sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Friday, March 25, 2016

The Cuban Mistress Crisis

(LINK) On CNN this morning, former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter and pro-Trump newspaper columnist Adriana Cohen were asked to discuss the two candidates’ ridiculous feud over their wives. As soon as Cohen began speaking, talk turned to...something else.
Amanda Carpenter
“I think we should move on,” Cohen said when anchor Kate Bolduan asked her about the spousal sniping. “Where we should move to is the National Enquirer story that has reported that Ted Cruz has allegedly had affairs with at least five mistresses, including—you’ve been named, Amanda.”
According to the Enquirer, political operatives are digging into rumors that Ted Cruz had extramarital affairs with five different women. The story does not name specific women, but gives a vague description of each. Among these mistresses, the Enquirer’s anonymous source says, is a “hot babe who once worked” on a Cruz campaign.

The Enquirer also published five photos of women with their faces pixelated. The woman on the far right of the lineup appears to be Carpenter.

This blog does not usually engage in salacious gossip, but the extent of the reporting, the CNN interview, and the detail presented (along with an upcoming confirmation from Brietbart) puts it beyond a mere rumor. 

The ONLY reason this is news and Barack's homosexual affairs and Hillary's lesbian dalliance with Yoko Ono and Huma Abedin is not, is because Ted Cruz is running as the 'Biblical candidate'. Commentator, Glenn Beck went so far as to say that the Cruz campaign for the presidency is the result of prophecy. Thus his fidelity to his wife, Heidi, becomes an issue. 

If he's had five illicit affairs within the past year, it is BLACKMAIL MATERIAL for any other government to use on a potential US president and as such, it's fair game.

There is no way to know whether all of this oppo research is spilling out because (Lovin' Ted) Ted Cruz attacked Mrs. Trump, but people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
Carpenter forcefully denied the claim, with understandable dismay at being accused of an affair on live national television. “What’s out there is tabloid trash. If someone wants to comment on it, they can talk to my lawyer. ” she said.
Now that Carpenter has lawyered-up (a prudent move), we will see where the dust settles.


Breaking on this topic, below: TrusTED busTED because he was perverTED and lusTED...

Sarah Isgur Flores
New story that may be related: from the Washington Post. The rumor is that the payment is hush money that the Cruz paid to Sarah Isgur Flores, a Fiorina staffer, who was also one of Cruz' alleged girlfriends.

Kasich - Delusional Hubris

I heard somebody call Gov. John Kasich a "dweeb" the other day. Dweeb means, "Dick with eyebrows." I don't think that's true. He's not a walking penis. The other word used in association with Gov. Kasich is "wonk". The definition of that word is, "A person preoccupied with arcane details or procedures in a specialized field." He's definitely a wonk.

Some uncharitable people suggest that Kasich might be a secret member of the Trump team. The Ohio governor has been mathematically eliminated from contention for 1,237 delegates, but, after spending the early part of the primaries as an anti-Rubio spoiler, is now set to be the anti-Cruz spoiler. With Kasich in the race, Trump gets to 1,237 and without Kasich in the race, Trump falls short. Since Kasich’s only path is a contested convention, this makes his campaign, on top of everything else, a massive self-contradiction.

In other times, he would have obtained the mantle of "favored son of the GOP elite" and money would have poured into his campaign, but he has a track record of finishing fourth in a field of four. He even finished fourth in Arizona behind Rubio, who had dropped from the race a week earlier.

But Kasich soldiers on, giving hugs and suggesting that everyone get along and get behind the Washington Cartel (as Ted Cruz calls it - he may not be calling it that anymore because he's now the anointed party favorite because as much as the elite GOP hate him, he can be bought and Trump is not a reliable purchase).

Kasich reminds me of a talkative and somewhat boring neighbor, prone to self-righteous rants. While it is true that if experience mattered, he'd be the front-runner, nobody cares about that this election cycle. Maybe the country doesn't want the barber who rants while cutting your hair running the country? Even if he gives you a hug.

In other times, John Kasich would be a Democrat. It's in his DNA, it's his platform. Read it. He'd be slightly left of John F. Kennedy. Today with a 74 year-old communist and the Bitch of Benghazi leading the Democrats, he's a Republican. But not a loved or even desired Republican outside his home state of Ohio. And while he considers himself America's hope, Kasich advocates taking in Syrian and North African refugees. Maybe the recent terror attacks in Belgium changed his mind but he seems to think of himself as being too cool to do that.

The question that I have for you Kasich fans is whether a delusional candidate whose hubris extends way beyond profound obsession is better than a conservative nationalist like Trump or a  conservative preacher (and husband to a Goldman Sachs executive) like Cruz?