sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I'm Disappointed in GW

The only candidate who was smart enough to read the mood of the nation and who had the guts to speak his mind - without a filter - was Donald Trump. The other 16 candidates in the running either spoke in sound bites (Rubio), or simply were left in the dust early (Jeb!).

The most disappointing part of the Republican National Convention is George W. Bush's failure to take the stage and endorse Donald Trump. I realize that Trump criticized the former president, but every word he said was true. Presidents make mistakes and GW is a genuinely nice guy - and even a humble man after a fashion. 

Many Republicans are unhappy with Trump over style, but times change, Trump won and he laid on more primary votes than any Republican in history. It's no small thing for a non-politician to do.

Jeb, the dullest knife in the Bush drawer didn't do well despite spending $100 million and the reason is clear. The public didn't want him. I'm surprised that he received 4 electoral votes for his trouble (for a third place finish in New Hampshire).

Jeb clearly didn't have the energy to show up at the RNC and fulfill his written pledge to support the nominee.

Last Man to the Party

I haven't commented much on the RNC because it spoke for itself. The blogs have been discussing the Cruz speech, the Cruz decision to decline to endorse Donald Trump and getting booed for his effort.  However, I thought that I'd throw my cracker into the soup.

Ted hopes to be president in 2020 but his move tonight didn't take him in that direction with anyone but the bitter 'never Trump' people. And there aren't that many of them. Cruz wasn't bringing unification to the Party and he wasn't a good sport. Nobody in Washington DC likes Ted. Trump beat him in his stronghold states in the South and his religious rhetoric doesn't play very strong at all. He would have been better off pulling a Kasich and staying home like a spoiled child.

Ted helped Trump tonight, because the crowd defended Trump. As Cruz was concluding his speech the crowd broke out in cheers, not for the Senator, but for the nominee, Donald Trump as he entered the arena to listen to his son’s speech and timed to show Cruz who the Party chose. (win, lose or draw)