sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving - Aftermath

The food-baby is too large for comfort. Way too much food.

And mid-way through the after-meal discussion while we were watching Carolina beat Texas, my brother-in-law said that President Obama said that we should talk about gun control on Thanksgiving. So we started talking about it. Keep in mind that there is a certain class of people who are allowed to be in my home and all of them are armed.

That being said, we talked politics, guns and football, which are part of a common theme, when you think about it. And from there it spiraled down to ObamaCare.

But it never reached the bottom - Bruce Jenner, woman of the year.

I have four daughters, all of whom are members of the NRA, and who are stewards of the Second Amendment. They may be mothers (all but the youngest), but they shoot, and have attitude.

My parting thought was that I'm glad we can talk about gun control at Thanksgiving and what load of crap that it is. Thanks for the suggestion, Barack.

Thanksgiving Wishes

Today is the "great eating holiday", and I will be participating, likely to end up in a turkey/food coma at the end of the day, while watching a football game. Normally when this happens, I have little grandsons and granddaughters laying all over me, equally stuffed, wondering why grandpa is calling the plays from his position on the couch.

Yes, the turkey is important as is the gravy, but to me, it's nothing without good stuffing (where bacon is an ingredient) and home made rolls. I must admit that I am a gravy hog. Just about everything is better if there is gravy on the plate on it or next to it.

In 1863, at the hight of the War of Northern Aggression/American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln designated a day of thanksgiving, to take time out and express appreciation to God for everything that we have. That is the genesis of the holiday in the US. Bringing in the Mayflower, pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians makes some sense, but the holiday was not predicated on stuffing ourselves with turkey. 

Take time out, show some appreciation, and maybe donate to your local food bank (I buy flats of canned goods at Costco and drop them off), because the shelves will be empty after Thanksgiving.

The Thirteenth Colony will resume after the Thanksgiving holiday break. I appreciate the feedback and that you are enjoying the story.

Will Governor Marcus Marius Longinus be crucified at the gates of the capitol city of the Province of Mauritania? If so, will crows peck out his eyes before he expires?

Will Mattia be captured by pirates and once captured, will she escape or will she live out her days as a pirate queen? Will this be the end of innocence?

Will Quintus stay at the Thirteenth Colony to search for more gold Phoenician coins and will he abandon the thought of returning to reclaim Mattia (who he thinks is safe at home)?

All this and more will be explored further as the saga moves forward, and I hope that you will be entertained.

I'm a writer. An author is a writer with a friend in the publishing business. If you want a novel, I need to find a friend.