sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Vlad - the impaler

I read Vladimir Putin's piece in the New York Times - and couldn't help but wonder whether or not it was ghost-written by Bill Ayers. You remember Ayres, the Weather Underground Terrorist who ghost wrote the Barack Obama 'autobiography', Dreams of my Father. In his article, Putin appropriated the 2008 Obama's core platitude: "We must work together to keep this hope alive." So either its Ayers or the Russian speechwriters are working in the same mode as Ayers did.

Charles Crawford, Britain's former ambassador in Serbia and Poland, called last Monday "the worst day for U.S.and wider western diplomacy since records began." Maybe. For many of us, accustomed to the Obama Regime, it was just another day of ObamaNation. We know that Barack is an uncouth dweeb who couldn't find his ass with both hands. The Press and to some extent, internationalists painted him as urbane, intelligent, and "Leader of the Free World". He's never been any of those things. At best he was a ghetto agitator from Chicago who was noticed by the Chicago Party structure and elevated. Because Americans are apathetic, and because many voters get their information from Saturday Night Live, MTV and other sterling news outlets...he was elected. What does that say about the US?
(IBD) A month ago, Assad was a reviled war criminal and Putin his arms dealer. Now, Putin is the honest broker and Obama's partner for peace, and the war criminal is at the negotiating table with his chances of survival better than they've looked in a year. 
On the same day the U.S. announced it would supply the Syrian rebels with light arms and advanced medical kits, Russia announced it would give Assad's buddies in Iran the S-300 ground-to-air weapons system and another nuclear reactor. 
Putin has pulled off something incredible: He's gotten Washington to anoint him as the international community's official peacemaker, even as he assists Iran in going nuclear and keeping their blood-soaked Syrian client in his presidential palace. 
Already, under the "peace process," Putin and Assad are running rings around the dull-witted Kerry, whose Botoxicated visage embodies all too well the expensively embalmed state of the superpower.
Three and a half more years...

The Family (movie review)

The Family is a French film...with some American input.

Taken as a whole, I rate the film as 5 out of a possible 10

Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer did a good job, were true to their roles and I have no problem with the acting in the movie. The movie fell apart as a result of cliches, shallow writing and "dumb" attempts to reconcile French culture and American - Italian gangster culture.

Giovanni Maznoni (Robert De Niro), and his wife, Maggie (Michelle Pfeiffer) are in the US witness protection program along with their children Belle (Dianna Agron) and Warren (John D'Leo) and they're living in France. Tommy Lee Jones plays an FBI Special agent who leads a protection detail. In reality, the protection would not be managed by the FBI, but it's a movie.

So far, it works well enough. 

However as the movie moves forward, the plot gets "stupid" and just a bit too much "French", playing on American stereotypes about rude French people -- which made no sense to me. I've spent time in France and find that French people in Paris are just about as obnoxious as Americans in New York City - otherwise, France is a nice place and its people are also very nice. The movie made them all look like uncouth slobs.

It was $12.00 that I'll never see again.