sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, November 3, 2014

Higher Education

Harvard University

The name evokes old brick libraries stocked with seldom read tomes, the cloying essence of paper and oiled wood. It was the seat of learning for foreign exchange students, exemplified by a young Indonesian named Barack Hussein Obama. 

And today they are celebrating "sex week". Possibly in honor of the mid-term elections and the screwing that the American electorate is likely to take as a result.

So you are paying to send your young son or daughter to Harvard. What will they be studying during sex week? The link above provides the schedule but I'll fill in a few blanks for you. Most of the coursework is dedicated to homosexuality. Now there's a shocker.

The Sunday Sermonette at Harvard:
Sunday, November 2
Brown Girlz Do it Well: a Queer Diaspora Remix
2:00 pm, Ticknor Lounge

Join Harvard South Asian Association and SHEATH for a creative workshop by Dark Matter and a discussion on explore our own narratives of family, queerness, and diaspora. The intention is to situate our personal narratives within broader systems of racism, casteism, classism, islamophobia, and imperialism.
Tuesday, November 4
What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101
5:00 pm, Sever 113

Come learn everything about anal sex from the experts of Good Vibrations, a sex-positive store located right in Brookline! They will dispel myths about anal sex and give you insight into why people do it and how to do it well. They will cover a wide variety of topics, including: anal anatomy and the potential for pleasure for all genders; how to talk about it with a partner; basic preparation and hygiene; lubes, anal toys, and safer sex; anal penetration for beginners, and much more! Learn the facts about this exciting yet often misunderstood form of pleasure, find out the common mistakes people make, and get all your questions answered!

From all indications, Barack's predisposition was well established by his transexual nanny and his switch-hitting Uncle Frank Marshall. I doubt that Harvard had much to teach young Obama.

Political Musing

Politics is always dismal. It's always been a wicked game, played by the ambitious. Mark Twain and many Americans made decent livings poking fun at politicians at the turn of the last century. And they do things now at the turn of the present century. 

Human folly seems to have no bottom to it.

And I ask myself if it's worse now than it was before. And yes, it is. One of the best examples is the defunct Operation Fast and Furious, where the Obama Administration orchestrated the movement of firearms from the US (though the use of the US ATF Agents) to Mexico to show that US firearms were being smuggled to Mexico and use the data to justify domestic gun control.

Will Congress continue to probe? Time will tell. There are so many scandals these days, which the mainstream media repudiate. The US Justice Department reported that Fast and Furious guns had been recovered, so far, at 11 violent crime scenes in the U.S. but refused to provide details requested by Congress. Later, the Justice Department revised the number and said there were only two violent crime scenes. So which was it, 11 or 2? The mainstream media doesn't care, because they love Barack to distraction.