sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Department of Just Us

From the Acorn Scandal (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), exposed by Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, to the Solyndra and "Green Energy Scandals", the IRS Targeting Scandal, wherein groups with trigger names such as Patriot, Liberty or Tea Party were singled out for enforcement, and DOJ's failure to prosecute the Black Panther Party for intimidating voters at polling places and sheltering Hillary Clinton from indictment, the Progs have had a good run. 

It's true that Attorney General Eric Holder had to resign - but not because of his perjury before Congress, which I found interesting. Loretta Lynch replaced him and has been just as corrupt. So much for the term "straight shooter" when it comes to Obama appointees. 

If there is gross negligence and criminal misconduct, the Department of Just Us investigates and if the guilty are well placed or if their prosecution would put the elites who ordered their misconduct in jeopardy, they go free.  If fired, they find another job in the Federal Government that usually pays more and they keep their mouths shut.

If they're not part of the Just Us, they are scapegoated.  Welcome to the new America, where the president scapegoats police officers, race baits and nobody holds him accountable (cause and effect) when police officers are murdered.

When a white police officer kills a black person in the line of duty (no matter the justification), the administration demonizes that officer. At the same time many hundreds of murders on the streets of Chicago (black-on-black crime) are ignored because Chicago, home of Obama, is a Democratic Party stronghold.

And while Republicans feel this is horrible, many feel it's preferable to a Republican not of their choosing to be elected president. Riddle me that, boys and girls.


What would it take to provoke a TEXIT?

Under a Clinton presidency, everyone anticipates the wholesale efforts toward banning the sale, of firearms and ammunition that will lead to eventual collection of same, but the question hangs - who will do the collecting? Clearly it's a job designed for inner city people, but do they have the spine for the work and the numbers to pull it off (i.e. how many rounds of ammunition in Texas at one per inner city person)? And would that sort of thing provoke a TEXIT?
To be a free people requires armed people, and they should need no permission to bare arms. Only slaves are disarmed so that they may be controlled by their masters.
Would the Lone Star State merely knuckle under, hand in their firearms (sort of like German Jews lining up like good Jews to march to the ovens) and do the bidding of its mistress in Washington DC?

Would Texans accept the edict of their betters inside the Beltway, who have been toiling ceaselessly to repeal the Constitution and replace it with a far more "progressive" document?

Timelines are interesting things.

Of course that was then...and then was a long time ago.

Historical Reference: Edward Conrad traveled to Texas through Natchitoches, Louisiana, in December 1835. On December 10, 1835, at Nacogdoches, he was made second lieutenant of the United States Independent Volunteer Cavalry under Benjamin L. Lawrence. Conrad was one of four representatives from Refugio Municipality at the Convention of 1836 at Washington-on-the-Brazos and there signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. He also served as a member of the committee to draft the Texas constitution. Conrad designed the flag (left).

I'm not a Texan, so I have no standing on the issue, but if there was a TEXIT, would fly-over country follow suit? And what would the corporations who funded the Bitch of Benghazi say about a TEXIT?  Clearly Hollywood would cut off the INDEPENDENT State of Texas from any of the movies that they produce.