sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Memo

All Jacked-Up

For those of you who went by Brig's Blog and read her discussion of Hi-Lift jack's, this won't be new turf. But I am responding because having a proper jack handy is important (as she points out).

Rear of my FJ Cruiser this morning, note rear bumper assembly.
Rear bumper swing-arm opens, revealing the Hi-Lift jack.
Now the question is what do you attach the bite of the jack to without having it demolish your rig (a failing known to Hi-Lift jacks)?

Note the rusty black part bolted to the bite of the Hi-Lift jack.

The attachment on the Hi-Lift fits my rock sliders, so that the jack is
not likely to slip off in standard jacking operations.

The Hi-Lift doesn't work well in mud or in off-camber situations, so for those eventualities, I also carry an ARB Bushmaster X-Jack.

It can be inflated by using a compressor, a CO2 tank or directly from the vehicle's exhaust.

A Hi-Lift jack can also be used as a come-along (poor man's winch) and for a number of other and related applications such as stretching a fence. An X-Jack can't do that.