sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The University of California System Loses

It's tough to think of a more imperfect choice to lead the University of California system than (now former) Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. However, in California's convoluted and twisted world where up is down in an Alice in Wonderland sense of reality -- Napolitano will fit right in.

Big Mama Napolitano will make three quarters of a million dollars a year--to do what? What is Napolitano qualified to do? She isn't a respected academic or distinguished public servant. Many view her as a species of drone who mindlessly enforced Barack Obama's absurd policies. And the bankrupt State of California is giving her $750,000 in taxpayer money to provide advice and direction. Maybe that kind of money will motivate the endemically lazy Napolitano?

Some have suggested that this is part of a cultural take-over by the left, but let me put those fears to rest. 'The Left' functionally took over the UC System a long time ago. California's reputation as the land of fruits and nuts was cemented into the UC's firmly well before the Obama Presidency.

Let's review some of the Napolitano highlights: 
  • 2009 Ft. Hood massacre by turn-coat Major Nidal Hasan. 14 people died as Hasan cried, "Allah u Akbar!" Napolitano's finding: Workplace violence only. No hint of Islamic radicalism or terrorism...
  • DHS turned its focus under Napolitano from Islamic radicals to "right-wing extremists" and diverted its resources in that direction while the Boston Bombers blew up the marathon finish line.
  • She led TSA to new lows.
And sadly, there is nothing positive to report about Napolitano's contribution to the nation. Janet Napolitano personifies the term, "political hack". 

But at least she's gone from federal service.

Walk like an Egyptian

Kuwait-Egypt: The Kuwait government granted Egypt $4 billion last Thursday. That brings the total amount to $12 billion from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It's not enough to kick-start anything but it will keep the government functioning until the economy can gain some momentum.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is prodding and pressuring without a clear vision of what they want in the way of outcome. While Obama and he coterie of operatives have one vision for Egypt, more in keeping with the Al Qaeda/Muslim Brotherhood vision, the Egyptians would seem to have another perspective on what's best for them.

We all recall that triumphant Obama speech in Cairo after he assumed office in the US wherein he treated the American people like a gang of poltroons. The Muslim Obama explained that there would be a new and better world (under his guidance) and it was around the corner for all of the Islamic World. Obama the pseudo imam, gave hope that the US would not support a dictatorship in Egypt. And then we propped up Morsi, an avowed enemy of the US and they all scratched their heads.

American foreign policy has left a great many people confused as they try to figure out what the world's only super power and its pseudo imam really wants. The American people are waiting for that answer too.

The credibility of the RED LINES that President Obama has discussed with the American people also comes into doubt. I do not feel as if the US should become involved with Syria, however, if you put a red line out there (such as the use of chemical weapons on the defenseless domestic population triggering a nearly automatic response), it should mean something. The red lines with Syria are not that critical, but the ones that we've laid down with Iran and its nuclear program is a different matter. No matter how you slice it, the US credibility worldwide has taken a heavy hit under the Obama presidency.

Obama built it and the Egyptian people tore it down. What are we to make of that?

Defining Percentages

George Zimmerman, not
Hispanic enough?
The race hustlers who would have benefited from a guilty verdict against George Zimmerman are gnashing their teeth right now, thinking of what they can do to incite a riot. But the media circus surrounding the trial has left many of us in a quandary.

How much negro blood must course through a person's veins before they are considered "black" in today's world. It's not a white issue, as one would naturally suspect, but a black issue -- and possibly the most racist issue in the nation today.

George Zimmerman looks Hispanic. He has a 'teutonic' name, courtesy of his Jewish ancestors, and he's 1/8th negro based on media reports. Nobody cares that he's half Peruvian. The media and the US Department of Justice go with the surname and have pronounced him, white, because it serves their purposes.

If you haven't heard about the Zimmerman self-defense case and the not-guilty verdict, you must have been hiding under a rock because the media are swimming in it. Treyvon Martin, who is a higher percentage negro than Zimmerman allegedly attacked him and Zimmerman shot him in an act of self-defense.

Everyone seems to be arguing about who is black (enough). They seem to want to bring back terms such as mulatto. The mainstream media wants to brand Zimmerman as white, even though he's of mixed race and Martin as black even though he's of mixed race. 

In order to get to the heart of the matter, the media would seem to be suggesting that we return to insulting terms such as: 

  • Sambo - Three quarters black
  • Mulatto - Half black
  • Quadroon - One fourth black
  • Octoroon - One eighth black 
  • Quintroon - One fifth black
  • Hexadecaroon - One twelfth black
Many find those terms offensive. However to satiate the media's need to identify people based on the fraction of negro blood that flows through their veins, President Obama should hereafter be referred to as a mulatto, George Zimmerman as an octoroon and Treyvon Marton as a Sambo.

Yes, it's insulting and it should have had NOTHING to do with the trial of Zimmerman. It has nothing to do with evidence presented. And a jury found Zimmerman not-guilty. So that ends the matter.

One would think that after electing a half-white/half-black American president TWICE that the media would be able to get over it. There is no glass ceiling for people of mixed race. Yet progressives cling to their assertion that affirmative action is still needed and race is a major defining factor in America. If so, it is THOSE VERY PEOPLE - Progressives - who make it so and keep fueling the fire.