sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

15th Arkansas Volunteer Infantry

Battle Flag of Van Dorn's 15th Arkansas Infantry Rgmt.
Observation: Texans feel differently about flags of the Confederacy than do people who grew up in New England and went to Harvard. Witches and the possessed seem to have an aversion to them. I wonder why?

Log Item: I'm in catch-up mode as the Texas blogging is running slower than usual. Hot and warm weather are defined in Texas (according to Mark Twain -- I think) as the difference between weather that will melt a brass door knocker and that which will only make it mushy. 

The Norwegians that I'm working with think that it's hot too. Norwegian friend: "What are you going to do when you get back to California?"

"I'm going to jump in the pool, then I'm going to read the accumulated mail -- in that order."

Texas was subjected to global cooling earlier in the summer that came with 37" of rain that flooded the place. This week is global warming as the water evaporates, and apparently the US Military is losing the battle with the weather. 
Now that the US Military has been tasked with dealing with the weather as a primary mission, I'm going to hold them to it here on this blog.
Political Note: President Obama is not as popular in Texas as he is in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Detroit or Philadelphia. Even among the faculty of the University of North Texas, his popularity has waned. It may be that Texans are not prone to be vegetarians. I think that Obama polls better among vegetarians and the transgendered.

Consulting in Texas: The trip here is coming to an end but I'll be back and forth during the ensuing year.

Texas Afternoon

Log Item: Fire and Brimstone in Texas hill country

Last Sunday I attended the Lonestar Parson's (LSP) sermon, followed by a lunch of Mexican food with he and his two teenage sons. The debate that followed: 
"Should we go shooting?"
"I always like to shoot."
"It's 102 degrees and 90 percent humidity."
"Yeah. Maybe we need to drive to Dallas and get ready for the BBQ -- and catch an afternoon nap."

BBQ finished, I asked what LSP had planned for entertainment. Three seconds later he 'miracled' up red and blue flashing lights: Out front of the spread, one paramedic engine and five police cars. Aunt Bitty Woo (actual name - sorta) went out to the front porch followed by the rest. Bitty Woo wore her pink cap, claiming to have been working for CIA for the past ten years. LSP pressed her for details of her service and I explained to him that I'd have to kill him. (curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction would bring him back)

The heat drove some poor sot crazy and it took five Dallas PD officers and the EMT's to subdue him. He kept calling for help. We allowed the police to deal with his drug and heat induced frenzy. Since my car was hemmed in by the police cars and drama, I sat with the LSP entourage and watched before getting into the rental and driving back to the University of North Texas for the Monday morning meeting with IBM.