sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, December 14, 2015

Finding a Safe Zone

There are mobile safe zones in America. One is "with me". When you're with me, wherever I go, you're safe. The same is true of (almost all of) my friends, because they are strong, trained, brave, and loyal. 

There are safe towns in America where people respect each other's rights. These towns feature people who, almost to a man/woman, take responsibility for their actions, earn their own bread and ask nothing but to be free. They inevitably are armed to the teeth. The young men and women go through the NRA safety courses and are taught at a young age to use tools necessary for their survival. They learn to change a car tire, to mow the lawn and to shoot a firearm accurately. None of these people are victims. None of them will "occupy" public space and crap on the lawn. If they gather for a public purpose, they will pick up trash after themselves. If there is a bad apple in their midst, they sort that out.

When I was a young man, visitors came to town from the big city and we went to the local market to buy food or something. The clerk took their check without asking for ID or anything. The visitor questioned this practice and the clerk said, "you're with Larry." Honesty and honor carry weight in places like that. Those places still exist in America (though there are fewer now than there were).

None of those places are gun free zones.

Many years ago when I stayed in England's Lake District, I found an area of sheltered villages, peaceful and quiet, where people lived lives far from the need for firearms. To secure that peace, rough men defended the Island through sending armies and navies abroad. If they hadn't, German would have been the lingua franca of the Island. The point is this, the world is not a safe place unless we make it safe for ourselves, those we love and for our posterity. Unfortunately, in this era, the only way to do that is to make it hard enough that nobody would dare broach the peace.