sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Simple Solution to the Syrian Dilemma

Finally a solution to the problem with Syria.

President Obama said that time is not of the essence. Last Saturday he told America, "It doesn't matter whether we attack them this week or this month."

Ok, if that's the case, why don't we just wait and let al Qaeda and Assad fight it out, and then attack whoever wins? Both parties in the Syrian civil war are American enemies.  

Then we can build bases in Syria that can be used in the attack on Iran (who has also crossed the red line). 

Or am I making this too simple?

BUT if we're going to do all this and get involved in a couple more land wars in the Middle East, I think that we need to eliminate the sequester and go back to full funding of the US Military. We also need to get all of the Up-Armor HUMVEEs and MRAPS out of Afghanistan instead of blowing them in place, as the US Army has suggested. And maybe we should consider re-starting the production lines on armored vehicles in the US again.

And lay down keels on new ships, and restart the F-22 Raptor production lines and buy more F-18's while the F-35 is being perfected. And stop paying out so much in vote-buying programs.

Or am I making this too simple?

If we are going to pay for another protracted Middle East war(s) and fund all of the fossil-fuel driven vehicle programs, the US is going to need to DRILL - baby - DRILL for oil and sell it on the market to pay for our wars instead of just borrowing it or printing money, the way we do now, since nobody will buy our worthless bonds.

Or am I making this too simple?

Maybe Barack needs to give his Nobel Peace Prize back.

Or am I making this too simple?

Senator Rand Paul has his say:

How Far?

Will the nation back al Qaeda in Syria or not? On the eve of 9/11, a date that echoes in American history, an American President is contemplating throwing the nation into combat on the side of the same people who blew up the World Trade Center. 12 years ago, the public would have stormed the White house with staves, torches and pitch forks and would have hung ANY president who suggested that from the nearest light pole.

Today Congress actually considers the matter. That's how far we've fallen.

Obama's Syria policy defined:
(Krauthammer) “Look this isn't a sudden stroke of constitutionalism, this is simply expediency and delay," he continued. "The problem is not that he's not selling his strategy, it's that he doesn't have a strategy, and that's the reason everybody left, right and center has no idea what he's doing. He zig-zags left and right, he telegraphs he's going to strike, he does nothing, he calls in the Congress and then he goes off and plays golf, when his secretary of state had given a speech a day before with remarkable urgency and passion.”
Elections have consequences. We'd be a lot better off if he just golfed all Kenya.

Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library

Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library (the "tower of power")

As the edifice to Obama's presidency continues to be take shape, the haters and racists who live near the library and apparently didn't feel as if Obama deserved a monument to himself are simply being swept aside. "I intend to fundamentally transform the landscape around my library," President Obama has continually said. The glorious pylon  to Obama's ascendency and to his everlasting memory will be completed by the time he leaves office in 2016.

As I understand it, the presidential library will contain his golf memorabilia, a pavilion dedicated to photos of vacations that he has taken while in office, the famous Nobel Peace Prize interactive display that explains what he did to earn it -- and the historic legacy of ObamaCare. The President doesn't want a Benghazi Room or the Fast and Furious Display detailing those particular triumphs. Neither will there be a section on the effective us of the IRS and EPA against his political opponents -- but there will be an enemies list, and I hope my name is near the tip.

Over 2,000 square feet of empty floorspace at the center of the shaft/library is being reserved for the President's glorious victory in Syria.

There is a movement to honor planned parenthood by draping the skyscraper with a latex sheath and both Trojan and Sheik are bidding on who will win the contract. Each has a different approach. Trojan has a picture of Barack wearing armor with the slogan, "The preference of the Greek Warrior" underneath. Sheik has Barack wearing traditional his Muslim dress (see left).

The question remains whether the latex drape will be painted flat black, chocolate brown or a the latte color that Michelle Obama favors.

President Obama wanted two geodesic domes placed at the base of his library to serve as a gateway to the tower-of-power (as it's being called). The architects pointed out that putting two large balls there (also draped in a latex sack) wouldn't be at all life like, and the President conceded that was the case and withdrew his request.

The top floor of the library will, be a mosque. It goes without saying.

I have not yet been contacted by Team Obama to be one of his official biographers, but I'm working on a draft treatment of the subject.  The cover art will be a rendering of the presidential library (tower of power), pictured above.

Obama: Hope, Change and Triumph 

Since I'm not a terrorist the way his buddy Bill Ayers is/was, it's unlikely that my manuscript will be accepted and that I'll make the talk show circuit, touting my new book. I doubt that it will even make the shelves in the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library's gift shop. Team Obama really has no concept of quality journalism when they see it.

The book, Obama: Hope, Change and Triumph would be a collection of my blog posts...and even though they may never be sold in Obama's gift shop, they will be available in the National Security Agency's Archive for all time. So at least there is that. Thanks Barack for thinking of me.