sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

White House Strategy

The Obama Administration announced a strategy with a logo for countering Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorism. I don't know if they plan to drop leaflets (below) around the world from the Philippines and Indonesia to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunesia, Niger, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, etc. But if they do, I'm sure that terrorism will go away.

My first take on this was a bit rude, so I'll tone it down and say that it's naive in the extreme. There is a culture in Islam that causes a significant number of its members to want to murder other people. Clearly it doesn't apply to all Muslims. The solution (above) may fit for the US or the West, but is clearly out of sync with the Muslim Middle East.


Are handguns erotic? The jury is out. In the deep blue liberal hells, where they are wielded by criminals against unarmed citizens, they can be fearsome. In free states with open carry laws where gun crime is very low (because criminals find themselves dead), they take on a more reassuring glow (yes, it is partly because of the tritium night sights).

In the world of liberals, advice to would be rape victims is that women need to try to induce vomiting or to urinate to ruin the rapist's mood. Conservatives suggest that the woman pull her Glock and make him barf and piss himself. Different strokes.


No weathered carpet or piece of driftwood in the background. No random ammunition lay-out designed by a set expert. Just 14 rounds of Hornady .45 ACP+P+ in an old first generation Glock 21, first purchased in the late 1980's (with 10K+ rounds through it).
The backdrop is not fancy. It's just the living room floor.

There are some mods you can see and some that you can't. The guide rod is titanium and the recoil spring is very taunt, which makes for very slick cycling and very light recoil when firing +P+ ammunition. Some people prefer calibers other than .45 ACP for handguns. I say let the tool fit the job and leave it at that.

The handle located on the rear of the slide allows the operator to clear a jam or operate the slide with one hand if the other one is occupied or injured. You can hook the handle onto a belt, onto a door, fence post, etc. to operate the slide. The non-standard barrel is one inch longer than OEM and is just for looks... Yes it's threaded, but that's stylish.

As with a woman (because it's YouPorn), there is no safety catch on a Glock handgun. You have to show self restraint at times and at other times it's double tap and a failure drill...