sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, November 16, 2014

I'm Ready for Hillary 2016

One of the problems that Hillary Clinton has to overcome as she prepares to run for "Leader of the Free World" is that she has no success stories to tell. True, she can come out of the closet as a lesbian, but we all know that. It's not news. She can whine that Bill Clinton cheated on her, hoping for a sympathy vote, but at this point, what difference does it make?

She may not even be able to beat Elizabeth (fake Indian) Warren for the party's nomination. But what if she does?

Her lack of qualifications to do anything but be a female version of John Kerry won't matter to the liberal, progressive, baby killing masses who voted for Barack despite any record of success at anything in his life - beyond being able to con his way through school by pretending to be a foreign exchange student, thus not paying for it.

BUT the voting map for the mid-terms was almost completely red, with the exception of the narrow bands of blue along the coast. Yes, the rest of the nation is fly-over country. We all know that.

Even though we all know that Hillary Clinton doesn't believe that corporations create jobs, I was shocked that she came out and said it, like an old woman with Tourette's disorder. The Democrats need to walk that back the same way as they have to walk back all of the statements of Obamacare author, Jonathan Gruber, who said that the only way to get the law passed was to lie about it.

To have any hope of success, Hillary Clinton needs to distance herself from Barack Obama and his disastrous presidency.  How does she do that when she was the architect of all of his foreign policy disasters (including but not limited to the "Arab Spring" and the Benghazi Massacre)?

Hillary in 2016? Hmm. Maybe. She couldn't beat Barack for the nomination last time,

Drifting Around the Inter(Sermo)nette

Sunday Sermonette - This is the sermonette for those of you who have decided to surf the web rather than go to a conventional service. Naturally if you're hanging out on the Internet and are here rather than cruising porn or Rule 5's, you have potential to find your way from the path of sin that you've chosen by not going to church.
And it's a rocky transition from that paragraph to the next one...
Witches these days claim that they are part of a bonafide religion. I suspect that the claim finds its roots in the tax-free status that religions enjoy in the US. Hollywood (populated by witches, warlocks and the soulless) supports the need of witchcraft to be recognized.

Ok, but how does one go about becoming a witch - a necessity if you're an actor or are working in the movie industry. If you're dyslexic, you could end up selling your soul to Santa by mistake - and then where will you be? Sitting in large chairs in shopping malls while little kids urinate and barf in your lap, shoveling reindeer poo, and living at the North Pole...with your promising acting career and your waistline ruined by the endless supply of hot chocolate and cookies.

Witchcraft Training Course

So you want to be a witch? Many people have wanted the same thing and you usually get what's coming to you in life. I'm not talking about the outfit that you wear on Halloween to scare little children and then send the scorned clothing away in the trash to become landfill when you've had enough of playing witch.

There's a DVD course available at the link cited above. Is the witch training school a scam? What do you think? I only wish that I'd come up with the idea first -- think of all of those suckers. 
If I turn into a toad, I may have been wrong about them.
I met a real witch once. She was not the least bit attractive but tried to lure me to a solstice celebration with the promise that she and other overweight crones (mutton dressed up like lamb before they shed their sacred robes) would be dancing naked under the moon. I passed on her offer of witchlike passion. 

Timeless Wisdom (from Woodsterman)

This disturbed me. All this time I thought that cat milk CAME FROM CATS.
When you milk a cat, what do you call it? I have no clue, now. What do cat
ranchers call the products that they produce in cat dairies?
Delicious Sunday Meal

Federal wildlife officials have granted protection to the Gunnison sage grouse, a move that could bring restrictions on oil and gas drilling and other land uses to preserve the bird's habitat in Colorado and Utah. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Wednesday the bird is a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.

What federal officials failed to mention is that Gunnison sage grouse are good eating. Roasted, microwaved, fricasseed, BBQ'd, stuffed, parboiled, or shredded and put into tortillas as taco filling are all fitting ends to sage grouse.  Though now, I suspect that it's a crime to eat them, unless they are technically road kill.
Solution: A shot pattern, downed bird and transportation to a road where you find them might solve that problem...just kidding. No, seriously.
The undisputed King of Denial

It harkens back to that famous movie, The Lie'n King.