sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, September 12, 2014

National Championship Air Races (Part 6)

Time for what you've all been waiting for -- a little aircraft porn.

F8F Bearcat ("Rare Bear"), TOPLESS. Talk about porn.

F7F Tigercat, with her legs up and folded.

This is a YouTube post from a previous year. I included it so that you could see LIQUID METAL warm up. It's the fastest P-51 Mustang on the course (every year).

Liquid Metal has a Rolls Griffin engine and twin three blade counter-rotating propellors.

National Championship Air Races (Part 5)

My company supports the Nevada Military Support Alliance (which does a ton of wonderful things for America's veterans - and it's not like some groups that eat up your donations with overhead). They had a dinner last night on September 11, and I was there with a number of people from the company including my Executive Assistant (daughter, Emilie), pictured right, who is working the company's booth at the National Championship Air Races. It's nice to be able to include family in what you do. Yes, it's obvious that her good looks come from my side of the family. It's also good for the company to set an example by giving veterans employment preferences. They give and we do (as a company) what we can to give back to them. They show character by putting themselves in harm's way (even if the nation's leaders are a pack of inept cowards) for all of us. The least we can do is to recognize what they do/did as best we can.

Ok, back to the Races!