sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, December 18, 2015

Syrian Civil War, No Fly Zone and Vlad

While American politicians (endlessly) debate whether they should establish a no-fly zone in Syria, the Russians have put one in place. 
“Turkey used to violate Syrian airspace all the time,” Putin told reporters on December 17. “Let them try and fly there now.” Russia’s most advanced air-defense system is covering the whole country, he said. 
As for Syrian airspace, Putin’s language indicates that Russia has established a barrier air defense system along the Turkish border. In effect Russia has closed Syrian airspace to the Turks and anyone else it identifies. The difference between what the US proposed and the Russian version is that the Russian-enforced air defense zone protects the Syrian state, instead of providing a safe haven for the opposition.

Putin said that Russia will participate in international talks today on how to end the Syrian civil war. Asked about the Russian plan for Syria’s future, he said that the Russian plan is similar to that of the US. The plan envisions joint work on the Syrian constitution; the development of instruments of control over Syria's future early elections; conduct of these elections and recognition of their results. In the Russian version of the plan, Bashar al-Asad could run for president again. In the US version, he could not.
Concerning the cost of the Russian expeditionary force, he said, "We haven't started a war. We are conducting specific operations with the use of our Aerospace Forces, Space Forces, air-defense forces, and reconnaissance. We simply re-directed part of the funding that we planned to spend on training and military exercises to our Aerospace Forces in Syria. Something needs to be added there, but this absolutely doesn't have any great significance for the budget." 
"We conduct large-scale exercises. Just take the Center or Vostok-2015 exercises alone - thousands of people engaged, thousands relocated from one theater to another, hundreds of aircraft, and so on, and so on. We have simply re-allotted part of this funding there, for conducting the operation in Syria," he said. "You can't think of a better exercise. In principle, we can practice there for quite a long time without significant detriment to our budget," Putin said.
Putin said he was not sure that Russian needed a permanent airbase in Syria, but he made clear that the Russian commitment is for as long as it takes to end the civil war.

Barack Obama isn't sure what he wants to do. Maybe another red line?

Friday Follies

A review of all the news that's fit to print.

A Roving we will Go

Am I the only one who is tired of Carl Rove, the mainstream GOP shill, who calls himself, "The Architect"? Yes, he's made himself a lot of money being an 'advisor and advocate'. His net worth may never be known according to US News.

One thing is certain, Rove does not like Donald Trump, even though Trump has dumped tens of millions of dollars into the political action committees that Rove runs and ran in the past. Rove's stock in trade is buying politicians for and on behalf of his (nameless) employers - and being able to exchange hard cash for hard favors. The danger of a Trump presidency where favors were not purchased creates the unacceptable specter of upsetting the political apple cart for both Democrats and Republicans.

Rove is a Fox News contributor who lives in Austin, Tx.

New Gun Control Laws Coming

Barack is gearing up for more unilateral executive action since Congress won't pass the anti-firearms legislation that he's pining for. He wants more stringent background checks conducted on would be gun purchasers. 
The Federal government conducted three separate background checks on Tashfeen Malik, the San Bernardino female Arab Terrorist, which failed to reveal that she was a jihadi.
The Supreme Court will strike down his executive order, but he's trying to make a point, not new law. I can see a federal court injunction coming as soon as Barack sets pen to paper. 

He Said/She Said

(USA Today) A Saudi millionaire beat a rape charge in England after claiming he 'fell into' a teen.
A millionaire businessman has been found not guilty of rape after claiming he accidentally penetrated her when he tripped and fell. Ehsan Abdulaziz, 46, was initially accused of forcing himself on an eighteen year old girl. The businessman said that his penis might have been poking out of his underwear when he fell on the teen. It's how he explained the presence of his DNA inside of the girl. 
The young woman said she had woken up in the early hours of the morning, with Abdulaziz on top of her, forcing himself inside her, then climaxing. 
He said: “I’m fragile, I fell down but nothing ever happened, between me and this girl nothing ever happened.” 
Yes, it was a Saudi millionaire, not (former) President Bill Clinton. But, I'm certain that Bill will use this as a defense in the future since it was successfully argued in this case.

Vlad the Eternal

The photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin, taken over the years have advanced a number of theories (but):

(a) He's not a vampire despite internet gossip. He goes out in the sun, he has been seen eating food spiced with garlic, he casts a shadow and you can see his reflection in a mirror. 

(b) Some suggest that he's an alchemist on the order of Merlin (who was British) and found the secret to eternal life through weird science. While that can't be debunked, it's just as likely that he found the 'fountain of youth'.

(c) The final theory is that he's a "highlander", out to live forever by lopping off the heads of others with a sword. While the theory would seem to have legs, I'm waiting for proof. Has anybody ever seen Vlad chopping off heads? (or does it happen in the third level basement in Lubyanka?)


The man who would be king believes that he deserves the title because his father and brother were both presidents.

The electorate see not a king, but a pampered country-club politician who is almost indistinguishable from Hillary (the Bitch of Benghazi) Clinton, who also wants to rule the world.

Donors who thought that dumping tens and hundreds of millions of dollars into the Jeb Bush for President (Jeb!) Campaign would push the tepid, timid Jeb! over the top are feeling betrayed.

Running television attack ad after attack ad on his Republican opponents hasn't done anything to improve Jeb!'s numbers. The only people who want him to be president are the people who hope to personally gain  in the way of government contracts and do-nothing appointed positions in a third Bush Administration.

The Obama Legacy

There is a lot of strangeness attached to the man himself and to his presidency. Some call it coincidence, others call it planning. Witness if you will, the stunning, untimely death of Joan Rivers, two weeks after she outed the first couple.

No matter what, the dreams of ObamaCare are unraveling and since it has been the signature achievement of his two terms in a failed presidency, we're all waiting for him to try something else to screw us the eternal march to "radically transform America".

I have a deadbeat friend (don't we all have at least one) who lamented to me about the lack of benefits doled out by the government. I reminded him that I (and so many others) pay for the largess that he's handed. Best not whine to me about such things. He shut up.