sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Look at the Map

Everybody has an opinion - and some are based more firmly in fact. This is Larry Sabato's view of things:

I'm not betting on outcomes since Adrienne beat me in the primaries (yes, I think that I still owe her dinner - but I bought that glass cleaner that she likes on Amazon and it's not my favorite - so we may be even). 

Florida is leaning for Trump, maybe it's a toss-up, and Pennsylvania is a toss-up these days as well, so I'm not sure that the map is in line with reality. The map is more of a hopeful wish for the progs and Hillary, the most openly corrupt politician in American history.

But for the FBI being co-opted, Clinton would have been indicted by now...then again, she's corrupt and has a lot of corrupt friends that want her to succeed, so how can I be surprised?

Conspiracy Theories


The untimely death of Harambe, the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo, at the hands of a sniper, has been the subject of continuing speculation. Others suggest that Harambe is still alive and that his death was a hoax. Is he vacationing in Bora Bora, or is he in gorilla heaven? 

And what of the negro child who may have been privy to Harambe's last thoughts? Where is he? Has anyone heard from him?

I'd suggest that we contact the FBI for answers, but since they shut down the X-Files and gave Hillary a pass, who can rely on what they say?


Kipling said, "Epileptic fits don't matter in political employ," in his famous satirical poem, "The Post that Fitted."

Hillary Clinton is hoping that Kipling was right as she marches (spastically) toward the US Presidency, surrounded by medical handlers trying to keep her upright. 

Is she using a double? The sick, old, crone (right) doesn't look much like the Hillary photos that she uses as recruiting posters. But don't let your lying eyes deceive you, she's ready to be leader of the free world. 

Who is the real Hillary?  It may come down to DNA testing, but would that work if she has an evil twin? (yes, I know -- both twins are evil in this case)


I find it disconcerting that not only will Hillary be denied an earpiece for the debate, but the news anchors who will be moderating the debate won't be using them either. How will Hillary know what to say? How will the iconic news people (Democrats all) know what to ask by way of follow-up questions?

That's like depriving Barack of his teleprompter. 

How will the handlers deal with this crisis?