bad Rich=oil companies, CEO's, doctors, (they didn't build anything)

Wicca chaplains in prisons

"Unemployed" means receiving the same money from the government that you made working - nearly forever.

Evil Parasitic Rich Guy=Mitt Romney. Good Rich Guy=Secretary of State John Kerry

"Illegal Alien" is now "New American"

Transgender Military Officers

Was Campus Rape Victim - Is "She asked for it"

$4 per gallon gasoline ($5 per gallon in California because of state excise taxes)

The "poor" get double back what they paid in taxes when they file a tax return

Was Returning Veteran - Is Homeland Security surveillance target

Predator Drone Attacks=Good; Guantanamo Detention=Good; Benghazi=What difference does it make? 

Was Drug Addict - Is President needs the weed and the occasional toot in order to lead the nation properly

Was Unlawful Detentions - Is Preventative Detentions

Was Firearms Owners - Is"Potential Felons"

Was the Press - Is Obama's Court of sycophants

Gender reassignment surgery for prison inmates at government expense.

Was Islamic Terrorist - Is Freedom Fighter

Was Bill of Rights - Is Bill of Goods

This would seem to be the world that we wish to leave to our children and grandchildren as their legacy.