sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Monday, June 6, 2016


Communist Summer of Starvation in Venezuela
It's summer and that means BBQ's, tacos out by the pool, beach days, and late night sun. It's all fun and games in countries where communism isn't the rule.  Consumer goods line the shelves, there are open air markets, restaurants deliver delicious meals - we take it for granted. That's just how it is.

If you're a communist, the summer experience is more like the picture (right).

Summer in North Korea means that you can work in the fields longer for food that somebody else will eat. You won't be compensated for that, but hey, everyone is a comrade. Everyone is equal but some, such as the over-fed dear leader, are clearly more equal than others.

Everyone expects the Norks to starve because that's all they've done since the communists claimed power. The rest of the world is a different thing. We don't expect people to starve (unless they're in Africa).

For the last twenty years all anybody in Venezuela talked about was politics. Over expensive meals, black label whiskey and cold beer on street corners the endless debate raged: revolution, popular democracy, participatory democracy. Conspiracies, the empire – planning; oh, the endless planning. Then came Hugo Chavez and communism...which we all knew was the beginning of the end. Are we all a species of Cassandra (prophetess blessed to see the future but cursed that she would not be believed)? Apparently that is the case. It takes a mighty poor prophet to predict that communism/national socialism, whatever the name, to impoverish a nation.

The only thing people talk about in Venezuela today is food. Where can you find milk? Has anybody seen eggs? Cheese, butter, chicken – these are the topics, on street corners in front of boarded up kiosks where the drunken debates used to rage. The beer is now gone, and sobriety is a heartless companion. It’s humiliating, but hungry people don’t have the luxury of pride.

It's the poverty of Marxism. Harvard professors still teach Marxism as though it was the gold standard – although they call it socialism these days. President Maduro of Venezuela praised Bernie Sanders for being the voice of  both true national democratic socialism and the workers. (In Germany, in the 30's and the first part of the 40's Hitler called it his National Socialist Worker's Party - but it's not politically correct to refer to Sanders - or Clinton in those terms.)

The Hollywood crowd love to talk about redistribution. They haven't yet told the people of Venezuela what to do when all the money in the universe will not buy a loaf of bread. Communism has built land of consumers, nobody is left who can produce. George Clooney isn't there to experience the reality that: orders and threats and storm troopers cannot turn that money into milk and butter and eggs. That is – and always has been – the job of free citizens.

Venezuela is a communist/socialist Sanders utopia - and there are no more free citizens. It's Atlas Shrugged in action. And even though there is a free college education for all, the people of Venezuela have other problems at the moment, distracting from their studies...because you can't study effectively when your belly button is stuck to your backbone.

Put that into your pipe and smoke it, Bernie.

The Mainstream Media don't have much to say about people starving in Venezuela (awash with oil) who are living the dream that is democratic socialism. I wonder why?

The Longest Day - A Rant

I can't help but reflect on the men who crushed the Nazi war machine (and yes, that includes the Russians who died in vast numbers to end Hitler) and the unrestrained ambitions of Imperial Japan, which was no less cruel than the Germans. It's June 6, the anniversary of D-Day, and two years previously of the end of the Battle of Midway. Both were seminal events in a war that defined a generation that is very thin these days.

A YouGov survey showed that only 30% of men ages 25-35 defined themselves as masculine. I don't know how valid that survey is but I'd wager that many of the men that identified themselves in that way served their in the military.  The older the group surveyed, the more of the men who responded defined themselves as masculine. Is the change the result of propaganda designed to emasculate men, put out by the mainstream media. Do young men idolize Bruce Jenner, woman of the year? I don't get it. Then again, I'm not in that 70% demographic of young men who see themselves as "feminine".

This is for Barack, who suggested that we
study the "beautiful" history of Islam.
(h/t Woodsterman)
It's interesting that men who identify themselves as "masculine" are referred to by the mainstream media as somehow less than human (mouth breathers, neanderthals, etc.). The phony tough don't understand that it can be a mistake to push a man to violence when violence is what that man has dedicated his life to perfecting. Living in the liberal world of those who "feel the Bern" and expect live to be handed to them "free", people forget that there are others who don't see the world in those terms at all. 

The men who secured freedom for generations did not have the luxury of s parasitically feeding off others. They would never have done so even if the opportunity existed.

Both the men and women of that generation are not the least bit politically correct in the current world that we live in. They felt that many people living in the Middle East were savages.  In some countries, such as Canada and England, stating the obvious is against the law.

They knew that in order to be free, one had to be prosperous and have security. And without both, you would have neither.

I know what they'd say of the present generation and its trend toward the absurd, and those words would not be generous or kind.