sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Complaint Department

Everyone has a gripe. Here are some examples:

When I lived in Ireland, there was a couple next door. I don't know what their names were, but I referred to them as "moana" and "dick". You could accuse me of 'envy' and at times, you'd be right, but they kept all the flats around them awake at night.

It's been a long time since I had to share washer/dryer with the rest of a building. This brings the memories back.

You can file this one under, "be careful what you ask for".

Moan-a and Dick revisited.

Imagine your embarrassment if somebody decapitated your obnoxious old neighbor lady and bolted her head to the hood of your car. The police wouldn't have to look very far for a suspect...

Many years ago, I was "the police" and used to delight in this sort of call at about 5 am when nothing else was going on.

This one is my very favorite and I left it for last.

The Faustian Bargain

h/t Dale Toons
In modern America, "Give me liberty or give me death," has now been replaced in a Faustian bargain, with "I'll give you my liberty if you promise not to let me die."

Obamacare is one manifestation of this. The NSA domestic collection program is another. We'll take your privacy but keep you 'somewhat' safer from terrorists. Continual moves by 'progressives' to disarm honest Americans (while criminals remain armed to the teeth) offers the same trade off.

The foundation of American thought has turned from a group of individuals banded together to form a 'more perfect union' into a welfare state that promises food stamps, free telephones, free or subsidized rent, free medical care and all sorts of "free things" to a class of Americans in order to buy votes to keep the collectivists in power.

The only practical way to keep ownership of elections is for Democrats to keep 51% of the nation dependent on them for hand-outs (taken from the other half). There are always the sycophants, toadies and hangers on who vote based on the basis of skin pigment or from a hope of a political favor in addition to the dependent. Thus the need to make Hispanics (high propensity Democratic Party voters) citizens. It adds to the base.

Gone are the stalwarts who built the nation, replaced by parasites who have no problem eating the host into a dry husk, with the promise from Obama not to let them die to buoy them up.