sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, April 3, 2015

Celebrate in Los Angeles

Passover begins this evening, Friday, April 3 and it will end in the evening of Saturday, April 11. Tomorrow, Saturday, April 4 is a full moon, the Wind Moon. If you're a pagan, it gives you an excuse to dance naked under that very moon. Easter is this Sunday, April 5. And it's also Spring Break. Yeah, it's a big weekend for people who celebrate things (almost anything). I don't know what the Satan worshipers and witches do today? Maybe what they do every day, sacrifice a chicken in Austin or burn a black candle in San Francisco? Closer to home, they tend to congregate in Hollywood, Pacific Palisades and Santa Barbara (CA). I don't move in those circles I think that they all are Obama supporters who are looking forward to a Hillary Clinton presidency. It would make sense.

This is a bad weekend to go to the desert outside of Los Angeles and go shooting because EVERYONE ELSE is out there, celebrating (and shooting). Out of all cultures who celebrate and shoot, the Arabs seem to do it with the most joy because they just shoot in the air, oblivious that whatever goes up, must come down. Usually people who travel to the desert on this festive weekend and shoot, aim (or make a pretense of aiming) at something. All too often they've had one too many nips of Oh Be Joyful/Popskull and they morph into Arabs. Some of them even speak Arabic when they're in their cups though they never had a language lesson.

It's also a bad weekend in the Los Angeles basin in general because traffic is unusually heavy. I realize that if you live in or near LA, your cynical nature will suggest that the traffic sux every single day (and of course it does). The crush  of people leaving the worker's paradise on vacation can mean that you spend your first day of vacation on the freeway/parking lot, waiting for cars to move.

Newport Beach (CA) Pier at sunset
The beaches will be packed, but it's not a bad day to bask poolside with the BBQ burning your favorite cut of steak. (some people prefer the ribeye, I like the t-bone). After church, the kids are coming over on Easter for an egg hunt (plastic eggs filled with coins) and a Mexican food fiesta. Why Mexican food? Why not? This is SoCal, it's laid back, it's warm and I will have had a steak the day before. Mexican food can be served on PAPER PLATES and it's much easier to clean up than a full blown traditional banquet.  BBQ chicken tacos, BBQ shrimp skewers, BBQ corn, and some killer beans, rice and enchiladas. The kids seem to enjoy it just as much as a banquet and they can splash in the pool, make and devour a taco, and a soda and then go back into the pool (and stay there in order to get some relief from global warming).

My amphibious nature prefers the ocean and sand. But all of the sand will be occupied by people today. Such is the nature of a concrete jungle that people look for an excuse to escape it. When I had my 30' Sea Ray, I used to cruise on this date. Alas, I'm not a captain anymore.