sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

International Update

Hillary Analysis

There is a lot of foreign analysis of what is physically wrong with Hillary Clinton. Intelligence services are looking at this hard.

North Korea launched three ballistic missiles from Hwangju on September 5, splashing down in the Sea of Japan west of Hokkaido, but in Japan’s exclusive economic zone, more than 600 miles from the launch site.

A statement published by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Kim Jong Un was present at the launch to provide “field guidance.” The article reported, “Hwasong artillery units of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) Strategic Force were involved in the drill.”

KCNA Reporting:
- “Those units are tasked to strike the bases of the US imperialist aggressor forces in the Pacific operational theatre in a contingency.”

- “The drill was conducted to reexamine the reliability such as the flight security and guided accuracy of the improved ballistic rockets deployed for action, and to assess and inspect the capabilities of the units for action.”

-“Upon arriving at the firing site, he (i.e., Kim) learned in detail about the plan for the drill and the tactical and technical specifications of the improved ballistic rockets.” 

The Hwasong artillery units are equipped with extended range Scud and Musudan/BM-25 missiles. The article indicates that this was a combat exercise to practice attacking a single target with multiple missiles. South Korean media reported that the test occurred just hours after the issue of the potential threat from North Korea was discussed among regional powers at the G20 summit in China.

The Norks are nothing but non-stop entertainment.

G-20 Summit

Note: Obama is wearing a dress...
Barack isn't feeling much love, and the Daily Timewaster posted this picture (right) allegedly taken at the G-20 Summit that really says it all.

The Chinese didn't wheel stairs to the door of Air Force One, forcing Barack to exit the rear of his aircraft, and there were incidents of bullying there in Beijing.

The Russians called Barack and John (Wooden Head) Kerry, liars, which they are. Then there was the issue with the Philippines president (below). All in all, Barack has had better summits.

The Philippines

Philippine President Duterte, who became famous this last week for pointing out that Obama's mother was a whore, and members of his cabinet, complained about a growing Chinese ship presence near Scarborough Shoal. Duterte said on the 2d that the Philippine Coast Guard saw Chinese barges at the Shoal. "The coast guard made some little trips near them and there are a lot of barges. ... What is the purpose of a barge?" Duterte said.

Duterte texted to reporters that there were four Chinese coast guard ships and six other ships including blue-colored barges near Scarborough Shoal. "The presence of many ships other than coast guard in the area is a cause of grave concern."

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana on the 4th expressed “grave concern” about the number and nature of the vessels, saying the presence of barge-like ships could signal Chinese plans to dredge — and potentially build — in the area.

China took possession of the Shoal from the Philippines in 2012. Since then Chinese ships have denied access to it by Philippine fishing boats, despite the award by the Permanent Court of Arbitration of access to the Shoal to the Philippines.

President Duterte has tried holding bilateral talks with Chinese emissaries to discuss ownership, which is China’s preferred diplomatic strategy. Duterte is learning the hard way that Chinese maritime, dredging and naval activities are not synchronized to the statements of Chinese diplomats.

When the Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said the situation has not changed, she meant that China still possesses the Shoal, claims full sovereignty and the Philippines has no access.

The barges almost certainly have been positioned to support or prepare for dredging and island building. The Chinese coast guard always is present “ostensibly” to police Chinese fishing boat and other activity. That is the same tactic the Chinese are using against Japan in the Senkakus. 


On Saturday, 3 September, the Turkish army made a second incursion into Syria. A rebel spokesman said that 30 tanks and 100 soldiers linked up with rebels at el Rai, just inside the Syrian border and 55 kilometers west of Jarablus. 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Turkish forces and Syrian rebels expelled the Islamic State (ISIL) from the last areas of the Syrian-Turkish border under their control on the 4th. “The Islamic State has lost its contact with the outside world after losing the remaining border villages…. Rebels and Islamist factions backed by Turkish tanks and warplanes” took control of several villages on the border “after IS withdrew from them, ending IS' presence on the border.”

An embedded journalist reported that 5,000 troops and rebel fighters are executing Operation Euphrates Shield.

President Erdogan told reporters, “We are there with Euphrates Shield; we are there to protect our border, to provide for our citizens’ safety of life and property, and to ensure Syria’s integrity…It is our wish that a terror corridor not be formed across our southern border.”

The Islamic State fighters abandoned el-Rai, as they abandoned Jarablus after the Turks began their operation on 24 August. The Turks are conducting a perception management operation against the Islamic State, as much as a combat operation. The Islamic State fighters always manage to escape Turks and had been receiving support and supplies from Turkey. Their position always depended on the support and supply infrastructure from Turkey.

The terror corridor is a reference to the Syrian Kurds, whose strategic objective was to link Syrian Kurds in Afrin with Syrian Kurds east of the Euphrates River. The latest Turkish incursion has blocked the Syrian Kurdish forces who began an offensive operation last week eastward from Afrin towards al Bab.

The Turkish incursion at Jarablus tied down the Syrian Kurds at Manbij. Instead of Islamic State forces holding a stretch of Syrian border, the Turkish army now holds it.

The Turkish operations in Syria and Northern Iraq is about destroying the Kurds, not about curbing the aspirations of ISIL.

Should All Presidential Candidates Debate on the Same Stage?

I have heard fringe elements on the American political scene demanding to have a place on the stage for the national presidential debates.  

Roseanne Barr ran for President on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket in 2012. I understand that she's doing stand-up comedy at various Indian casinos across the land and is not campaigning this election cycle.  "The Peace and Freedom Party" is actually/legally the Peace and Freedom Party of California.  Please don't confuse that with the Freedom Socialist Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. They all have candidates for president, and they'd like to share the televised stage with Trump and Clinton. 

There is also a Socialist Alternative Party for those socialists who can't make common cause with the Peace and Freedom Party of California, the Freedom Socialist Party and the Party for Social Liberation. And there is the Green Party, which is trying to attract the Bernie Sanders supporters who find Hillary Clinton to be an odious crone who is in the pocket of Wall Street. I am not going to leave out the Communist Party of America (CPUSA), which is viewed as a bunch of sell-outs by the hard core left since they are endorsing Hillary Clinton for President. Since CPUSA was the party of choice of Barack Obama's family and of his dear "Uncle Frank", I think that it's only right that they back the candidate that Barack endorsed.
NOTE: The Russians aren't communists anymore and haven't been since Gorbachev and Yeltsin. Putin is an oligarch, but he's certainly not a communist. It's no longer the Soviet Union. It's the Russian Republic and that transformation brought a lot of broken hearts in the American Socialist/Communist/Green Party Movements.
Gary Johnson is the Libertarian Party's candidate for President. His pledge to stop smoking dope while he's running for president touched me deeply. Johnson knows what it is to sacrifice for his country. I think that he's eating medically approved C. Sativa while he is meeting and greeting the public but he's not puffing, but I haven't delved enough to know all of the smarmy the details, and I frankly don't care.

I haven't written much about Johnson on this blog because I think that he's too insignificant to mention unless it's in the context of 100 political parties on the same stage trying to shout each other down (100 ring circus - do you hear the steam calliope?)

My sense is that if Hillary is too ill to take out my trash, Johnson would go into drug-induced sleep on the lounge poolside rather than taking the trash out. Trump would naturally hire a brilliant scientist to invent a trash disposal system so that it would be turned into something valuable and I could sell my refuse it rather than setting it curbside to be picked up every Thursday. At least, that's how I see it.

The American Independent Party peaked when they nominated George Wallace for the presidency. It has since fragmented into the American Conservative Party and the Constitution Party, both of which have similar axes to grind. The American Independent Party has endorsed Donald Trump.

The Witches and Pagans have not endorsed Hillary Clinton yet, and I find that odd, given her nature and the 'flying monkeys' who surround her. 

Wikipedia did a good job of listing all of the political parties in America. You can read about it HERE. There are some that I'd never heard of that have some regional traction such as the Working Families Party and the Progressive Party of Vermont, both of which are socialist variations of the same themes mentioned above. The Black Rider's Party was formed in the California Prison System and identifies with the Black Panthers. The Humane Party appears to be another black party but is only interested in animal rights, Clifton Roberts is running for President of the United States on their ticket. His Vice Presidential partner is Amie "Breeze" Harper. Both would vow to stop Americans from eating all meat, including bacon. The Islamic Party supports them in part but can't get behind them fully because they aren't ALL Muslims, but some are "black Muslims", which not all Muslims agree are bonafide members of Islam even though they are part of the Nation of Islam, which Islamic people in the Iran and Saudi Arabia don't recognize even though they all agree to hate Israel. The Nation of Islam hates white people more than Israelis and it may be the priority of hatred that causes all of the confusion.  Make whatever sense of that as you are able.

One of the more fun political parties is the United States Pirate Party (no, I'm not making this up). I don't know if they would cause all Americans to talk like pirates every day, and it might get old, but fun all at the same. I didn't know that there was a Global Pirate Initiative, but there is. Pirate globalists. Now, there's a concept.
NOTE: Maybe this is just my fantasy but; The national drink would be grog and rum and women would all be compelled to wear those serving wench outfits. The State of the Union Address would be laced with phrases such as, "shiver me timbers", "kill the scurvy dog", and "avast ye lubbers!" After the speech, they'd all go and suck the monkey (and that's not an orgy involving Barack H. Obama).
I was crushed to hear that Jonny Depp was not running as the Pirate Party's candidate for President of the United States.

There are racist parties (The Humane party contends that it's animal centric, not racist) like the Black Panther Party, the Aztlan Movement (which would return the American West and Texas to Mexico and would kick out white people) and the Hawaii Independence Party who would just as soon not have any white people on the islands, but they'll keep what others built without paying for it. This party grouping would be especially fun to have up on that debate stage. But could they upstage the Pirate Party? Somehow I expect that they'd be keel-hauled, kissing the gunner's daughter or given thirty lashes with a cat-o-nine-tails before that happened.