sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holder Stays for Now - Miller Resigns

Acting IRS Chief Steven Miller - took a bullet for Obama
Acting Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Steven Miller proffered his resignation to Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew and President Obama in an effort to put water on the fire that the IRS started by intentionally targeting President Obama's political enemies in 2010.

The IRS Scandal is only one of many that the president has had to weather recently. The Environmental Protection Agency is alleged to have engaged in the same pattern of corruption that IRS did.

Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew replaced Secretary Tim Geithner (who may have had to throw himself under the bus for President Obama had he not resigned his post earlier).

“Americans have a right to be angry about it, and I’m angry about it,” Obama said from the White House.  ...Sure... 

Meanwhile, The House of Representatives is pushing their investigation forward along side a Department of Justice criminal investigation of the IRS employees involved in an effort to find facts and if they warrant, to bring those employees to trial in a criminal proceeding.

AG Holder on the stand
Attorney General Eric Holder was on the stand today in Congress. Holder, is alleged by many to be the architect of the Fast and Furious Scandal in which the US Government secretly sold arms to Mexican Drug Cartels through straw buyers. USGOV hoped to use those firearms as proof that US Arms were being sold to drug cartels - and advocating harsher gun control measures. This time he wasn't answering questions (and lying) about what he knew when in the botched ATF operation.

Holder was held in CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS on the Fast and Furious matter. Now, presumably he's no longer in contempt for LYING to Congress?

In a House Judiciary Committee hearing that examined a new set of scandals. Holder Congressman Darrell Issa grilled on Holder on a series of allegations, including the way the agency tried to find out who was behind a government leak to The Associated Press. 
(FOX News) The AP, along with several lawmakers, say the Justice Department infringed on the constitutional rights of the press when it secretly obtained two months' worth of phone records. Lawmakers tried to get answers out of Holder Wednesday but voiced frustration after Holder repeatedly rebuffed questions by claiming he wasn’t involved in the decision-making process. 
It's interesting that any time things go wrong at DOJ, the boss, AG Holder had no knowledge of the situation that led up to the scandal. That raises the question of whether he's lying or merely incompetent and asleep at the switch. (photo right -- Holder knows NOTHING -- NOTHING!!)

Eric Holder channels Richard Nixon.

Pattern of Corruption? EPA targets Conservative Groups

I'm trying to keep all of the scandals straight. And just when you thought that the outrageous conduct by the Obama Administration had all passed, there's another one. Under President Obama's Green Environmental Protection Agency, Conservative groups are treated differently than groups that are pro-Obama. Yes, it's shocking...since his Internal Revenue Service has been doing the same thing for at least the past three years.
(Washington Examiner) Conservative groups seeking information from the Environmental Protection Agency have been routinely hindered by fees normally waived for media and watchdog groups, while fees for more than 90 percent of requests from green groups were waived, according to requests reviewed by the Conservative Enterprise Institute (CEI). CEI reviewed Freedom of Information Act requests sent between January 2012 and this spring from several environmental groups friendly to the EPA’s mission, and several conservative groups, to see how equally the agency applies its fee waiver policy for media and watchdog groups. Government agencies are supposed to waive fees for groups disseminating information for public benefit.
This president's administration has been working diligently to try and fundamentally transform America by following the tone set by the Chief Executive (and Nobel Laureate). 
For 92 percent of requests from green groups, the EPA cooperated by waiving fees for the information. Those requests came from the Natural Resources Defense Council, EarthJustice, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, The Waterkeeper Alliance, Greenpeace, Southern Environmental Law Center and the Center for Biological Diversity.
CEI, on the other hand, had its requests denied 93 percent of the time. One request was denied because CEI failed to express its intent to disseminate the information to the general public. The rest were denied because the agency said CEI “failed to demonstrate that the release of the information requested significantly increases the public understanding of government operations or activities.” 

Similarly, requests from conservative groups Judicial Watch and National Center for Public Policy Research were approved half the time, and all requests from Franklin Center and the Institute for Energy Research were denied. “Their practice is to take care of their friends and impose ridiculous obstacles to deny problematic parties’ requests for information,” said Horner.

Definition of 'totalitarian regime'. "Form of government that subordinates all aspects of its citizens' lives to the authority of the state, with a single charismatic leader as the ultimate authority."

I realize that many in the Obama Administration feel that "my way or the highway" constitutes liberty and justice for all, and were we in the Third World -- it would wash. Today under this regime in America, it's clearly "Liberty and Justice for my Friends and Contributors".

(profile) Jay Carney - White House Water Carrier

Jay Carney is a Yale elitist who lies for a living. He does it by smugly, twisting his face into a 'species of smile' and you know that the next thing out of his mouth will be a complete fabrication. Yes, Robert Gibbs (who preceded Carney) was smug, self-righteous and full of hubris -- but Gibbs lacked the solid punk factor that Carney delivers day-after-day-after endless day in his position as White House Press Secretary.

You know that arrogant swagger that irritated liberals about George W. Bush? Carney has nailed it stylistically and he 'channels Bush' in only that regard during every passing day he remains on the government payroll.

Jay (Benghazi was a long time ago) Carney is paid $172,200.00 per year to do what he does. I have not broken it down to pay per lie. One of this blog's readers might want to undertake that quantification. 

A historical reflection: