sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Los Angeles Shooting Range Blues

The Los Angeles Shooting Range Blues (a rant)

For those of you who can target shoot in your back yard (the way I did when I was a kid) or who can drive two miles to the local range, I'm howling for pity, because I can't.

As a young man, living in Arizona, Colorado, etc. Shooting was a way of life for me and everyone who lived around me. In Southern California, the climate is different.

In order for me to shoot in an area where people won't call the authorities, I need to drive a minimum of three hours from home. Six hour round trip.

There are ranges closer BUT 
  • They are often populated by inner city people who just as often as not shoot into my target, thinking that they are shooting into their own. Most serious shooters feel that they're far more likely to die at the Lytle Creek Range than they would be, clerking at a liquor store in Watts or Compton.
  • Then there are the agents from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms who show up from time to time and take down license plate numbers and/or ask to inspect your firearm. While I am ATF compliant with any weapon that I would take to the local range, it's annoying.  And the Agents from the US Forrest Service (who oversee the operation of the range), generally well meaning and clueless, but annoying. And the Agents from the California Bureau of Investigation who are looking for an easy arrest.
So, no, I have shot there.
Shooting in Arkansas
(JP LR-07 w/Schmitt and Bender Police Marksman II scope)

The trackless Mojave Desert does offer shooting opportunities in relative peace - a three hour drive from the house in each direction, not counting traffic, which can easily make that five hours in each direction.

I can go to visit my buddies in the mountains of Northern Arkansas where the ATF dare not tread in search of moonshiners or shooters (see right). There are a lot of private ranges in Arkansas where you can shoot unmolested. It's a three-day drive from home in each direction.

In all fairness, there are a lot of shooting opportunities a three day drive from the inner city/blue state hell. 

Yes, it's true that I'm spending a lot of time in Nevada where everyone is armed to the teeth and there are more shooting ranges than shopping malls, so maybe my rant is only slightly hollow.

Deny THEM (your pre-Sunday Sermonette)

It's Saturday, the Muslim holy day. Down the street at the mosque, the folks will be gathering. I really don't care about that. There is freedom of religion in the US and the Bill of Rights is worth defending.

Despite the religious fervor at the mosque, I am winding up for tomorrow's Sunday sermonette for all of you bloggers who drift by virtual mirage. Finding the right message is often difficult for a man of the cloth, without portfolio, such as myself.

It's sensible advice, worthy of a sermonette.