sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Real Justification

The real justification for something called, "Not War", is the panicked concern that the Democratic Party is being slated to lose control of the US Senate, and with it, there will be bill after bill from Congress, headed to President Obama, which he will veto. No more Congressional gridlock.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi warned Friday on HBO's Real Time that "civilization as we know it would be in jeopardy" if the Republican Party recaptures control of the US Senate later this year.

I hate to rain on dame Nancy's parade, but life outside the beltway hasn't been a high school prom since she ascended to high office.

As a result of the threat to the Democratic Party, brave young men and women will be called on to sally forth and engage in a land war in Asia once again. At the end of the day will it be another useless endeavor - such as the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, etc. have been? 

Sorry if I sound bitter, but I have seen the elephant and have counted coup on the enemy. I have also seen a lot of my friends fail to survive to old age because of it. The flower of America's youth will always step up and take one for the team. In this case the "coach", a weird semi-Muslim, is not worthy to empty an outhouse with a coffee cup. I really hate to see our people die in the effort to support ANYONE's political hubris.

National Championship Air Races (Part 7)

National Championship Air Race wrap-up.

Unlimited Class

F-4U Corsair - The venerable Navy and Marine Corps fighter aircraft flew during the Second World War and the Korean War (back when we fought wars - today we fight "foreign contingency operations" now that there is no more war).

Even though the aircraft was very successful in aerial conflict, it came in dead last when competing head to head with the P-51 Mustang and F8F Bearcat.

The F8F Bearcat came along in 1945, too late to do any fighting in World War 2. An unmodified production F8F-1 set a 1946 time-to-climb record (after a run of 115 ft/35 m) of 10,000 ft (3,048 m) in 94 seconds (6,383 fpm). The Bearcat held this record for 10 years until it was broken by a modern jet fighter, which still could not match the Bearcat's short takeoff distance. Many nations purchased Bearcats for their naval applications. The one above is painted with an Australian scheme.

The Bearcat first saw combat with France in their Indochina War. The US sold 200 Bearcats to France in 1946. Ten years later, the twenty surviving Bearcats were operated by the Army of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The aircraft remained in service in many countries until the 1980's.

Is the North American P-51D the most perfect piston engine aircraft ever built? -- Yeah. I think so. They are nimble, sturdy, powerful and fly like homesick angels. 

"Wee Willy" - P-51D

"Precious Metal", extensively modified P-51 Mustang - now wins just about everything in its class.

Everyone who showed up at this (and one other) Ashima Devices location spun the wheel of fortune and won a gift! They were all winners.