sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, February 9, 2014



Is everything that spews from his mouth a lie? 
Is he completely incapable of telling the truth?
Do you love Big Brother?


All told, California state and local governments face an estimated $655 billion in unfunded pension and health care liabilities. The crisis is more likely to hit during a future (Clinton?) administration than during the present Obama regime in office. Illinois is not far behind. Will the Democrats loot the rest of the nation for the sake of liberal states? I don't know. Not much has stopped their excesses so far. Remember the nearly one trillion dollars in stimulus that didn't stimulate anything? Remember ObamaCare - still touted by the left and the mainstream media as the best thing since sliced bread?


The state of Illinois passed their version of pension “reform” late last year, part of which obligated the city of Chicago to make a $590 million contribution to the city’s pension funds in 2015. They don’t have it and aren’t likely to get it in time. The city is hoping the state lets them slide, which will only kick the can down the road further and make insolvency more of a reality.

Get your popcorn and watch from the sidelines as this next crisis unfolds in the progressive paradises.


The news from Washington DC is interesting because no matter how many hundreds of millions of dollars that the Obama Administration pumps into advertising - the pajama boy, the yuppies with puppies, etc., the less the appeal to the American people. Even Democrats are now doubting the unerring wisdom of their party.

The CBO revelation that Barack Obama's signature legislation that defines his presidency will cost the American public 2.5 million jobs is dire indeed.

Let me summarize:
  • You can't keep your doctor
  • You can't keep your health plan
  • You can't keep your hospital
and now for many,
  • You can't keep your job

A truly progressive person would say that it's only 2.5 million jobs and a few trillion in debt BUT you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. What will Hillary say? This is going to be interesting. If she embraces ObamaCare, and it would seem that she must to keep her Democratic Party credentials, she grabs an anchor in mid-ocean.


The definition of a "progressive".

The Stash

When people ask you what you want for your birthday, this is a possible suggestion. I'm not suggesting that it's for me. The price and the wristband are enough to discourage me from wanting one. But it's worth a look.

The Gun Box only opens when the RFID chip in the gun box wristband you're wearing is present and you press the button. It's not unlike a fob on a modern automobile where you simply press "start" without turning a key. As far as I can tell, the wristband is likely the biggest downfall of this box. You have to wear it if you want to access your firearm.

Product details from the manufacturer.

The Gun Box RF will only open in response to your individual RFID chip, conveniently embeded in your sleek Gun Box wristband. A simple wave of your hand is all that stands between you and your gun.

Aircraft strength aluminum alloy shell
Internal motion/vibration sensor with audible alarm
Sleek wristband for quick access
2 USB ports for charging devices or connecting accessories
Battery backup with shut off switch
Mounting holes to allow for mounting in any orientation
Kensington lock port (lock and cable not included) has more details. There are different models that range in price from $279 to $475. The deluxe gun box has GPS tracking embedded in the box so if somebody takes your box (and what's in it) you can hunt them down and beat them like an unwanted stepchild.