sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Search (Part One)

Researching the place to spend the remainder of your days takes effort. This isn't the short list, but it is a list of sorts. I've eliminated some spots from the list because the price of land is too dear, the climate doesn't appeal enough or for a number of reasons, they didn't make the cut. There are places such as Minden, NV that are on the list but I've been there enough that it doesn't need to be added to the search routine. The same could be said of Lake City, but I'm going to be in the neighborhood, thus it's back on the check-out list.

Questa, New Mexico

Happy Jack, Arizona

Pine, Arizona

Show Low, Arizona

South Fork, Colorado

Lake City, Colorado

All these places have real potential, but as we all age, we need to have medical care a reasonable distance from the ranch.  The closest hospital to Happy Jack is Flagstaff, AZ. All of these locations have similar issues. The answer is not to get sick...or old

You'll note that all of the black sites have altitude, dry air and are located in communities where being armed is not a problem. They also have places where you can wet a canoe. Each has the potential of a large enough plot of land to serve my general needs for privacy, security, space for a nice workshop and quiet. 

None of them are located in 'progressive' areas.

None of them are populated by inner city people.

Blue Ridge Reservoir, near Happy Jack
Happy Jack, Arizona is featured today on Virtual Mirage. It's located equidistantly between Flagstaff, Winslow (where you can stand on the corner) and Camp Verde.  Land is not expensive and its up on the Mogollon Rim (pronounced Mog-ee-own Rim). There are a lot of deer, elk, bear, lions, foxes, lynx and bobcat and so forth. As far as I know there aren't any wolves, but with the forrest service re-populating wolves, who knows how long that will remain the case?

Happy Jack
42.3 % of Arizona belongs to the federal government. Another high percentage is made up of Indian reservations. Arizona grew up differently than Texas did, flat land with sections being given to homesteaders.  (USGOV owns 1.8% of the land in Texas, distributed through 13 National Parks). So the vibe is different in the west than it is in the plains states. All of the western states have that same characteristic. California is 47.7% USGOV land and Nevada is 81.1% owned by the people, which is to say, USGOV.

The Happy Jack area is forested by ponderosa pines, pinion pines and cedars. The lots are almost all 5 acres, with more land available to those with the bankroll and the ambition to tend it.