sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, March 4, 2013

Taking Cool to a Whole New Level

US Military stealth technology meets the BatMobile in the Lamborghini Veneo.

Lamborghini Veneo - front
Lamborghini Veneo - rear

Lamborghini Veneo - top
It looks as if Lamborghini wanted to design a car that is impervious to law enforcement (radar) efforts to record its speed. Of course, if it's on a freeway in Los Angeles, the speed will be 15 mph or less due to traffic. 

Lamborghini made three of them and they're already sold at a price of $4.6 million per copy. But it doesn't just look like a BatMobile. The 6.5-liter V12  engine produces around 740 horsepower to insure that you can be the first one off the line at a red light.

President Obama: "I am not a whore!"

Benghazi -- Lest We Forget

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am not a whore!"
Organizing For Action, President Barack Obama's legal means of extracting "pay to play" money (not a bribe in the legal sense of the word) has adopted a song as part of its way of explaining to America that the White House isn't really "for sale".

Listen to the song. 

Yes, the president had a gay, transexual nanny when he was a child living in Indonesia (UK Daily Mail) but that does not make him a whore and should not be used in any way to suggest that his character was molded by a queer man who used to care for him and amuse him by putting on his mother's lipstick. Just because his nanny turned into a gay whore after he left the Obama family's employ doesn't mean that any of it rubbed off on the angry black man who became president. President Obama is NOT A WHORE.

Hypothetical candid discussion with Barack Obama (cost of discussion is $500,000.00):
President O - "Let me ask you something sincerely, is $500,000.00 a pop something that a whore could charge?"  
A - Maybe a really BIG whore who would love you long time could charge that much. It depends on what the trick gets in return for the $500,000.00 "donation".
President O - "Don't you think that the people who pay $500,000.00 to sit down with me and listen to me discuss my political philosophies are doing it to feed on the wellsprings of my wisdom?" 
A -  I could answer with a metaphor - it depends on how high you lift your skirt. 
President O - "We do this every day in Chicago."  
A - There is no doubt in my mind. 
President O - "The labor unions don't think that I'm a whore." 
A - They use the word "courtesan" because of the amount that they are forced pay for favorable treatment.
President O - "Would you call Congressman Charlie Rangle a whore? Would you call my good friend Reverend Al Sharpton a whore? Would you call my pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright a whore? Would you call my former Green Jobs Czar (and Black Panther) Van Jones a whore? Would you call my autobiographer (Weather Underground terrorist) Bill Ayeres a whore?" 
A - Perish the thought.
Please don't think of President Obama as a whore. He's our president, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and the 'leader of the free world'.