sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Report

Saturday Night Redux:

Q. What do young boys need in their lives to find fulfillment?

A. They need to watch monster trucks smash each other in a showdown to destruction!   --and-- Being there is better than watching the video.

It is with this mission in mind that I went to Angel Stadium (Anaheim, CA) with my son-in-law and grandsons to view Monster Jam in person.

What's not to love? It's NASCAR without the pretense of a race -- a demolition derby on steroids.

Valentine's Day (day of artificial love) comes tomorrow with cupids, arrows, chocolate, balloons, fancy wine, extravagant dinners and roses. It brings hope of romance that will possibly end in loathing and court actions.

But that's in the future, today is February 13th and tonight is for the guys.

Q. Do we err on the side of testosterone?

A. We must!

Tonight it's gladiatorial carnage that would have amazed and delighted the citizens of ancient Rome. It's true that there would have been more sword fighting in Ancient Rome, but you can't have everything in the modern world. You have to settle for El Diablo, Zombie and Grave Digger crushing a school bus - without the children in it.

First, there is the drive to the stadium and a discussion of snacks available at Angel Stadium. You can't watch AVENGER, MONSTER, MAD MAX, MOHAWK WARRIOR, and METAL MASHER fight for supremacy without something to eat. It's simply not done.

A lot of planning goes into snacks. Upon arrival at the stadium, following settling down in seats, the execution of those plans begin -- and deviations occur. The slice of pizza looks better than the hot dog, and there is the ever popular ice cream sunday with hot fudge topping. Grandpa says, "we'd best get it all because you guys are going to get hungry". The boys agree with solemnity because eating goodies is serious business.  When you are a grandpa, you don't worry about the impending 'sugar rush'. (bwahahaha!) Their dad is here too if one must deal with the fall-out...  ;^)

Since the outcome is uncertain, you also need a guide to the machines that will be grinding each other into metallic shards. The booklets are sold at the gate.

Q. Do these monster engines have mufflers on them?

A. You have to be kidding. Hearing protection is advised but for a family of shooters, the supply of foam ear inserts is inexhaustible. We bring them with us from home.

There is no discussion of global warming or gas mileage on the Path of Destruction. Monster trucks are not politically correct. Hippies and freaks are not drawn to events such as this one. Ghetto rats avoid them. Cowboy hats, on the other hand, are welcomed...because it's really not much more than a modern machine rodeo. And what's not to love about a rodeo?

This is one of C. Larry's birthday presents.

The crew, pictured (above) favored GRAVE DIGGER, which won the competition. MAX D parked in front of us, so I got a good before and after of it's run to glory.

Max D (before)
Max D (after)