sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Blue Stones (then and now and later)

Earlier turquoise trip in AZ - 2 buggies and an FJC
While the Internet is screaming about Muslims who want to murder the innocent for fun and faith, Barack, our leader, feels that eliminating semi-automatic rifles (there are on the order of 200 million in private hands in America) is the solution. My answer was ANOTHER ROAD TRIP. 
Some of you will be asking, "LL, shouldn't you be doing something productive like working instead of heading off into the badlands on a hunt for blue rocks?" LL responds, "Those who can, do. Those who can't, go screw off in the 4x4." Actually I am working because I keep the Motorola 9575 Satphone handy, and can make money while I'm indulging my passions...sometimes.
This time, a dedicated hunt for turquoise. Then I looked at the weather forecast for next Monday, June 20. In Phoenix, it's forecasted to be a balmy 119 (F) and in Goldfield, Nevada, it's cooler at 117 (F).  The same day in Newport Beach, it's expected to reach 90. Ninety at the beach or 119 in Phoenix. The twenty degree spread is compelling me to cancel the trip or at the very least, put it off.

Sometimes the best trail is a riverbed. If you have the rig to make the
transit over the rocks, why not?
And for you rockhounds, this is what I did to find blue stones in Nevada. I went to the Nevada School of Mines and pulled every mining claim for copper since people started making claims in the latter half of the 1800's. The presence of significant amounts of copper does not mean that turquoise will be present, but it's a place to start. Turquoise is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminum that is formed near the surface. After floods and rains, it's not uncommon to find turquoise on the ground in areas where it is present.  So going to old copper mine sites that are long abandoned can be a good place to begin your search.

Turquoise comes in different qualities depending on the mix of elements in the material. Chalk turquoise is essentially worthless. It also absorbs the oil from human skin, women's make up and perfume and even the best quality of stones can change color because of those patterns of wear (not unlike Nephrite/jade).

So the trip shall be delayed. But never fear, the rocks aren't going anywhere.

Hiding in Plain Sight

You know that economic times are hard in Greece when they put anti-theft devices on cans of sardines that go for $1.18 euro each.

The US Economy is more difficult to destroy than the Greek economy as Barack found out over the past eight years. Yes, we have $20 trillion in debt but we haven't been wiped out. My sense is that when you see anti theft devices on cans of sardines in the US, we have had it.

Could a Hillary presidency finish us off? Maybe but even the destructive policies of another in the Clintonian dynasty might not be enough...but there is a tipping point.

Which is why it's a good idea to have a compound, far from cities. Enter the concept for the White Wolf Mining Company (ghost town).

The concept is a home/facility that looks a bit like an old mine. Harmless, ruined, helpless and low maintenance. It screams, "If you're going to attack somebody, pick a more worthy target than me."   - look, over there, the WoFat mansion or Brig's elite cabin.

LSP's compound is cleverly disguised as a church. Though that was my first pick, he took it before I could implement it, so I have been forced to fall back to a more elemental choice.

Since there are literally tens of thousands of old mines in the Southwest, this is just one more failed attempt to get rich quick.

Is a disaster coming to the US? Maybe not, but I can't be sure, so this may be the solution.

Slavery and Islam

Slavery and Islam have been linked institutions since the Prophet Mohammed stepped onto the scene and allegedly uttered the words that were taken down and became the Qur-an. (Mohammed was illiterate). Recently we've seen a resurgence of slavery in Islamic lands and advocacy for the practice as set forth in the Wikipedia citation below (Search Criteria: Islamic Views on Slavery)
In recent years, according to some scholars,[90] there has been a "reopening"[91] of the issue of slavery by some conservative Salafi Islamic scholars after its "closing" earlier in the 20th century when Muslim countries banned slavery and "most Muslim scholars" found the practice "inconsistent with Qur'anic morality."[92][93] 
In 2003 in what one scholar called a "ominous and disturbing development" a high-level Saudi jurist, Shaykh Saleh Al-Fawzan, issued a fatwa claiming “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.”[94] He attacked Muslim scholars who said otherwise maintaining they were "infidels" and “ignorant, not scholars.” At the time of the fatwa, al-Fawzan was a member of the Senior Council of Clerics, Saudi Arabia’s highest religious body, a member of the Council of Religious Edicts and Research, the Imam of Prince Mitaeb Mosque in Riyadh, and a professor at Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University, the main Wahhabi center of learning in the country. 
According to multiple sources, religious calls have also been made to capture and enslave Jewish women. As American journalist John J. Miller said, "It is hard to imagine a serious person calling for America to enslave its enemies. Yet a prominent Saudi cleric, Shaikh Saad Al-Buraik, recently urged Palestinians to do exactly that with Jews: 'Their women are yours to take, legitimately. God made them yours. Why don't you enslave their women?'" [95]
I find it ironic that Barack, who harps on the institution of slavery in America's past endlessly, would have such fondness for Islam. That feeling extends to all black Americans who are angry at that institution, and feel as if they have an axe to grind - including the Nation of Islam (a black organization in America). Has candidate Hillary Clinton said a single word about the Islamic practice of keeping sex slaves? No outrage there?

We know that the savages in ISIS practice slavery, particularly as it applies to female sex slaves (which is allowed and encouraged by the Quar-an) and yet I have heard scant international outrage at the practice. Even liberal rags such as the New York Times have covered the practice (read here).
In its official publications, the Islamic State has stated that it is legal for a man to rape the women he enslaves under just about any circumstance. Even sex with a child is permissible, according to a pamphlet published by the group. The injunction against raping a pregnant slave is functionally the only protection for the captured women.
It's illegal to criticize Islam in Great Britain and Canada -- called "hate speech". How convenient?