sunset from behind the wire

sunset from behind the wire

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Other Option

As I'm working on "going Galt" far from the human stain, it's interesting to watch the progression of events nationally as they lead up to the historic national election of 2016. Congress enjoys an 8% approval rating.  Both presidential candidates suffer from massive disapproval nationally.

The mainstream media panics as the polls are too close to call but their panders still assure America that the Electoral College will save Hillary in her hour of need and she will triumph. The "Ministry of Truth" believes that they will be able to gloss over the massive corruption that has been revealed by this election. It's true that blogs such as this one may end as censorship takes root. But the institutions of government will never enjoy the trust that they once enjoyed without a massive overhaul. I don't know that the capacity for that overhaul presently exists even with a Trump presidency.
It's clear that Hillary may more fairly represent the "will of the nation" when you consider what Mitt Romney said in the last go-round. 47% of America pays no federal taxes and gets free stuff - how do you run against that?
I was out in an area east of the White Wolf Mine yesterday where the forrest turns from Ponderosas to pinions and then gives way to plains. Antelope were herded up on the plains, under a clear blue sky, and I could see Winslow, AZ far to the north, almost on the horizon. It had to be thirty-five miles away or maybe more. I took time out to scout an area to do some varmint calling. I don't like to do that in the heavy pines in autumn because you can call bears in without seeing them until they're on you and I didn't want to do that. The place is a long way from the hysteria at the seat of American power. No cell phone signal, no mosque down the street, no traffic, no need to rush anywhere, and you know that if you hosted a "Draw Mohammed Contest" that nobody would care enough to show up. But the ladies do make quilts and sell them in front of the church to help support the local wilderness fire department. 

People who spend too much time in cities with their greedy masses lining up for the latest Obamaphone forget that there is another option