sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wood is Good

I've been researching wood stoves (for heating more than for cooking, but that too). The coal stoves that are made in Pennsylvania and in coal country have a different purpose and design than I have in mind and with a near endless supply of pine near the White Wolf Mine, there is no need to go to coal or wood pellets. A chainsaw and an afternoon and I can do what I need to do with pine logs before I stack them for curing. (wet pine causes creosote to develop in stoves and chimneys and that's not a good thing)

There seem to be three varieties available:
  1. Stoves made in China that are up to Chinese standards and are sold at attractive price points.
  2. Stoves made in America such as those made by the ShipMate Stove Company (for a ship, mine shack, or a small cabin), and they are vastly more expensive than the Chinese junk.
  3. Antique wood stoves that have been refurbished.
To me, price is secondary to quality.

Given that inexhaustible supply of wood, it only makes sense to use wood to heat the shack there at the mine compound, in a series of wood stoves and/or fireplaces. There is the main shack, the casita for guests and another out-building that will serve as a workshop. And the Chinese manufactured items are not on the radar. 

Do you, the reader, have any insight on wood stoves that you would be willing to share here?

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