sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Going Full Cowboy

It's tough to find the right pair of boots these days. First I turned to Texas for the latest in cowboy boot fashion. And what is more Texan than Austin?

Austin, TX Cowboy Boots

They are for people who want to be hippies but can't shed their redneck roots. And as appealing as they are, I decided that they were not for me.

Then I looked at the Silicon Valley specials, for people who don't ride horses, but they still want to call themselves "buckaroos". They are also very popular with the Cal Tech crowd who are rebelling.

Silicon Valley, CA Cowboy Boots

Will people in Hillsboro and Denton like me better if I'm wearing these? They would seem to be far more popular in California than they are in Texas.

Moving on...there is a new fashion craze.

El Paso Guaracheros

They’ve only been around for about a year, but these ridiculously long Mexican Guarachero Boots have already become a major fashion trend at dance clubs and rodeo dance floors around northern Mexico, just across the border from Texas.  They say, "I'm a cowboy, but I'm here to party". I hear that they're all the rage in Redding and Red Bluff, California. With the rumors that Brig is headed to Nevada to party, I can't help wonder if she'll be bringing a pair or two along.