sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, September 28, 2015

Democratic Party Status

This is not a fun time to be the Democratic Party's National Chairperson.  Let's take a moment to see what has Debbie Wasserman Schultz so up tight:

The Democratic Party fears to have a debate because once Hillary gets on stage, her numbers inevitably drop as the voting public views her as a shrill, angry, dishonest, shrew.

They are running a presidential campaign decrying wage stagnation, income inequality and economic malaise even though the party has office for the past seven years. The average American makes $6,000 per year less than when they took over, and the only thing that they can blame is George W. Bush.

The only possible defense for seven successive years of foreign policy failure are to blame George W. Bush as well. That refrain grows tiresome.

They have chosen to own the abortion-for-profit and body-part trafficking of babies who are even viable outside of the womb in some cases, which is a felony by almost everyone's reckoning.

Hillary Clinton is viewed widely by her own party as dishonest and is currently under investigation by the FBI. She was the architect of the "Arab Spring" disaster and served as Secretary of State during the total withdrawal of Iraq which led to the greatest humanitarian and refugee crisis since World War 2.

Bernie Sanders is a 74-year-old socialist/communist who never identified himself as a Democratic Party candidate. He was an independent, with a near-spotless record of invisibility in 25 years in Congress. 

Joe Biden is a 73-year-old, who as the sitting vice president, must own the failed Obama Presidency. He's run for president twice, failed, and has been a national joke -- thought of a an old pervert, and a man prone to endless gaffs.

There are said to be other candidates contending for the Democratic Party nomination but they are invisible - mostly because of Clinton's attacks and manipulation of the mainstream media.

Can the Republican Party win?

I don't know, which is scary.