sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Beacon of Hope

The United States of America has been a great shining beacon of hope for people and it's why my ancestors left their homes to come here. As a nation of immigrants, we reflect the belief that anyone who is willing to work hard can achieve great things. It's our legacy and our chief virtue.

The Country was not built on socialism, it was built on individualism. We as a people are grounded on the hope that our children can live a better life than we did and their children can live a better life than they did. That concept caused my some of my family to leave Switzerland two generations ago and establish themselves here. They wanted a place where virtue wasn't a matter of convenience, but a matter of conscience and they believed that they found that place. A country where you are not what you were born to be, but what you have it in yourself to be.

That is not the Obama Doctrine. That is not the way of communists, socialists, national socialists and the present regime in this nation.  This is why I oppose the present administration with this blog and with my vote.

A friend asked my why I oppose the present trend in American governance. That's why. 

The minutemen who stood their ground against the British Army on Lexington Green were not motivated by greed. They stood against tyranny as individuals, as neighbors, and as friends. They acted on conscience because the only good government is one that is just. Our government is no longer just. Therefore it is no longer good.

And we can change it back to where it should be if we have the courage to see beyond empty rhetoric and vote for virtue.