sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Questions for Barack

I watched some of the Sunday Morning talk shows and heard all the President's men making a case for attacking Syria to teach Bashir Assad a lesson. I shouted back at the TV and since the NSA isn't interacting with me (yet - that I know of) over my interactive digital, high definition television, I'll simply posit my questions here for the Nobel Peace Prize winner and military super genius. 

Please answer my questions, Barack:

(1) You plan to use stand-off kinetic weapons to blast pieces of Syrian infrastructure for no more than 72 hours. 

  • How do you propose that this will cause Assad not to use chemical weapons in the future?
  • White House Chief of Staff Denis McDunough (on Fox News Sunday) stressed that the gas attack on August 21 killed children. How does the Obama regime plan that the rain of steel over Syria won't kill children?
  • What will you do if the Russians intercept inbound US Tomahawk cruise missiles?
  • What will you do if Assad launches a chemical attack 73 hours after your campaign of infrastructure degradation begins?
(2) White House Chief of Staff Denis McDunough said that Hitler used poison gas as a battlefield weapon during World War 2. (McDunough is a history major) Explain where and how he did that?
  • The Nazis didn't use gas as a battlefield weapon during the Second World War.
(3) The Syrian resistance (al Qaeda) used chemical weapons against Assad's troops in July in a report well documented by the Russians. How is that different than the attack on August 21 that the Assad government allegedly used against the rebels? If it's not different, are you going to attack the rebels too during the 72 hour steel rain program?

(4) USDOD has estimated that it will require 75,000 ground troops to seize and control Assad's chemical weapons stockpile. How many US casualties are anticipated in this campaign? Will that  American number exceed the people killed in the gas attack?

(5) How do you expect to keep elements of the Syrian gas stockpile from ending up in Lebanon (Hezb'allah)?

(6) Why don't we have one ally (except France, which won't aid us with troops or money -- and will remain at home in France) willing to assist us against the Syrians and Russians?

I really hate to say it, but the Obama Administration is not being truthful or candid with the American people. Obama Lies - People Die.

Maritime Surveillance Paradigm Change

The MQ-4C Triton performed its first flight on 22 May 2013 from an airfield at Palmdale, California. The flight lasted 1 hour 20 minutes and the aircraft reached 20,000 ft. This is a really big, purpose built, maritime surveillance platform that can remain aloft for an extended period of time.

Those readers (such as Old NFO) who are familiar with the challenges of maritime surveillance know that it's no high school prom. You fly or you sink. Drones are getting expensive and very complicated. The Triton is both. It is the first drone aircraft with a 'sense and avoid' system, it is fitted with deicing and lightning protection systems and it will fly missions of up to (and possibly exceed) twenty-four hours at high altitude.

The US Navy is buying 117 Boeing P-8 Poseidon  maritime surveillance aircraft (a 737 with a lot of gear onboard) to replace the propellor driven P-3 Orion. The P-8's will be augmented by the Triton drones.

The balance between manned surveillance aircraft (much larger, more expensive and more capable than the drones) and unmanned drones is one that both the US and its allies are trying to balance. Since 80% of the world's commerce moves by ocean, the concept of active maritime surveillance has never been more important than it is today.

The P-8 Poseidon has a extensive weapons load out options including the AGM-84H/K SLAM-ER (Standoff Land Attack Missile Expanded Response), mines, torpedoes, and a nearly inexhaustible supply of sonobuoys.