sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Republican Presidential Debate (Late Edition)

Republican Presidential Debate Finale

You all may feel differently. This is my opinion.

Debate Helped - Made them look more presidential

Scott Walker - I think that Gov. Walker looked presidential. He's a front runner currently and I feel that the debate helped him. He's a sharp debater and I think that he would make a good president.

Marco Rubio - Sen. Rubio came across as smart, articulate, and mature. I give him very high marks for his performance in the debate. I think that he gained momentum. As with Walker, he looked very presidential.

Carly Fiorina - She's sharp and is the only person on stage who ever created a job. I know that there were people at HP who didn't like her, but the truth is that she has had to be responsible to share holders for results. Her concepts are smart, well considered, precise and intelligent. She looked presidential and ready to lead.

Ben Carson - Dr. Carson is an honest man, a caring man, and a very intelligent man. I think that he did well in the debate, and like the way that he took on Hillary Clinton. The debate was a type of coming out party for him and I think that he's been helpful for his candidacy. He is a great man and that came across in his response to every single question.

Mike Huckabee - Gov. Huckabee came across as passionate, intelligent and presidential with clear compassion for the poorest Americans and an understanding of the need to protect the nation. Will he be the next president? Doubtful, but he carved off a piece of the debate for himself.

John Kasich - Gov. Kasich's term as Ohio's chief executive has been a success story. He can stand on that soap box. He was very articulate and those of you who read this blog, know that I think that he'd make the best US President from the Republican field. His understanding of economic growth being the key to fixing the machine came across. I realize that Kasich is not as conservative as some other candidates, but my principal concern is a win against the progressive movement. He's the most qualified man on the stage to be president.

Debate Benefit Neutral

Donald Trump - Clarified that he only called Rosie O'Donnell a fat pig, and he didn't apologize for not being politically incorrect. Trump held his momentum for the debate and though it might have hurt him, I don't think that it hurt him much. No pledge not to run as a third party candidate. I don't think that he would run as a third party candidate, but he wants to keep the Republican Party in fear of the potential. 

Chris Christie - Gov. Christie leads a really screwed up state - in total, possibly the most screwed up. He did a good job there, but he's a big government guy. He did more or less the way that I thought  he would.

Ted Cruz - He's a sharp guy but he's not particularly likable behind the pulpit. However, he's usually right. I didn't see him get much time in the debate. Cruz was screwed by Fox - but the plain truth is that the debate didn't help him.

Rand Paul - The "modified libertarian" approach to foreign policy appeals to me. I realize that may sound strange given my background, but Paul's approach usually gets LL points. I am actually a Rand Paul fan. He's definitely a scrapper and took on Christie, Trump, etc.  But I don't think that the debate helped him.

Jeb Bush - The Bush Dynasty works against him. He hasn't held public office in 8 years. What has he been doing since he was governor other than just "being a rich guy"? I don't think that he said anything that would count as a break-out. My sense is that he lost ground in the debate.


With the exception of Carly Fiorina, the candidates who were part of the afternoon debate were not ready for prime time so I excluded them.

Republican Presidential Debate (Early Edition) Analysis

Republican Presidential Debate

I'm not drunk blogging the debate. Between the early and late debates, I'm going to In and Out Burgers for dinner. I'm considering my desert options.

The Early Stage (the candidates running behind the leaders, polling behind the top ten)

First impression: Martha McCallum, Fox News is impossibly hot. 

Ok, on to the politicians. There wasn't much difference between them in terms of what needs to be done to reverse the policies that Barack Obama. My comments have to do with stylistic differences with preferences for "wining" candidates.

1. Carly Fiorina - She's sharp and is the only person on stage who ever created a job. I know that there were people at HP who didn't like her, but the truth is that she has had to be responsible to share holders for results. Her concepts are smart, well considered, precise and intelligent.

2. Lindsay Graham - He's a career politician and I'm concerned that he wants more wars, however I think that his vast experience with government came through. I don't think that he'd be a good president. He's a big government guy and would expand the government. He was the only one to mention the problem with Social Security and Medicare going broke. It's a big issue.

3. Bobby Jindal - Bobby is smart and he's bold but he's not compelling, and I don't think that he could win a national election. I like him, he's a good family man, etc. but he simply doesn't have the gravity.


4. Rick Perry - As one would expect, Gov. Perry does understand US/Mexico border issues. The problem with Perry is that he's part of a political class and, sadly, he's not as smart as a US President needs to be. Calls himself a "corporate executive type" when the only real one on the stage is Fiorina.

5. Rick Santorum - He served in the US Senate for two terms but he's been out of government for a long time. What did he do while he was not a bureaucrat? He talks the talk but I haven't seen him doing much besides chattering.

6. George Pataki - George is an old politician. His ship sailed but his ego remains. As with Gilmore, below, he's a lawyer who talks a lot, and says the right thing

7. Jim Gilmore - He's an old lawyer with a big ego. The only thing that he's done is be a lawyer. Barack Obama is a lawyer. There are lots of lawyers in DC. He needs to go and spend time with his grandkids.

Protesting Oil!

Photo from a protest for an oil-free world.

These people naturally vote for any Democratic Party candidate and are all about "healing the planet" without knowing that they're frigging stupid.