sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

ObamaCare - Running Joke

ObamaCare has become less than cool.

Country Music Awards Tonight:

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley blast the Affordable Care Act. Hollywood and the vast country music scene are beginning to poke fun at the leader of the free world. 

Iraq - Update

The Obama Foreign Policy Failure - Continues

According to US media analysis, "Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is asking for more US help on his Washington visit this week, two years after Iraq soundly rejected a continuing US military presence. Cities such as Fallujah and Tel Afar, painfully wrested back from Al Qaeda by US forces during the war, are now in Al Qaida affiliates' hands, leaving Iraqi army soldiers largely confined to their barracks."
al Qaeda flag

The mainstream US media have tended to treat al-Maliki's visit to the US and his request for help as a bilateral set of issues. But there is another dimension to his appeal that relates to Iran and Syria. 

The people al-Maliki calls al Qaeda terrorists are one with some of the strongest Syrian opposition fighting groups. Al-Maliki's request for military support pits US policy in Iraq directly against US policy in Syria and would benefit consolidation of Iranian interests. Neveretheless, security conditions in Iraq genuinely are deteriorating.

US policy in Iraq seeks to stabilize a Shiite-dominated government in Baghdad that has strong ties to Iran and is actively supporting the government in Syria. US policy in Syria seeks to overthrow a secular government in Damascus that is dominated by members of the Alawite sect - an offshoot of Shiism - and which also has strong ties to Iran, to al Maliki's government and to Lebanese Hizballah.

The dilemma for US strategists is that more support for al Maliki means weakening the Syrian opposition. Ultimately, the US would be supporting the consolidation of Iranian influence. That means the US would be supporting its enemy and its allies at the same time. Help for al-Maliki is help for Bashar al-Asad.

Futility of Spying on Obama's Phone Calls

The Russians, the Chinese, and yes, even the French have been upset that they are unable to spy on Barack Obama's telephone calls. Yes, Barack is a crafty one.

Maybe they could find more success by hacking his teleprompter. We know that he'll say anything that is on the teleprompter. They may get us to surrender Hawaii or even New York if they can pull that off. By hacking the teleprompter, a hostile nation could have us extend healthcare to that hostile nation's peoples as a show of good faith toward our fellow humans. PERIOD!

Thoughts from the Road

On walk about from the jungle last week to the desert this week.

I listened to a song on the i-phone by Kris Kristofferson and it took me back to a time more than a few days ago. When David Bowie did his Golden Years Album Tour, I sat next to Kris Kristofferson at the concert. I think that was 1983 or maybe 1984. He's old now and I'm not as old, but I'm still a fan. 

One of my daughters asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her that I'd heard that Willie Nelson was touring with Miranda Lambert and a few other noteworthy Country Western stars. I asked for good tickets. ---or tickets to the Eagles.

Willie owned a horse ranch not far from where I grew up (in the middle of nowhere). The IRS took it away from him. It wasn't an ostentatious ranch - and I'm sure that he had a few of them. But it was a nice horse ranch all the same. An inner city type ended up owning the ranch (possibly a gift from the Federal Government?). All of the ranch hands quit and the owner imported inner city "buckaroos" to run it. A ranch is a lot of work and they apparently didn't want to work, so most of the horses died or were ruined. Some starved. It was a local scandal, but not one of those things that the mainstream media would ever cover. A lady that I knew from high school ended up buying the broken down ranch for a song and ran it with her husband and eventually rehabilitated it. It has nothing to do with the song (below) but it's my uber distant experience with something attached to Willie Nelson.